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June/July 2021
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Wildfowl Magazine is the best magazine out there for the serious goose and duck hunters. Loaded with useful information on guns & loads, decoys & calls, boats & blinds, retriever training, gear & gadgets, Canadian reports and conservation. Join us in the blind each issue!

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let the good times float

GIANT GOBS OF BLACK GOOEY MUD were flying 30 feet high in the Florida sunshine and landing like hot pudding bombs all over us, splattering the coolers, seats and deck of the boat. Dad had the throttle pinned wide open, hand on the tiller, when we’d slid off the creek and flown up into the deep marsh grass, failing to make the bend in the little salty river. The motor was still running and the prop was chopping the mud chunks and throwing them skyward. It had happened so fast, my eight-year-old brain had no idea why Pops had decided to drive the boat off into the deep spartina grass. He was shaking his head in amazement. A fastidious country gentleman of English heritage, he didn’t make mistakes very often. “Took that one…

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row faster!

Skip, I imagine your mailbox will fill fast with these. I’ll just toss in a couple. First is some simple advice—if the boat cables freeze because of cracked ends allowing water in, that’s what a full thermos of hot coffee is for. I launched at the ramp before anyone went to shift in reverse, coining "move the cable." Coffee saved the day. 16-year-old duck hunters get bad ideas. We knew a lake with ducks that usually fly near shore. I had a K-Mart special blow-up vinyl raft we could use for retrieving. I fished out of it all summer. We figured we’d pick our shots then retrieve. Well, the ducks landed around a small island in the middle and stayed there. Now this lake was recently frozen solid. We had to break an…

8 min.
hunter numbers boom, but can we hold onto them?

SINCE REACHING AN all-time high of 2.03 million in 1970, the number of waterfowl hunters nationwide was on a downward trend. Not good. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s 2020 Migratory Bird Hunting Activity and Harvest Report, the number of active waterfowl hunters dipped below the 1-million mark for only the third time in 81 years after counts were tallied follow ing the 2019-2020 hunting season. More concerning is the rate of that decline. Between the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 seasons, the dip was estimated at 1.09-million waterfowlers lost over the course of just one year. Many ask, “Why is this a problem?” This question is especially true of those that chase their waterfowling dreams on public dirt. Fewer hunters mean less competition for prime waterfowl spots. The big answer A…

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fifth flyway

HAMMER DROPS ON BOISE TEENS An Idaho poaching case of 34 discarded ducks — some found whole and some partially field-dressed — was finally put to rest. According to Conservation officer Ben Cadwallader, the Idaho Fish and Game calls to the Citizens Against Poaching hotline put conservation officers on the right track. Two teens — one 17 and one 18 — were questioned and later confessed to the crime. Both teens face civil penalties of $50 per bird, as well as other fines that could be as much as $1,000 per bird. TWO BANDS…ONE BIRD Shooting a banded bird is like finding gold in the waterfowl world, but what if that bird has two bands? According to sources from California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife, birds with a band on each leg have…

4 min.
spay delay?

IT WASN’T THAT long ago when you could plunk down a deposit on a Lab puppy and pick it up at five or six weeks of age. Now, most pups are kept with their moms and litter-mates until they are at least seven weeks old, and oftentimes, longer. The rules change over time as we learn more about our dogs and their health. It’s not just puppy pickup windows that are being rethought either. Currently, one of the most debated topics concerning all dogs, is when to spay or neuter. Six months used to be the hard-and-fast rule, mostly because it allowed dogs to mature enough to handle the anesthesia as well as the recovery process of a surgery. For males, this was about as far as it went. For females, it…

2 min.
waterfowl band reports

1 HUNTER: Austin Dunlap, Calcutta, OH BAND #: 2167-88558 SPECIES: Mallard (D) BANDED: 08/13/2018 LOCATION: Lebel-Sur-Qyevillon, QC RECOVERED: 12/20/2020 LOCATION: Salineville, OH 2 HUNTER: Michael Wright, Dickson, TN BAND #: 2097-27495 SPECIES: Ross’s Goose (F) BANDED: 08/07/2012 LOCATION: 13 KM SW Johnson PT, NU RECOVERED: 01/03/2021 LOCATION: 0.7 miles W from Doddsville, TN 3 HUNTER: Blane Bachan, Watsonville, CA BAND #: 1094-66558 SPECIES: Green-winged Teal (D) BANDED: 08/09/2018 LOCATION: Near Tulita, NT RECOVERED: 11/25/2020 LOCATION: Los Banos, CA 4 HUNTER: Mike Dworzynski, Carlinville, IL BAND #: 1208-03079 SPECIES: Canada Goose (F) BANDED: 07/25/2018 LOCATION: Near Henry, SD RECOVERED: 01/01/2021 LOCATION: 3 mi E of Cottonwood Falls, KS 5 HUNTER: Daniel Scarazzo, Rochester, NY BAND #: 1078-63691 SPECIES: Canada Goose (F) BANDED: 08/08/2015 LOCATION: Near Puvirnituq, QC RECOVERED: 01/02/2021 LOCATION: 2 mi W of Montezuma, NY 6 HUNTER: Joseph Morek, Wake Forest, NC BAND #: 1146-78886 SPECIES: Wood Duck (D) BANDED: 09/03/2020 LOCATION: Near Sharon, NY RECOVERED: 12/29/2020 LOCATION: Enfield, NC 7 HUNTER: Eric Pellissier, Groton, CT BAND #: 1777-25696 SPECIES: Atlantic Brant (M) BANDED: 07/30/2009 LOCATION: East Bay, NU RECOVERED: 11/11/2020 LOCATION: Old Saybrook, CT 8 HUNTER:…