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By time you read this, Microsoft will have hopefully released the May 2019 Update for Windows 10 – and with it a slew of brand new features that’ll make using your PC easier and more fun. The biggest change, ironically, is the way Windows Update works – you’ll now be able to delay updates for up to seven days at a time (up to a maximum of 35 days), giving you more time to get ready to upgrade. It’ll also enable you to see whether the update is causing others any issues – like the October 2018 Update notoriously did. More positively, the May 2019 Update (AKA 1903) also includes a new lighter theme, a much cleaner Start menu and more helpful error messages. Other goodies include a smarter Cortana, and a Chromium-based…

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keep in touch without leaving your pc

It’s easy to keep tabs on a wide range of different chat systems Keeping up with everybody isn’t easy. Every friend seems to have their own preferred method of written communication, be it text message, email, or one of any number of chat apps. You might have four or five on the go, one friend on Facebook Messenger, a family keeping in touch on a WhatsApp group chat, and so on. While we can’t help you convince your friends to standardise – let’s face it, that’s often a lost cause – it’s worth knowing just how easy it is to keep tabs on all these different systems. WHATSAPP AND MORE Some are straightforward. Log in to Facebook on your PC, and you’ll be able to access the web equivalent of the Facebook Messenger…

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xbox one s all-digital

What’s the difference? Look at that picture. What’s missing? That’s right: it’s the small slot that would normally run horizontally along the centre and graciously accept a game disc. In this new cheaper edition of the Xbox One S, Microsoft has done away with the optical drive, meaning that this version will only be able to run games and apps downloaded from the web. That’s awful! But is it, really? Think about it: when was the last time you saw, say, a laptop with a DVD drive? They’re increasingly rare, and this is just another step along the road. The world is moving towards digital distribution of just about everything, from software to movies. And, of course, there’s an ulterior motive for Microsoft. Such as? Such as squashing that pesky pre-owned market, for a start:…

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conceptual acer redefines the laptop

If you’re a serious professional who relies on a computer for creative pursuits (and if you also have a spare £3,830 laying around to invest in new computer hardware) Acer reckons it has you covered with its ConceptD 9. It’s half-laptop, half-fully adjustable drawing surface, and all power, with the latest Core i9 processor and Nvidia’s top-end RTX 2080 graphics propping up the insides. That’s quite the concept – though we don’t know when it’ll be formally released.…

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windows update woes

An official security patch, released by Microsoft on April 9th, caused users of many popular third-party anti-virus packages from companies like Sophos, Avast, and McAfee to suffer slowdown on their machines so extreme as to make them unusable. The update, one of Windows 7’s final security patches and also released on Windows 8.1 (though not on Windows 10) was quickly pulled – but users who received it before it was withdrawn were forced to wade through treacle to install a new version of their anti-virus software. If we were sensationalist, we might even dub the update akin to a virus in itself. PROTECT YOURSELF This isn’t the first time a Windows update has gone haywire, and it likely won’t be the last. Windows, frequently updated as it is against the latest threats,…

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the 60-second quiz

1 What do the initials SSD stand for? A Solid-State Drive B Super Speedy Drive C Seven Sector Drive 2 How does an SSD differ from a standard hard drive? A It uses lasers instead of magnets B It’s incompatible with Windows 10 C There are no moving parts 3 Which of these is a format of SSD? A U.2 B We.3 C Them.4 4 What effect might an SSD have on your PC? A Faster connection B Faster boot times C Faster spell check in Microsoft Word 5 When was the first 20MB SSD released? A 1991 B 2001 C 2011 6 What is a hybrid drive? A Half-SSD, half-hard drive B Half-SSD, half-processor C Half-SSD, half-USB stick…