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WHO 3 September 2018

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who celebrates good style

DIANE KRUGER Having never been one to play it safe, Kruger is the first to admit it hasn’t always worked in her favour, telling InStyle in 2014, “The worst fashion risk was at my first Golden Globes. I wore this dress where you could see my belly and it was just terrible. I don’t know why I ever wore that.” NICOLE WARNE Her fashion site, Gary Pepper Girl, has gained her international recognition and in turn, Warne has worked with luxury brands from Louis Vuitton to Dolce & Gabbana. “One day, I found vintage and simply fell in love,”Warne told Harper’s Bazaar in 2016, saying, “It allowed me to be unique.”…

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‘not having kids would be my only regret’

She laid her heartbreak bare for all to see on Married at First Sight this year, detailing the devastating break-up of her previous relationship and the subsequent miscarriage of her twins. It was a tough listen, but Sarah Roza’s story struck a very real chord with viewers, who were desperate for her to “find love” and get her “happily ever after.”Viewers hoped Nine’s reality dating show would be the gateway for all those good things, but, sadly, it wasn’t meant to be. Just a few months after cameras stopped rolling, her relationship with MAFS spouse, Telv Williams—one that had felt so genuine and so promising to so many viewers—imploded very publicly and it was back to square one. Fast forward six months and Sarah is still single but she has not…

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‘our chemistry is amazing’

SHE WAS GIVEN A BIG HEAD START in front of all the other contenders when Nick Cummins awarded youth worker Brooke Blurton, 23, the key to his Bachelor pad. “I think there was some pretty intense chemistry from the start,” Brooke tells WHO. “I was definitely shocked when he started walking towards me with the key.” Brooke says even though she didn’t think Nick would choose her to give the key, she’s always felt comfortable around him, which is why she used the key as an opportunity to tell Nick about her life—from losing her mum to suicide, to being exposed to drug-fuelled violence as a child. “I knew that I had to get Nick to understand who I am and where I come from and I feel that it…

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‘they want fame’

SHE MAY BE VYING FOR THE Honey Badger’s heart first and foremost, but property valuer Sophie Tieman has another goal—to keep her nose out of the drama! The 25-year-old, who recently moved from Brisbane to the Bachelor’s hometown of Sydney, says that her time in the mansion was fraught with drama, thanks to Cat, 24, Alisha, 25, and Romy, 29—the three girls who have been branded as the villains of the season and are there to ruffle some feathers. “I got dragged into a lot of drama in the first episode, but I tried to stay clear of the scary trio,” the fan favourite tells WHO. “Causing drama so early on in the season makes you question if there is anything else to them being there.” Despite making a lasting impression on…

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‘i’m not a stage-five clinger’

SHE HAD DATED NICK BEFORE the show ever happened and model Cass Wood, 23, explains she’s been taken aback at how much screen time she’s been given and how she’s been received by the audience. “It’s TV and you only get to see what they show,” the blonde says. “Seeing things online, like being called a stage-five clinger can be really hard—but I have to put my heart on my sleeve here and be open and honest and tell him how I feel.” However, it seems the pair know each other a lot better than either of them had previously revealed—with Cass admitting they’ve met each other’s families. “On my birthday last year [Nick] met my brother and I’ve met his brother.”…

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‘my mum was addicted to painkillers’

HE’S ONE OF THE WORLD’S best-known comedy actors. But in a new interview, Jim Carrey has revealed his childhood home life was far from harmonious. The actor, 56, has opened up about his traumatic upbringing, saying that his mother, Kathleen, who passed away in 1989, battled an addiction to prescription drugs. “My mother wasn’t feeling well most of the time,” the Ace Ventura star told The Hollywood Reporter. “My mum was addicted to pain medication.” In the interview, Carrey admitted to feeling abandoned by his mother. “She was very sick in a lot of ways,” he said. “She was lovely, too, but she was a child of alcoholics and she had issues. And that’s not intentional abandonment—she was always there for me, she was always there in the house—but if you’re…