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Hello, and welcome to Windows Help & Advice issue 169. We’re very excited to bring you not one but two fantastic free apps this month. Firstly, there’s a free three-month subscription to ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2020, a top-quality image-editing app. See p27 to get started. And if that wasn’t enough, we’re also giving away 18 months of Disk Drill 2, an app that can retrieve files from your hard drive you thought were lost forever. See p39 for more. Elsewhere, you’ll find the usual mix of tutorials and reviews. There’s a look at the Windows 10 Timeline, a guide to logging on to Windows without a password, and tips on using Calibre to manage your ebook collection. There’s also a fascinating history of the PC, from its IBM origins, via MS-DOS, to…

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bring a new smart assistant to your desktop

Alexa can control your smart home and help you access information When Windows 10 launched, Cortana – Microsoft’s digital assistant – was an integral part of its search function. Not so much any more. Cortana’s adoption has been light at best, and many people switch it off entirely, to the point that Microsoft has now unbundled the two functions making Cortana an entirely optional component. But Cortana is, as you may already know, not the only smart assistant out there: Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant are both great, and they can give you control of your smart home accessories as well as helping you access information more quickly. Getting started with Alexa is an easy one – you’ll find the Alexa app on Microsoft’s store. You don’t need to own an Echo…

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the knowledge…

Apple TV+ Wait, isn’t this the wrong magazine for that? Open your mind: we’ve been using iTunes for years (though not for much longer, as Apple will be doing away with it soon) so there’s no reason to discount the company’s new TV streaming service – particularly as it is carrying billions of dollars of brand new original content, some of which is actually quite good. OK, so what is it? Apple TV+ is Apple’s attempt to establish itself into the streaming market dominated by companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney. Backed by a monthly subscription fee, launching with a host of high profile shows and movies, and having celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry attached to develop their own content, it has come out of the blocks sprinting. So I can use…

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the all-new edge browser

Microsoft Edge is changing. As reported in these pages previously, Microsoft’s oft-maligned web browser is getting a fresh lick of paint on the outside and a complete mechanical rewrite underneath. This means the technology borrowed from Internet Explorer, which until now has dealt with the difficult task of displaying web pages, is being removed in favour of the Chromium engine with powers Google’s Chrome. That’s a very significant update – the browser itself won’t look or feel particularly different in use, but the move to Chromium will help Edge’s updates more frequently, by more people, and means Microsoft’s own engineers can focus on building a better browser. It also means that those building the web have an easier time, given that they have one less browser technology to build for. So, how…

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the 60-second quiz

1 Which ancient king gives his name to a wireless protocol? A Harald Bluetooth B Gorm the Wi-Fi C Sweyn Forkbeard 2 Which English scientist’s name is used in a test of artificial intelligence? A Alan Turing B Charles Darwin C Alexander Fleming 3 Pioneer of computer programming Ada Lovelace was the daughter of which poet? A Lord Byron B William Wordsworth C Carol Ann Duffy 4 Which of these tech companies is not named after its founder? A Sony B Dell C McAfee 5 Mathematician John von Neumann gave his name to which ’50s computer? A Johnniac B Vonniac C Neumanniac 6 Which tennis player’s name was given to a computer virus? A Anna Kournikova B Martina Navratilova C Annabel Croft…

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download this…

TidyTabs nurgo-software.com/products/tidytabs Tired of waiting for Microsoft’s on-again off-again Sets feature to materialise, if it ever does? Us too, to the point where we’ve decided to stop waiting to organise our running windows into neat little tabs and employ the services of TidyTabs instead. It’s fairly self-explanatory: each of your programs or Explorer windows gets a tiny tab which hovers over the top of the title bar. Grab it with your mouse, and you can place it next to another program’s tab – everything will resize itself to match, and the two (or more) windows will join together, allowing you to move them around as one. Super-handy if you’re on a laptop with limited screen space, or if you’re just looking to keep your desktop neat and tidy. If you have some…