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Woman's Day

Woman's Day

May 2021
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Woman's Day, one of the oldest and most beloved of all the traditional women's magazines, is ever-evolving to fit the needs of modern readers.

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mom truth

The idea of work-life balance is silly. It implies some degree of equality or even distribution of energy, time, and significance. My job will never overshadow my family, but I sometimes have to sacrifice Team Murphy because my job is also important. Lots of really smart folks talk about work-life harmony, in which different parts of life (work, family, faith, fitness/health, hobbies, etc.) function like instruments in an orchestra, all playing their parts to create beautiful music—i.e., well-being, health, happiness, a good life. That’s a nice analogy, but I think the idea of synergy is better. Maybe it’s just semantics, but to me, harmony implies that the elements stay mostly separate, doing their own things—a violin and a cello can’t share strings, for example. As I write in my book,…

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time to clean house

MAY 10 It may be National Clean Up Your Room Day, but we asked Carolyn Forté, the Good Housekeeping Institute’s queen of clean, to explain when you actually need to clean everything, plus give tips and tricks. bedding The longest you should wait before changing your sheets is two weeks. Weekly is even better. pillows & comforters Wash these every three to six months. For down and fiberfill pillows, launder two at a time in warm water on a gentle cycle. windows Deep-clean windows once a year. Wait for a cloudy but dry day, because direct sunlight can lead to streaks. drapes & curtains Wash or dry-clean these once a year, or just dust them by tossing them in the dryer on the “air only” cycle for 15 minutes. Rehang ASAP to avoid wrinkles. furniture Dust once a week. Skip feather…

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national smile day

MAY 31 “We cannot cure the world of sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy.”JOSEPH CAMPBELL @JOSEPHCAMPBELLFOUNDATION Smile brighter with these no-fuss tooth whiteners, plus a bluebased lipstick to counter yellow tones in teeth. WHITENING TOOTHPASTE This paste is boosted with the whitening active hydrogen peroxide, plus a natural detoxifying enzyme. ON-THE-GO WHITENER A portable tooth whitener with the power of traditional strips or trays, this clear gel can be glided on any time. BRIGHTENING LIPSTICK To make teeth look instantly whiter, swipe on a lipcolor with blue undertones, like this rich, creamy berry. Didja know… In 1965, Japanese-American Patsy Takemoto Mink became the first woman of color to serve in Congress. SHRIMP AND FORTÉ: MIKE GARTEN. BEDROOM: BECKY LUIGART-STAYNER. FRANZINO: CHRIS ECKERT. HONG: BEOWULF SHEEHAN. EYELINER SWIPE: GETTY IMAGES.…

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celebrating aapi authors

MAY In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Cathy Park Hong shares some of her favorite reads. Pick them up along with Hong’s own book, Minor Feelings, an insightful and stirring collection of essays revealing the complexities of the Asian-American experience. DMZ COLONY By Don Mee Choi This book of poems dives deep into the history of the dissidents who disappeared during the American-backed dictatorships in South Korea. Raw and fractured, it reads as a powerful treatise on resistance. THE GALLEONS By Rick Barot Barot’s poetry gives us his perspective on the history of the Philippines and capitalism through vignettes that are like dollhouse miniature paintings: Look closely and they unsettle as much as they offer pleasure. GHOST OF By Diana Khoi Nguyen This book is an extraordinary elegy about the poet’s brother, who died by suicide.…

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let us pray

MAY 6 Whatever your faith, National Day of Prayer can be a good time to reflect, find peace, and send uplifting vibes to others. Bible Verse Cards Whether the words you’re looking for are of strength, forgiveness, or hope, our collection of Bible verses will help you find the best ones. $15, womansday.com/prayercards Prayer Prints The Verse’s collection of wall art displays meaningful prayers and Bible verses in both Hebrew and English. From $40, theverse.co The Energy of Prayer by Thich Nhat Hanh The spiritual leader and Buddhist monk examines the practice of prayer and its ability to help you manifest positive outcomes in your life. The Dua Journal Created for the Muslim community, this beautiful line of journals includes prayers of invocations (duas), Quran verses, and pages for self-reflection. $21, theduajournal.com PUNNY BUSINESS National Dance Like a Chicken Day MAY 14 Let…

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hit the road!

MAY 28 Load up the car and head out for an adventure on National Road Trip Day. Just be sure to pack the essentials below, recommended by Sanna Boman, editor in chief of Roadtrippers and TogoRV. MULTIPLE POWER BANKS AND CHARGERS Bring one power bank per person to extend the battery life of everyone’s devices. COMFY LAYERS Layers allow you to quickly adjust to changing temperatures, various activities, and long hours in the car. OUTDOOR GAMES Bring a Nerf football, a kickball, or a jump rope to let the kids release some energy at scenic rest stops. HEADLAMP This can be more convenient than a handheld flashlight, such as when you’re camping at night. PACKED COOLER Save money and avoid extra pit stops by stocking up on everyone’s favorite snacks and drinks. HYDRATION PACKS These specially designed backpacks give you easy access to…