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Hello, and welcome to Windows Help and Advice issue 165. We’re turning our attention to family trees this month, hoping to discover wild scandals and nefarious uncles tucked away between generation of farmers and factory workers. Doing the research from the comfort of your PC is easy – there are plenty of resources available, some of them free. Elsewhere, you’ll find the usual mix of tutorials, reviews and features. If you’ve ever felt constrained by your PC’s monitor, we’ve got a full guide to adding a second one, and there are multiple tutorials dedicated to saving you time, whether it’s in Windows itself or apps. If you like gaming, we’ve got a report on the upcoming games showcased at this year’s E3, plus a guide to creating really good passwords and tightening…

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the ultimate collection of pc tools – totally free

The world of open-source software – that is, programs whose code is freely available for anyone to edit – is a tremendous source of some excellent free programs, some of which are just as powerful (if not moreso) than their paid-for alternatives. Made by enthusiasts or magnanimous businesses, you don’t have to know anything about their programming to use them. You just need to download them, install them, and enjoy them. Open source is a tremendous source of excellent free programs So where should you start? We’d lean towards LibreOffice (www.libreoffice.org), which is a venerable, fully-featured office package that’s compatible with Microsoft Office file formats. It’s not exactly the same as Office, but you can do anything you need to do with it. The same can be said of GIMP (www.gimp.org), a…

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super power absurd speed, for a price

Do you have a spare £3,200 lying around? Do you need a new laptop? Do you want a laptop which is outwardly cool and calm but inwardly the most powerful thing you can buy (or not – see p78)? Good news: Razer’s updated Blade Pro line is here, and it’s very fast. Smaller than its predecessor, with a handsome screen and innovative cooling system inside, it’s a really special thing – and this is the sort of hardware that’ll be affordable soon enough.…

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the knowledge…

End of passwords? So, what, no more passwords at all? Well, we’re not going to go quite that far. But Microsoft is doing its best to rid Windows 10 of passwords completely. Next year’s major Windows update will include the option to enable passwordless sign-in both to Windows itself and to any of your Microsoft accounts. What will I use instead? Microsoft will push the options available to you already: if you have the right hardware you’ll be able to use a fingerprint, or the Windows Hello camera sign-in system, or (more likely) you’ll use a PIN. What’s wrong with passwords? The key problem is that they’re inherently insecure, particularly because people are lazy and reuse them everywhere. One compromised website, one leaked password database, and a hacker may gain access to someone’s credentials in tens…

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5g is here – but is it safe?

EE, Vodafone and Three have launched their 5G networks, and O2 is due to join them by the end of 2019. It’s a small rollout for now, consisting of limited coverage in a limited number of cities, with different networks covering different areas. That’ll be the case for some time, as 5G requires new masts, and more of them – full coverage may mean masts that go street by street, because the speed of 5G (which can be, in ideal circumstances, some four to five times the speed of the fastest home broadband connection available today) comes from its use of high-frequency radio waves that have a naturally short range. That is, at least for some people, something of a problem. Concerns are being raised over the safety of 5G’s radio…

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the 60-second quiz

1 Which of these chat systems comes from Google? A Hangouts B AIM C ICQ 2 Before Google Plus, what was Google’s social platform called? A Google Yammer B Google Blab C Google Buzz 3 What is the name of the OS used on Google’s Chromebooks? A ChrOS B ChromeOS C GoogleOS 4 Which of these is Google’s parent organisation? A Alphabet B Bravobet C Charliebet 5 How many hours of video are uploaded to YouTube per second? A 3 B 30 C 300 6 What’s the name of Google’s smart home division? A Google Eye B Google Nest C Google Alexa…