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Watercolor Artist April 2020

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Packed with page after gorgeous page of illustrations demonstrating tried-and-true techniques, inspirational ideas and the most up-to-date information about must-have painting tools and materials, watercolorists find everything they need in WATERCOLOR ARTIST to help them create stunning art...from start to finish.

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EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Anne Hevener SENIOR DESIGNER Brian Roeth SENIOR EDITOR Beth Williams ASSOCIATE EDITOR McKenzie Graham ADVERTISING ADVERTISING CONSULTANT Mary McLane Northeastern, Western U.S. & International; 970/290-6065mmclane@goldenpeakmedia.com ADVERTISING CONSULTANT Kaline Carter Southeastern U.S.; 505/730-9301kcarter@goldenpeakmedia.com MEDIA SALES COORDINATOR Casey J. Laug 800/726-9966, ext. 13439; claug@goldenpeakmedia.com GOLDEN PEAK MEDIA CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Gregory J. Osberg VP, PRODUCT AND STRATEGY Josiah Klebaner CONTENT DIRECTOR, FINE ART Tricia Waddell NEWSSTAND SALES Scott T. Hill scott.hill@procirc.com…

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editor’s note

Although it sometimes feels that the predominant story in the world is one of conflict, when it comes to art—and perhaps watercolor in particular—the global story is quite different. With international watercolor exhibitions taking place everywhere from China and Taiwan, to Turkey and Russia, Italy and Australia, there’s a growing and shared enthusiasm for the medium that’s cause for celebration. “I live my life in widening circles that reach across the world.”—RAINER MARIA RILKE (1875–1926) One place where we at Watercolor Artist continue to see evidence of this expanding worldwide audience is in the entry pool for our annual Watermedia Showcase (on page 16). Four of the nine artists recognized in this year’s winner’s circle are international, representing Malaysia, China, the United Kingdom and Norway. And, across the entire entry pool, we…

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margot glass

In our world of quickly composed emails and one-word texts, there’s something comforting and nostalgic in the tactile experience of snail mail. Paper correspondence offers connection to specific moments in time—moments that artist Margot Glass (margotglass.com) captures with the “luminosity and delicacy” of watercolor on paper in her life-size paintings of envelopes. “The envelopes came out of an ongoing project documenting a personal family collection of ephemera,” she says. “They fall into two categories: a collection of my mother’s piano sheet music and a collection of travel ephemera from my grandmother’s travels across Europe and the Middle East in the 1930s. In both cases, I’ve loved exploring the beauty of the text and incidental marks on the aging paper, paying close attention to the details of printed word and music, logos,…

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new + notable

STUDIO STAPLES IndiGraph Steel Fountain Pen [€70] After an unsuccessful hunt for a functional pen that held India ink, artist and product designer Inigo Echeverria decided to create his own. The IndiGraph pen has a separate water tank to keep the ink cartridge consistently humidified—especially important for use with India ink. The IndiGraph has interchangeable nibs, an ergonomic handle, a stainless-steel removable clip, and can hold any ink cartridge. INDIGRAPH.MYSHOPIFY.COM Turner’s Apprentice [$26] Author, artist and visiting artist researcher at Tate Britain, Tony Smibert, has published Turner’s Apprentice: A Watercolor Masterclass. The new book, to be released in February 2020, takes Smibert’s own artistic expertise on fine art and his knowledge of J.M.W. Turner’s specific methods, and lays them out in clear step-by-step demonstrations, examples and painting lessons for the reader to practice at…

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finding solace at the easel

In a new collaboration, artist supply company Faber-Castell USA has committed to providing its art materials to therapists working with the American Art Therapy Association (AATA) to assist those experiencing mental health trauma. According to a release by AATA, its mental health professionals work with military service members, student survivors of school shootings, individuals struggling with substance abuse or mental illness, and “anyone coping with life’s challenges.” They choose supplies and techniques that provide specific benefits to clients depending on their situation. “This collaboration will help the AATA further our mission of advancing art therapy and expanding services to the individuals and communities that need the expertise our members provide—now more than ever,” says Dr. Christianne Strang, AATA’s president. “We want to do our best to ensure that as many people as…

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what’s your all-time favorite landscape painting?

Ryan Fox Vincent van Gogh’s Wheat Field With Cypresses is one of my very favorite landscapes. Each carefully planned brushstroke creates intentional movement and energy with light bouncing off the thick, impasto strokes. The painting uses a simple analogous color scheme with a few spots of red included. And I thought watercolor paintings required a lot of preplanning! Thomas W Schaller Caspar David Friedrich’s 1818 painting, Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog, has haunted and inspired me since I was a child. The juxtaposition of realism and imagination—of the implied and the stated—is so evocative. It’s the collision of earth, man, sky and time that allows viewers to write their own story—to actually wander to the edges of possibility and beyond. Paul Jackson My favorite landscape is Christina’s World by Andrew Wyeth. It was the…