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dear whisky advocate…

GRAPHIC DETAILS Dear Whisky Advocate, As a distiller using pot stills, I was confused by the article regarding triple distillation [Make It a Triple, Summer 2019]. The graphics all show the “foreshots” and “feints”” (aka tails) going back for redistillation. Some distillers differentiate between foreshots and “heads” but the terms are not specifically defined. In some cases, foreshots mean higher-proof alcohol that has less flavor, or it may mean the lower alcohols (methanol) that come out of the still before ethanol. Somewhere in the process the methanol should be extracted, but if it is always recycled it will continue to increase in concentration. We refer to the “cuts” as heads, hearts, and tails. The heads are primarily methanol and we discard that portion. The hearts go into the barrel, and the tails…

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whiskyfest delivers the goods

Eager fans filled the Marriott Marquis ballroom on October 4th seeking outstanding whiskies, as well as the distillers, blenders, and experts who produce them. The evening began in a truly memorable way as a select number of Golden Ticket winners—selected via lottery from among VIP ticket buyers—entered early to enjoy a taste of Clynelish Select Reserve, a rare bottle from the 2014 Diageo Special Releases Collection, with the Whisky Advocate editors. Attendee Derek Jackson, who was selected for the Golden Ticket pour, called the Clynelish icing on the cake. “It was great to meet several others who have vast knowledge of whisky and to see consumers who take it seriously,” he said. Jackson had given a set of tickets to his younger brother for his 50th birthday; he, his two brothers,…

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praising arizona

Blessed with great weather and equally impressive scenery, Scottsdale anchors the “Valley of the Sun,” a sprawling jigsaw puzzle of Arizona municipalities including Tempe, Phoenix, Cave Creek, Paradise Valley, Mesa, and more. The region’s heart and soul is Old Town Scottsdale, a walkable neighborhood full of restaurants, bars, shops, and Old West flair that is also home to one of baseball’s top spring training facilities. Along with the adjacent Fashion Square mall area, it forms the regional downtown. Radiating out from this center in every direction is an impressive array of large resort hotels, including many that cater to golf, a key driver of tourism. Scottsdale is among the top warm-weather golf destinations in the world and the epicenter of the stunning course style known as desert golf. With many of…

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citrus & spice

Most of us forget about seasonal pro-duce as the chill of winter arrives, but for bartenders it’s peak season, as they prepare for the bounty of blood oranges, lemons, and grapefruit to arrive from California and south of the Mexican border. Great citrus can do much more than dress up an Old-Fashioned or add zing to a Whiskey Sour. The bright acidity of citrus can balance the peat of an Islay malt or a sweet bourbon when pressed into service. Ferdinand the Bull Created by Brock Schulte, bar director of The Monarch, Kansas City, Mo. Whisky and orange is a classic combination, but blood orange gives this cocktail the per-fect wintry twist. A touch of smoke accentuates the rich, tart citrus flavors, Schulte says. 1 oz. Russell’s Reserve 10-year-old (or other Kentucky straight bourbon)¾…

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great press

The best fruit makes for the best cocktails. Here’s what to look for, according to Allie Wainer, executive vice president and chief customer officer for Sid Wainer & Son, a distributor of specialty produce and foods. Blood Oranges PEAK AREA California PEAK SEASON Dec. to mid-April LOOK FOR firm with no soft spots and has a vibrant orange peel with a red tint Clementines PEAK AREA California PEAK SEASON Nov. to April LOOK FOR very bright orange fruit that has some give to the outer skin but not soft enough to puncture the peel Grapefruit PEAK AREA California PEAK SEASON Jan. to early summer LOOK FOR star ruby grape-fruit with firm yellow skin that has a pink tint Kumquats PEAK AREA California PEAK SEASON Nov. to March LOOK FOR very vibrant orange fruit that’s firm but has a little give Lemons PEAK AREA California PEAK SEASON Nov. to April LOOK…

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pot of gold

From classics like Drambuie—a liqueur of scotch, honey, herbs, and spices—to honey and whisky mash-ups from Jack Daniel, Crown Royal, Jim Beam, and Bushmills, whisky and honey are the bee’s knees. “The flavors of honey and whisky, particularly bourbon, were just meant to go together,” says Erick Castro, co-founder of Simple Serve and head man behind projects such as San Diego’s Polite Provisions bar and the documentary series Bartender at Large. As a natural product with a range of types and intriguing characteristics, honey isn’t just one flavor, but many. “One of the coolest things about mixing cocktails with honey is that there are so many varieties out there to choose from,” says Castro. “I would generally try to pair honey varietals with complementary flavors, as opposed to contrasting flavors, but…