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WHO 20 August 2018

As Australia’s Number 1 celebrity weekly magazine, we deliver a compelling mix of credible celebrity news, interviews, portraiture and intriguing human interest stories, told from the perspective of the people directly involved. Thanks to trusted relationships with some of the world’s biggest names, we report the facts and never make it up!

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ready for a happier, healthier you?

The weather is chilly and hitting the pavement or commuting to an exercise class might be the last thing you’d like to be doing with your time. But healthiness often brings happiness, and sometimes we just need a little inspiration to get us out of bed in the morning. This week, WHO launches our 10-Week Best Body Reboot. We’ve found six readers who want to transform their lives by shaking the extra kilos they’ve gained, for a variety of reasons. Australian radio personality Mel Greig is also joining us on the journey after relocating her life to start a new chapter in Sydney. Due to a tough work schedule and some personal challenges, Mel told us that she’s put on more than 10 kilos in the past year. Our challengers…

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the women of windsor

With her phone streaming classic 1950s tunes and her faithful rescue beagle Guy at her feet, it could have been any other sunny morning for Meghan as she sat having her hair and makeup done. Only on this day, stylist Serge Normant was placing a glittering tiara on the former actress’s head as she prepared to meet her groom, Prince Harry, at Windsor Castle. “It was really easy, really chill,” says friend and makeup artist Daniel Martin. “It was just like hanging out with your friend on her wedding day. The last thing we said to each other was, ‘See you on the other side.’ ” The “other side” is proving to be boldly new not just for Meghan, 37, but also for the royal family. Meghan and Harry’s May 19…

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elizabeth ii queen

Elizabeth was never supposed to be Queen. She moved up in the line of succession only when her uncle, the Duke of Windsor, abdicated in 1936 to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson, and Elizabeth’s father, Albert, took the throne. But when Albert, who ruled as King George VI, died suddenly in 1952, 25-year-old Elizabeth, proved herself more than ready to wear the crown. LADY JANE RAYNE LACEY, CORONATION MAID TO THE QUEEN: Britain was really grim after the war. There was a lot of food rationing still. I couldn’t understand how she could be so calm, so serene, so unfazed by the whole thing at the surface. [On Coronation Day] we arrived, and took our places. And a few minutes later she said, with beaming smile, “Ready, girls?” And we said,…

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camilla duchess of cornwall

The “third” person in the marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles was once labelled the most hated woman in Britain. In 2002, the Queen reportedly even sent one of her courtiers to persuade Charles to break off the relationship for good for the sake of the monarchy. But the love between Camilla, 71, and the Prince of Wales, 69, endured. Today they’ve been happily married for 13 years, and she is largely accepted by the Queen, her stepsons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren. SARAH GRISTWOOD, AUTHOR OF GAME OF QUEENS : There was a huge bond between [Charles and Camilla] from the start. Partly it’s the things they shared—a love of the outdoors life, of horses, no taste for the spotlight. Partly it’s the thing they didn’t share, the thing she could…

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diana princess of wales

Just 19 years old when she and Prince Charles announced their engagement in 1981, Diana grew up as the world watched—from “Shy Di” to an independent woman who shattered royal norms. Says royal biographer Robert Lacey, “There was something magic about Diana from the start.” ALASTAIR BRUCE, AUTHOR, WAS AMONG THE SCOTS GUARDS ON DUTY AT HER 1981 WEDDING: I looked deep into her eyes, such as I could. I can only say knowing nothing about dressmakers and clothes, that she just sat in this sort of sea of white stuff. People just fell in love with her. I think there was almost a worship for her. Though Diana and Charles welcomed sons William, in 1982, and Harry, in 1984, by the late 1980s, their marriage was in trouble. The pair divorced…

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catherine duchess of cambridge

Shy and awkward as a young teen, Kate Middleton never dreamed of a life in the spotlight. But from the moment she and Prince William announced their engagement on Nov. 16, 2010, to the recent birth of the couple’s third child on April 23—six days ahead of her seventh wedding anniversary, Kate, 36, has wowed the world with her sophistication, style and grace under pressure. COLLEEN HARRIS, FORMER PRESS SECRETARY TO PRINCE CHARLES: When Prince William announced that he was marrying Catherine Middleton there were a lot of raised eyebrows at the palace. People were quite shocked that he was marrying what they would call a commoner, an ordinary middle-class girl with no background in royalty or aristocracy. People then sort of thought, an ordinary person can grow up and marry…