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Simply Woman & Home March 2021

Simply Woman & Home is the only wellbeing and fitness title on the market that offers women of any age, any shape, any fitness level, particularly women over 40, the inspiration to feel fabulous every day. Simple changes that fit real life are the prescription to make the most of their looks, feel younger, fitter, slimmer, reduce stress, increase vitality and live a healthier life. The magazine is divided into sections focusing on wellbeing, beauty, diet, fitness, health and ‘inner you’ and is packed with tips, expert advice and best buys.

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United Kingdom
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spring is in the air!

Welcome to the first-ever issue of Simply Woman & Home. Brought to you by the Woman & Home experts you trust, each issue will be packed with seasonal advice and inspiration. This month, our food and home experts are bringing a little spring into your life. And while we might not know how we’ll be celebrating Easter this year, we’ve got all you need to make it special. Our Easter recipes include something for every size of gathering, plus we’ve got tasty bakes to enjoy by yourself, or to share with loved ones you may not be seeing as much of at the moment. Our food team have also been hard at work testing the best new products – check out our Easter egg edit on p116. I think we all deserve a…

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easter treats

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spring clean your mind!

SLEEP Getting enough sleep is one of the most important factors for peak performance, memory, productivity and mood regulation. A good night’s sleep more than doubles the likelihood that you’ll be able to solve a problem requiring insight. Adults need between six and 10 hours. TRY THIS: Sleep in a cool, dark room and, when possible, go to bed and wake at the same time (use an alarm if necessary). Naps can also be helpful for the mind and memory – keep them under 40 minutes and don’t nod off too close to bedtime. EMBRACE GOOD ENOUGH We all suffer from decision overload. A simple trip to the supermarket invokes dozens of them (to get cereal with honey/nuts/apples, with oats or wheat, or all of it?). A weekend away means trawling through 200 hotels…

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in full bloom

SHOWSTOPPING DAHLIAS With their vibrant colours and striking shape, just a handful of cut blooms from the garden are all that you need for a stunning display. Arrange stems in a simple vase or pitcher, though spectacular on their own, adding a few sprigs of zingy greenery will make colours sing brighter. SPRING FRESH Mix spring blooms like daffodils, tulips and hyacinths, packing them fairly tightly into the vase so they won’t flop. Daffodil stems contain a sap that can shorten the life of other flowers – just change the water every couple of days without re-cutting the stems and they’ll be fine. Modular vase, £40, johnlewis.com SHELF LIFE Simple glass vases look pretty when displayed en masse on a shelf. Choose an assortment of sizes to add visual interest and give height to your arrangement.…

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the taste of spring!

Asparagus and ham tart This intensely favoured ham hock is offset by zingy English asparagus, giving a new twist to quiche. Serves 4 • Ready in 35 mins 300g shortcrust pastry500ml Elmlea Double Light Cream5 egg yolks75g Parmesan cheese, finely grated freshly grated nutmeg350g asparagus spears, trimmed90g pack cooked ham hock2tbsp grated Parmesan, mixed with2tbsp chopped flat leaf-parsley, to garnish (optional) you will also need: a 20cm deep, fluted tart tin, greased 1 Roll the pastry to the thickness of a £1 coin and line the tin, but leave a little pastry hanging over the sides. Chill for at least 20 mins. Meanwhile, mix the cream, egg yolks, 40g of the Parmesan, the nutmeg and some salt and pepper. Set aside in the fridge. 2 Heat the oven to 180C/Gas 4. Blanch the asparagus for 1 min,…

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embrace the power of plants

Love a trip to the garden centre? The good news is there’s more to plants than just decoration. ‘Plants can transform environments, and have a positive benefit on our health and wellbeing,’ says medical herbalist Hannah Charman (physichealth.uk). ‘They produce negative ions, which attach to viruses, bacteria and dust particles and remove them from the atmosphere.’ Here’s how plants can help you… THE HEALTH BENEFITS Don’t underestimate their potential healing properties. Plants can: + Clean the air of pollutants. + Help maintain optimum humidity, reducing the likelihood of respiratory tract infections. + Improve oxygen levels, which, in turn, will boost alertness. + Release chemicals called phytoncides, which help to regulate the immune system, lift mood and reduce blood pressure. + ‘Having plants around has even been found to have multiple benefits for cancer patients, including better pain tolerance,’…