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WHO 15 October 2018

As Australia’s Number 1 celebrity weekly magazine, we deliver a compelling mix of credible celebrity news, interviews, portraiture and intriguing human interest stories, told from the perspective of the people directly involved. Thanks to trusted relationships with some of the world’s biggest names, we report the facts and never make it up!

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fit and fabulous at 41

Ada Nicodemou is looking better than ever. After smashing the WHO eight-week challenge in July and showing off the fruits of her labour as our cover star, the 40-year-old mum really has become fitness goals for many of us in the office and so many of you out there. When Ada’s cover hit newsstands I had so many messages and emails saying ‘How do I get those abs?!’ and ‘I didn’t even know those side abs existed!.’ Ada proves that 40 is the new whatever-the-hell-you-want it to be, if you’re willing and able to give it all you’ve got. We spotted Ada on the set of Home And Away in Palm Beach recently, absolutely glowing in a gold bikini. Can you imagine shooting TV scenes in next to nothing? Thanks…

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gwyneth & brad inside their big day

The Hamptons has had its fair share of glamorous parties. But even by the standards of Long Island’s tiny South Fork, the Sept. 29 wedding of Gwyneth Paltrow, 46, and Brad Falchuk, 47, was something special. The Oscar winner and TV producer tied the knot on a sunny Saturday at Paltrow’s sprawling Amagansett home in front of friends who included Cameron Diaz, Steven Spielberg, and Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld. They were among 75 guests who “cheered and clapped” as the pair exchanged vows under a decorative arbour during the 45-minute ceremony, which was followed by an elegant farm-to-table dinner at two long wooden tables in tents decorated with candles and white-and-burgundy flowers. “The whole wedding seemed very intimate and romantic,” says an insider. “The guests were all people who love them.” The…

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the secret ali’s been hiding

THEIR BITTER BREAK-UP AFTER meeting on Bachelor in Paradise made headlines when Grant Kemp revealed Ali Oejten had cheated on him with one of his friends while she was visiting him in the US once the show wrapped earlier this year. Now, as Oejten prepares to star as Australia’s new Bachelorette, Kemp has opened up to WHO exclusively about her wild partying while they were together and the shocking details behind her split from her fiancé prior to her appearance on Bachelor in Paradise. “Ali had been engaged for, like, three months before going on Bachelor in Paradise so once the show finished I asked her to explain the situation, like why did they break up,” Kemp says. “She kind of ended up accidentally spilling to me that she had met…

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‘i didn’t expect it to end like this’

AFTER TWO STINTS ON DATING SHOWS THE Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise , Ali Oetjen is ready to try for third time lucky in her debut as the Bachelorette on Oct.10. But before she starts handing out roses to potential love interests, she spoke to WHO about a certain thorn from her past, Grant Kemp. “We all have one of those ex-boyfriends that just won’t go away, and he’s unfortunately one of those guys who is adamant and someone who wants those headlines and isn’t giving in. I’ve just come to peace with it,” Oetjen says of her ex-boyfriend Kemp’s explosive cheating claims. Now, though, she says she’s focusing her energy on what’s to come. “The thing is, there are always two sides to the story,” she says. “I’m not giving this…

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love island scandal

THEY WERE THE FAN FAVOURITES TO WIN Love Island Australia, and Eden Dally and Erin Barnett – who have split since telling WHO about their IVF plans in August – show no sign of stepping out of the spotlight. Post-split, things between the couple have turned very sour, with each party taking to social media to call out the other. Now, among all the drama, a photo has surfaced of Dally with what appears to be a white substance neatly placed on a plate in front of him. But the 25-year-old tells WHO the image is purely innocent. “We were playing Cards Against Humanity and then we were doing tequila shots,” he says. “We got the salt on the plate and one of the dares was either sniff it or lick…

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the block star reveals her new drastic diet plans

SINCE FILMING HAS FINISHED ON THE BLOCK , Sara has shed a startling 8kg from her small frame to get back her pre-baby body. “I had so much baby weight and it was driving me insane,” Sara, 33, reveals. “I got down to about 59kg for my wedding and then I went on honeymoon and it crept back up to about 63kg, which was what I was going into The Block .” Like many Block contestants, the physical activity meant Sara lost weight, however it was post-filming indulgences that gave her the wake-up call. “It felt like yo-yoing and I was never a yo-yoer. When I got home I thought, ‘This is enough.’” She turned to friends who introduced her to a cleanse diet. “Someone got me onto Isagenix. It’s a shake…