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WHO Issue 21, 2021

As Australia’s Number 1 celebrity weekly magazine, we deliver a compelling mix of credible celebrity news, interviews, portraiture and intriguing human interest stories, told from the perspective of the people directly involved. Thanks to trusted relationships with some of the world’s biggest names, we report the facts and never make it up!

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elizabeth perkins

Last thing I discovered about myself That I’m a complete neat freak. I always knew I had to have everything in its place but now that we’ve spent so much time at home, I realise maybe things don’t have to be at a 45-degree angle on the coffee table. Last time I was starstruck I was at a dinner party and looked over and was like, “Oh, my God, is that Joni Mitchell?” She was sitting on the floor and had this straw hat on with this giant fake flower. I was eventually introduced to her and, trembling, sort of shook her hand. She’s my icon. Last time I danced Two nights ago. We dance around the kitchen a lot, usually to ‘Midnight Train to Georgia’ with several people doing backup as the Pips. My…

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books ...

LEGACY by Nora Roberts Adrian didn’t have an easy childhood, buts she’s worked hard to put it behind her and be a success. When she receives a death threat, she puts it down to jealousy. But someone from Adrian’s past has returned to bring her back down again. (Out now) LIKE MOTHER by Cassandra Austin New mum Louise is exhausted – her husband’s away, her mum won’t leave her alone and her baby won’t stop crying. But when her little one goes missing from her cot, she starts to unravel dark family secrets. A vivid mystery full of twists! (Out now) THE CLOCKMAKER’S WIFE by Daisy Wood When Ellie finds a watch that belonged to her grandmother Dell, she sets out to learn more about her life. Dell was forced to flee London with her daughter during…

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spotlight on … anna george

Anna George knows what it’s like to be a stressed-out mum. But after careful research, she made a few tweaks in her home life that helped even out the chores and saved her sanity. In Tipping, she shares this advice in a fun fictional story about Liv, whose son is involved in an Instagram scandal at school. Fed up with the sexism she experiences and with being under-appreciated, Liv delegates chores on the home front and lets the school know they have some work to do, too. While things start to improve, not everyone is happy with the changes. George believes there are lessons we can all take away from her novel. “I hope women (and men) are inspired to look at their own lives through fresh eyes and see small changes…

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tv love on the spectrum

Putting yourself out there to find The One is always a nerve-racking experience. But imagine how difficult it would be if you were on the autism spectrum. In this compelling and heartwarming series, young Australians in that situation dive into the dating pool, looking for love and meaningful relationships. Along the way, they’ll be guided by relationship expert Jodi Rodgers on how to approach dating scenarios and what to do on a date, before being set up with another participant for an evening out. (Airs Tue., 8.30pm on ABC and ABC iview)…

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five minutes with … matt nable

Over the past decade, Matthew Nable has made a name for himself as one of Australia’s premier storytellers from starring in some of our most acclaimed dramas, including Underbelly: Badness and Mr Inbetween, and writing several bestselling books and screenplays in his spare time. In his fourth novel, Still, Nable tells the story of Senior Constable Ned Potter, who discovers the body of an Aboriginal man on the shallow edge of a swamp in Darwin in 1963. Viciously bashed and shot several times, it’s clear the man was the victim of a horrific murder. However, as Potter sets out to investigate the crime, the policeman soon learns that no-one in the local community seems to care about the death of an Indigenous local. After a childhood spent in the Northern Territory, Nable…

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farewell to the bold type

We’ve laughed and cried alongside our favourite trio from Scarlet magazine for the past four years. Now, as Sutton (Meghann Fahy), Kat (Aisha Dee) and Jane (Katie Stevens) return to our screens for one more bittersweet season, it’s time to say goodbye. The comedy-drama follows three 20-something besties as they navigate career and romantic highs and lows in New York City, with their exploits based on the real-life experiences of former US Cosmopolitan magazine editor, Joanna Coles. Previews for the six-episode final season show the girls still have plenty of drama to navigate before finding their happy endings. As Sutton emotionally prepares to move on from ex-husband Richard (Sam Page), after he left when she admitted she’s never having children, he reappears. Kat’s messy love-life looks set to get even more complicated…