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March 2019

Windows Help & Advice features all the best ways to get more from your Windows PC, along with in-depth advice on new hardware, the latest technology and the internet. And it's 100% jargon free!

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www.facebook.com/windowsmag In this always-on, connected world it’s more important than ever to take your privacy and security seriously – whether that’s on your PC or online. In this month’s lead feature (page 11), you’ll discover the steps you can take to keep your computer and the files it contains safe from nasties, and how you can protect yourself further by securing your online accounts. We’ll even suggest alternatives to social media behemoths like Twitter and Facebook. Starting on page 46, we’ll also show you how to get – and keep – your PC clutter-free, while on page 50 we have some top tips for optimising Windows, helping you ensure your machine is the best it can be. Talking of which, solid-state drives (SSDs) are a…

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folding screens – the future of mobile

Imagine a full-size laptop that can literally fit in your pocket Flat screens? Pah. Curved screens? Yesterday’s news. In the future, everything’s going to fold. We’ve looked at the Royale FlexPai in these pages before – the world’s first folding smartphone, aimed at the Chinese market – but that was the tip of the iceberg. Not only are phone manufacturers eagerly eyeing the potential of bendy screens, but TV manufacturers (see LG’s rollable Signature OLED R) and now PC bigwigs have spotted gold in the foldable hills Microsoft has long been refining its patents for folding-screen laptops, and insiders snooping around recent preview builds of Windows have spotted changes to its programming that relate to compatibility with folding screens, suggesting the future may be slightly closer than we were…

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robot revolution

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas was full of innovation and, as CES tends to be, it was also full of robotics. Whether any of it will ever land in your home is doubtful, but the tech is getting closer and closer – the robots of the future will both help to improve your overall health and bring you a glass of water so you can be more lazy. There was also a big focus on companionship this year; robots can be cuddly too, apparently. CARING Samsung’s Bot Care will wander around your home and keep its digital eyes on your vitals. SHARING Ubtech’s Walker, newly upgraded with a torso and a pair of arms, can bring you objects. LOVING…

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the knowledge…

New Edge A new Edge? What about the old Edge? Microsoft Edge isn’t going anywhere. You probably won’t even notice a difference. But if you’re someone who uses the Edge web browser, you’re in the minority – and the people building the web have noticed. They’re optimising their technology for other browsers, meaning Edge is starting to fall behind, and it’s time for Microsoft to do something about it. So what’s happening? Google’s Chrome is currently top of the browser tree, and Edge is being rebuilt from the ground up, using the same underlying technologies that power Chrome and its open-source analog Chromium. It’s an interesting choice, because it marks Microsoft’s willingness to embrace open technologies as well as being a tacit admission that Edge wasn’t up…

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5g mobile broadband

The world is gearing up for the next stage of the mobile Internet revolution, and the ever-squabbling tech community looks like it’s reached some kind of consensus on what it’s going to look like. There’s a standard, called 5G NR, due to be used worldwide. There are devices, early examples of which have been hinted at by manufacturers like OnePlus and Honor (with bigger names sure to follow) due for release later this year. Networks have begun rolling out the hardware that those devices will connect to – and by the end of 2019, you may well find an urban centre near you offering 5G mobile Internet. MORE SPEED What’s the big deal, though? Well, 5G is far, far faster than 4G, by orders of magnitude. It’s…

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the 60-second quiz

1 Which of these is a modifier key? A CtrlB SpacebarC Caps Lock 2 Historically, which of the following was not a modifier? A HyperB SuperC Dothis 3 Which of these is not a keyboard once made by IBM? A Model ZB Model MC Model F 4 How many keys are there on a standard full-size keyboard? A 104B 121C 82 5 AZERTY keyboards are typically used by speakers of which European language? A DutchB FrenchC Hungarian 6 And which language typically uses the QWERTZ layout? A RussianB JapaneseC German ■…