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Hello, and welcome to Windows Help and Advice issue 167. This month you can learn how to customise your PC in 60 different ways. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve got a full guide to reinstalling Windows, and plenty of discussion about why you shouldn’t. There’s also an investigation into Facebook Libra, the mysterious digital currency that might be the next disruptive idea to come out of Silicon Valley (and Switzerland). Elsewhere, you’ll find the usual mix of tutorials and reviews. There’s a look at installing a 4K monitor on your PC, a guide to making your machine more accessible, and we delve into file and resource sharing over a home network. We review a couple of laptops, a 5G phone that won’t break the bank, and a portable projector that can…

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bag a bargain spend less online

Every shopping website you look at will try to tell you you’re getting a bargain. It’s slightly deceptive, but that’s basic marketing, and it’s something we’ve all learned to look through. But it also means that finding out what’s really good value can be tough. Shopping around is a good first step. You could hop between sites, checking the usual high street outlets as well as known online stores, but try searching for the item you’re looking for on Google, then selecting the ‘Shopping’ tab at the top of the page; this will bring up Google’s own price checker, which scours those sites for you. Be very careful where you’re shopping, as this will also bring to light some retailers who aren’t necessarily solid; you’re not guaranteed to be ripped off,…

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the knowledge…

Windows Power Toys That is a name I haven’t heard in a long, long time… Indeed – the Power Toys line, a host of clever but unsupported software from Microsoft’s labs, was big in the days of Windows 95 through to XP. The concept was then dropped, but now it’s back, offering you supremely useful tools that can help you use your desktop differently. So what’s there? At the moment, not a lot: there are just two functions in the first Power Toys release. But what functions they are. The first is a super-handy shortcut guide. Hold down the [Win] key, and an overlay will pop up showing you all the things you can do quickly, meaning you can save a little brain space for more important things. And the other? This is very cool: Power…

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youtube versus the children

America’s Federal Trade Commission has fined Google $170 million after the company’s subsidiary, YouTube, allegedly violated a children’s privacy law. YouTube is accused of both marketing childrens’ use of its platform to advertisers and of tracking the viewing habits of children to pass on to those advertisers. FTC Chairman Joe Simons said the company “refused to acknowledge that portions of its platform were clearly directed to kids,” adding, “there’s no excuse for YouTube’s violations of the law.” The FTC’s action now requires YouTube to change its practices – and it seems the response may have to be extreme. Comments and notifications on content targeted at children will be disabled, targeted adverts on kids’ videos will be abolished and, according to a YouTube statement following the ruling, the company, “will treat data…

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the 60-second quiz

Pens at the read your time starts now 1 Which display technology is used in Amazon’s Kindle? A CRTB E-paperC TFT 2 Which of these computers was the first to include a monitor? A Xerox AltoB Difference EngineC IBM Thinkpad 3 When was the first LED (light-emitting diode) display developed? A 1977B 1988C 1999 4 What does ‘TFT’ stand for when applied to monitors? A Twisted Flax TableB Thin Film TransistorC Ten Flip Technology 5 Which of these is a display technology commonly used by projectors? A DLPB DDPC DDT 6 Which of these is not a virtual reality headset? A Oculus RiftB HTC ViveC Virtuality EYE…

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download this…

Polarr polarr.co Photo editing doesn’t have to be intimidating, and neither does it have to cost you a fortune. We’ve covered a host of alternatives here before – programs like Gimp and Paint.NET, and online services like PhotoPea – but none is quite as easy and effective as Polarr, which has grown from a mobile app into a very capable piece of PC software. It does away with the majority of the tools you’ll never use in other apps to focus on what matters. You can use it to add film-like tint effects to your digital photos, quickly remove blemishes or unwanted spots from images that need tidying up, crop your images to focus on the content that matters, and add captions if something needs a label. There are also more advanced features…