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WHO 11 September 2017

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what a difference a decade makes

Ooops ... she did it again. Ten years ago at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards, Britney Spears— she had previously caused VMA headlines by kissing Madonna in 2003 and dancing with a snake in 2001—was supposed to make a statement comeback. But her lacklustre dancing to “Gimme More” and poor pretence at lipsyncing sank that attempt. For those who thought it was the end of Brits, she’s still plugging away 10 years on. Some things have changed: Kanye attended with thenfiancée Alexis Phifer— beforeKeeping Up With the Kardashiansever aired. For all the buzz ofthisyear’s VMAs, see p. 22. editor@who.com…

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fig ht night

This week, everyone’s talking about ... JENNIFER LOPEZ AND BOYFRIEND ALEX Rodriguez turned fight night into date night when they caught the much-hyped bout between US boxing veteran Floyd Mayweather and Irish native and UFC champ Conor McGregor in Las Vegas on Aug. 26. The couple flew in on a private jet and took the best seats in the house, sitting ringside next to Matthew Blank, the chairman of Showtime Networks. Demi Lovato, a longtime UFC fan, sang the US National Anthem: “I feel so nervous but I’m really, really excited! This is the biggest fight of our generation!” she said before the bout, from which both men reportedly scored around $US100 million, with a purse of $US390 million. “When you look at it that way and how many fans all over…

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in their words

SAD MEMORIES In Diana, 7 Days, Prince Harry (above, with his family in 1995) recalled the day a “fed up” Diana lashed out at photographers. “When she got back in the car, she couldn’t even talk to us, her eyes were just bawling ... it was hard.” IN CANDID INTERVIEWS TO honour the 20th anniversary of their mother’s death, Prince William and Prince Harry have opened up about their shock and grief—and the support they leaned on—after the car crash in Paris that claimed Diana’s life on Aug. 31, 1997 (see p. 28). “One of the hardest things for a parent to have to do is to tell your children that the other parent has died,” said Harry, 32, in the BBC documentary Diana, 7 Days. Then 12, Harry was on holiday…

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engagement riddle

Almost a month after photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle arriving in Africa sparked frenzied engagement speculation, the couple were reportedly still on the continent—Harry’s beloved “second home”—in the lead-up to the Aug. 31 anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. The holiday—it reportedly kicked off with a barbecue at a friend’s ranch to celebrate Meghan’s 36th birthday on Aug. 4—took the couple from Botswana to Zambia, with a treat planned in Victoria Falls to round off the getaway. The prince “has one more romantic surprise arranged for Meghan,” a source toldE! News, as another source told the UK’sMirrorHarry planned a helicopter ride over the falls. And whileUs Weeklyclaims he “intended to ask Markle for her hand in marriage” during their dream holiday, there was no confirmation at press time. By most accounts, though,…

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inside the blow up

AFTER MATTHEW “MATTY J” JOHNSON dismissed drama-stirring architecturaldesign student Leah Costa from Season 5 of The Bachelor for being “a distraction,” Leah’s pal (and self-proclaimed series villain) Jen Hawke left without a goodbye after dropping a bomb on the rest of the girls—and Matty—that she overheard model Lisa Carlton say Matty was only on TV for the airtime and she considered him to be more like a brother. “That house, it’s just full of bitches,” Jen huffed. “They are 100 per cent fake.” Now the remaining women are getting real about the former bachelorettes. Lisa, who insists she is sincere in her pursuit of Matty, tells WHO, “They definitely turned it on for the camera, but now that Jen and Leah have gone, there’s a lot less drama and we can…

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birthday bash

THERE WERE SOCIAL-MEDIA JOKES ALL round as mother-of-two Blake Lively chalked up a significant birthday weekend, turning 30 on Aug. 25. First up, husband Ryan Reynolds, 40, posted a glamorous red-carpet pic of the couple with the message, “Happy Birthday to my amazing wife.” Only thing is, he had cropped out most of his amazing wife’s face. Then the birthday girl tagged a celebratory gathering of friends—including actress Anna Kendrick and jewellery designers Lorraine Schwartz and Ofira Sandberg— “My super sweet 16 ... but like 14 years late.” FinallyThe Shallowsactress showed off her haul of flowers, cupcakes and balloons with the caption, “Thank you to everyone who made my day SO SPECIAL!!! And to all my friends who didn’t, you’re dead to me.” BACHELOR: NETWORK TEN (5); LIVELY, FROM TOP: INSTAGRAM; SPLASH NEWS (2)…