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Hello, and welcome to Windows Help and Advice issue 166. This month you can learn how to protect your PC against malware, the kind of unwanted programs and internet intrusions that can really spoil your day. Not only that, but if you’re unlucky enough to become infected with something nasty, we’ve got guides and tips for removing it. Elsewhere, you’ll find the usual mix of tutorials, reviews and features. There’s a deep dive into Handbrake video encoding using the new H265 codec, and tips on repairing Windows Update if it refuses to do its job. We review a really, really big monitor, a camera capable of creating images you can display on it, and a huge number of laptops. Plus there’s a guide to choosing which RAM goes in your PC, and…

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master your inbox for a happy life

You may have heard of the term ‘inbox zero’. If you haven’t, it’s the idea that an empty email inbox helps with focus, and with making sure you don’t miss a thing. By clearing out your inbox, and vowing to deal with every email at the time that you receive it, you ensure that everything that needs to get done gets done. Dealing with those emails doesn’t necessarily mean replying to them: inbox zero is a fleshed out system rather than just being a concept, and it gives you options. “Just as important as a clean inbox is a clean attitude towards it” First, you could delete or archive that mail. When you’ve read it, you don’t need it, so get rid – and if it’s marketing spam, feel free to set…

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type harder or softer – it’s up to you

When you buy a keyboard, you’re stuck with the keyboard you’ve got. The switches activate exactly where they activate – if you’re a light typist and your keyboard doesn’t register until you bottom those keys out, you’re out of luck. The SteelSeries Apex Pro, at £199, is not a cheap keyboard, but you can customise its keys to activate at whatever height you’d like – and switch on the fly using its built-in screen.…

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the knowledge…

Snapchat Spectacles 3 What now? The Snapchat Spectacles are sunglasses with a built-in camera, with which you can record the world around you and share it instantly with your friends on social media. These are the third version, which add an extra camera and allow you to create 3D videos, onto which you can overlay ‘crazy’ effects. That sounds… why? A very good question, and one for which we don’t have a particularly strong answer. Because that’s how the kids are doing things these days? Snapchat is a strange app if you’ve never used it. Its posts are fleeting, in that they can only be viewed by your followers for a limited time before being deleted forever, meaning your 3D video might not get much of an audience – though you don’t actually have…

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a second dot com bubble

Social blogging website Tumblr was sold off in August. Owner Verizon, which acquired Tumblr as part of its takeover of Yahoo in 2017, reportedly sold the site to Automattic (the owner of blogging platform Wordpress) for around $3 million. Considering Yahoo initially picked up Tumblr in 2013 for $1.1 billion, that’s a somewhat different valuation and a remarkable loss. While it’s reflective of the rise and fall of one website – modern Tumblr seems to be a magnet for negative press, and is home to some of the more interesting characters on the web – could it also be a sign of an internet-wide decline? Time for a crash? Realistically, we don’t know. If there is a crash coming, it’s something that will happen on the stock market, but many of today’s…

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the 60-second quiz

1 According to alexa. com , what is the most visited site on the internet? A google.com B youtube.com C facebook.com 2 Number three on Alexa’s list is tmall. com. Where is it based? A Tallahassee B Texas C China 3 Which of these sites ranks higher on the Alexa visitor rankings? A twitter.com B bing.com C reddit.com 4 What is listed as the most visited site in Turkmenistan? A yandex.ru B mail.ru C google.com 5 Which site surprisingly tops Alexa’s ‘encyclopedias’ category? A britannica.com B webopedia.com C howstuffworks.com 6 Which international version of Google ranks highest? A google.com.hk B google.co.in C google.be…