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Global Newsstand

Q: What is the Global Newsstand?

A: The Global Newsstand delivers the best digital magazines from all over the world. You now have access to more than 3 times the magazines with just a click or two. We’ve added improved browsing and search, plus the ability to buy international content in your own language and currency.

Screenshot: Global Newsstand

Q: Why do I need to choose my country?

Screenshot: Country Indicator

A: Choosing your country on Zinio.com sets the language, currency, and promotions appropriate to you. It also helps Zinio make recommendations based on what other people from your area are interested in. Want to see what another part of the world is reading? You can change your country anytime, and from anywhere on the newsstand, by clicking the flag in the upper-left.

Screenshot: Country Switcher

Q: Why do I see magazines in foreign languages?

A: If you haven’t purchased anything, magazines are displayed based on what’s popular to other readers in your area. As you read more, your recommendations will grow and improve. At any time you can choose to limit your magazines by language or country, by clicking the “Refine” links on the left side of the page. Additionally, any page can be sorted by recommendations, publication name, or price.

Screenshot: Country/Language Refine

Q: How can I stop seeing promotions for adult magazines?

Screenshot: Mature Content Filter

A: Our Mature Filter feature allows you to browse digital magazines without seeing those which may contain mature content. To hide mature content, click the “hide” link shown adjacent to the Mature category in the left navigation.

Q: How can I see more promotions for adult magazines?

A: Our Mature Filter feature allows to expand the amount mature magazines. To do this, go to the Mature category and select "all" in the Mature Filter at the top of the page.

Q: How do I access the magazines I’ve purchased?

A: Go to My Library, where you can read online or download your magazines.

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Online Reader

Q: What's the Online Reader?

A: Well first, it’s a reader that can be accessed online, through your web browser—no software installations or downloads required. In the past, all issues were downloaded to your computer (along with the Zinio Reader) to be read offline. By bringing the reading experience online, we’re recreating the same great reading experience, and providing you the immediacy and convenience of online—thereby giving you a choice about how you want to read your digital magazines.

Screenshot: Online Reader and My Library

Note: We expect to be adding a number of features to the online reader in the near future, including highlighting, annotations, search inside, and additional printing options.

Q: Can I still read offline, with the Zinio Reader?

A: Absolutely! Your Zinio Reader and Download Manager still work in the same way. If you haven't downloaded the Zinio offline reader do this...If you need to manually download a magzine, it’s as easy as clicking the Icon: Download download, or Icon: Download Again download again button on the My Library page.

Q: What keyboard commands can I use in the Online Reader?


Q: One of my online magazines looks bad, or broken. What do I do about it?

A: We quality check each of our magazines before making them available online, but problems still happen. If you’re experiencing a poor reading experience we want to know.

Screenshot: Highlighting Feedback on My Library.

Q: Can I send my magazines to friends?

A: Most of our magazines allow you to give free copies to friends, those magazines will have the Icon: Send To A Friend Send to Friend icon enabled in the online reader and the offline reader. Please spread the word!

Screenshot: Send to a Friend ButtonScreenshot: Send to a friend pop-up

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My Library

Q: What is My Library?

A: My Library contains your most recent magazines. Where you can sort, filter, download or read your magazines online.

Screenshot: My Library

Q: What do the icons mean?

Screenshot: Icon Legend

A: Icon: Read Online Click to read online, Icon: New New magazine (hasn’t been read or downloaded), Icon: Download click to download, Icon: Download Again click to download again (this has already been downloaded).

Q: Why aren't all my magazines shown in My Library?

A: Right now only your most recent magazines are shown in My Library. We’re still working to make your entire archive of magazines shown in My Library and available for online reading. Over time, you'll see your archive grow if you have a large number of magazines. If you need to download magazine that’s not in your library again, click on the “Your Account” link in the upper-right hand corner. Then click the “Download a Magazine Again” links, and follow the steps.

Q: Why aren’t all my magazines available online?

A: The online version is a new service, and we’re still working to make all our older magazine available online. Each week, more magazines will come online.

Screenshot: Highlighting Feedback in My Library

Q: How do I know something I buy will be available online?

A: Each order page indicates whether or not a magazine is available online. If you’re buying a subscription, and the current and future issues will be available online, you will see “Available online”.

Q: What is Safe View?

A: The Safe View feature is available for users with mature content in their library. This feature gives you the discretion to hide or show mature content.

Screenshot: Highlighting Save View Switcher in My Library

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Q: What are system requirements?

A: A complete list of system requirements can be found here.

Q: I've got a idea on making the Zinio products better, where do I send it?

A: Click here to give us your feedback and any ideas.

Q: What if I need more help?

A: For additional help, go to www.zinio.com/help. In addition, you may contact a Zinio customer service representative if you live in the US or Canada by dialing 1-888-ZINIO NOW.

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