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Hello, and welcome to Windows Help and Advice issue 164. Our lead feature this month deals with the top 10 things that can go wrong with your PC – and how to fix them. Whether it’s wonky Wi-Fi or apps with attitude, we’ve got a tip or trick that could speed you toward a solution. Turn to p11 to get started. Elsewhere, you’ll find the usual mix of tutorials, reviews and features that point the way to a really satisfying Windows experience. If you’ve ever wrestled with the auto-formatting settings in Word, we explain all on p38 – including how to switch it all off. And if you want to explore Google Drive but are not sure where to start, there’s a full guide starting on p27. Plus, for anyone thinking that…

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help someone out with your old hardware

PCs don’t last forever. Whether it’s hardware breaking down or the increasing demands of software making aging hardware run slower, we all need to upgrade at some point. But what to do with that old machine? If you’re not planning to keep it around, it’s a three step process: copy everything important, completely wipe its storage, then find it a good home. The first step is probably the most difficult – if we were to select one of the numerous methods able to do so, setting up Windows’ File History tool and copying all of your important folders to an external hard drive is probably the easiest, as it’s easy to then get your files back exactly where you found them. We all need to upgrade at some point – but…

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back in the sky flight simulator returns

Microsoft had a big presence at this year’s E3 conference: it announced that a new Xbox was in the works, it convinced Keanu Reeves to take to the stage. But (at least for us) the most exciting announcement was the return of Microsoft Flight Simulator after a lengthy absence. Set for box Xbox and PC, the new version – which goes by the irritatingly broad name of ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ – is likely to be released at some point in 2020. See next issue for more from E3.…

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discover donate your old pc the knowledge…

Facebook’s currency What is it? Facebook is set to launch its own digital currency, initially set for use on Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp. Completely missing the golden opportunity to call the currency ‘Facebucks’, the company appears to have named it Libra. So it’s a Bitcoin competitor? In a way, yes, but not entirely. Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin has taken on a new life in some developing countries and in places like Venezuela, where the country’s own currency has collapsed, as a reliable way of making transactions. Libra isn’t quite the same – it’s not a currency you can ‘mine’ or generate out of thin air, so it’s unlikely to suffer the same exchange rate fluctuations that Bitcoin has. What’s the point, then? Libra is aimed at making easy, secure transactions throughout the world. Facebook’s data suggests that…

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good backups gone bad

CD-R discs were once a very popular way to make a safe copy of files. They’re cheap, they’re easy to label, and they’re easy to store – why not put all your old photos on a CD-R, tuck it away, and then look back on it in 20 years? It’s certainly a lot smaller than a photo album. Well, there’s a very good reason not to do that: CD-Rs (and, by association, all manner of recordable discs) are extremely vulnerable. Many, including our own art department here at Windows Help & Advice, have found that older discs can suffer what’s commonly referred to as ‘rot’. It’s not the same process as, say, rotting wood, but the term is apt. On a CD-R, your files are stored on a very thin layer…

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the 60-second quiz

1 What is the longest word you can write on one row of a computer keyboard? A TYPEWRITERB ESTABLISHMENTC PARTICIPLE 2 What is the estimated storage capacity of your brain? A 3580MBB 3580GBC 3580TB 3 Before Windows was Windows, by what name was it known? A DesktopB Interface ManagerC Icon Boss 4 The average price per GB of hard drive space today is around 3p. What was it in 1980? A £1,500B £15,000C £150,000 5 What was the first webcam designed to monitor? A A bank vaultB A sleeping babyC A coffee pot 6 Which of these has not been the first name of a Microsoft CEO? A DaveB BillC Steve…