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WHO 4 September 2017

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growing into glamour

Changing back into street clothes after hours of designer gown dress-ups, Sam Frost retains the confidence she channelled during her shoot for WHO’s annual Glamour Issue, joking about her next stop on a long day—the set ofHome and Away. “I’vegotto read some scripts,” she says in a dramatic drawl, then adds with a giggle, “Clear my schedule!” It’s another side to Frost, who first emerged on TV as a down-to-earth woman looking for love, before cooking for charity and then transitioning to acting. “Being one of WHO’s glamour girls is quite an honour,” Frost says of the company she’s now keeping (p. 30). “I do think it’s part of this evolution.” editor@who.com…

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madonna’s gypsy birthday

This week, everyone’s talking about ... SUBTLETY HAS NEVER BEEN IN Madonna’s vocabulary. So when the pop icon gathered her family and friends in Puglia, Italy, for a two-night celebration of her 59th birthday on Aug. 16, the bustier-andbangle- loving singer rode a horse through the town of Lecce, boogied with abandon and dressed her most recently welcomed kids, twins Estere and Stelle, in matching Dolce & Gabbana hydrangea-print outfits. As her artistic collaborators Mert Alas and Riccardo Tisci described it on Instagram with dancing- girl emojis, it was the “Night of the Gypsies.” All-out birthday bashes have been a calling card for the Material Girl, who marked her 58th with son Rocco on holiday in Cuba last year and landed noise complaints for her Hamptons fete in 2015, which attracted guests…

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brain cancer battle

on screen TWO WEEKS AFTER SHARING a snap of himself beaming as he tucked into a meal and commenting that he’s “been working in [the] studio lately on a heap of new tracks,” Johnny Ruffo was back on social media with a starkly different image and story. “Some things in life really put things into perspective,” he captioned a photo on Aug. 10 showing a dramatic scar along his scalp and brow. “Keep me in your thoughts.” As the formerHome and Awaystar went on to clarify, a visit to hospital with a migraine ended with a diagnosis of brain cancer. “I had to have a brain tumour removed,” the 29-year-old singer, actor and dancer said in a statement. “I am on the mend and feeling positive.” There was an immediate outpouring of…

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back on?

COULD ANDREW GARFIELD and Emma Stone—they broke up in 2015 after a first brief split and reunion—really get back together? Gossips buzzed when the Oscar winner, 28, was spotted in London, where she watched her ex, 34, star in a revival of the playAngels in America. After the performance, “Emma left backstage with him,” reports aneyewitness. Adds a Stone source, “The feeling between them is still romantic.” (Indeed, according to British tabloidThe Sun, Stone has flown to London several times to catch her maybe-man in the play.) But others who know the actress insist she and Garfield, who met on the set ofThe Amazing Spider-Man, are just friends now—and any theatregoing was simply a way of showing support. One thing all agree on is this: “They never stopped caring about each…

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brad pays up

BRAD PITT AND ANGELINA JOLIE ARE STEERING clear of the courts in their split (for now) but it has been revealed the pair were sued in April by French interior designer Odile Soudant, who says in 2010 she was given “carte blanche” to design a lighting scheme for their 40-room French residence, Chateau Miraval. Pitt “wanted to make it an exceptional place and believed that light should be at the heart of this,” she told French newspaper Libération. The project—laboured over by a staff of 17—went on for years but gradually, says Soudant, she stopped receiving payment. When she suspended work, Pitt emailed her: “I don’t know how things happen in France but in the United States, friends don’t attack friends ... Let’s finish the project and be proud of…

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queen margot

FROM FRESH-FACED Queenslander to whitefaced Tudor—with added skin blemishes, high forehead, bright red tresses and stiff 16th-century garb—actress Margot Robbie was almost unrecognisable as she chameleoned from Hollywood siren to historical royal to play Elizabeth I in the upcoming film Mary Queen of Scots. The Wolf of Wall Street star seemed to have forsaken vanity to become the besetupon monarch, who reportedly covered her facial smallpox scars with corrosive leadbased paint, which further damaged her skin. Robbie is not the first Australian to change face to portray the real-life character —actress Cate Blanchett was nominated for Oscars for her take in the 1998 film Elizabeth, and its 2007 sequel. Joining 27-year-old Robbie in Mary Queen of Scots is Saoirse Ronan in the title role, as Elizabeth’s cousin and rival; Joe Alwyn—Taylor Swift’s beau—as…