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Woman's Weekly Living Series

Woman's Weekly Living Series February 2021

Published by IPC Media. Published 9 times per year the Woman's Weekly Living Series has issues daedicated to health, gardening, cooking and knitting, as well as seasonal specials.

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3 great gadgets... for your teeth

1 WHITENING TOOTHBRUSH Silk’n ToothWave Electric Toothbrush – Boots, £265 This uses the latest technology (DentalRF™) to produce a wave of molecules to remove stains and calculus (hardened dental plaque), promising teeth up to eight shades whiter in just six weeks. 2 WATER FLOSSER Spotlight Water Flosser – £89.95, uk.spotlightoralcare.com That’s right – water! This nifty gadget uses a jet of water to dislodge bacteria and debris from your teeth. Created by dentists Lisa and Vanessa Creaven, it has three modes of pressure and four different tips, including a tongue scraper. 3 INTERDENTAL BRUSHES TePe Easy Pick Pack – £3.99 for 36, Superdrug Lockdown has meant fewer trips to the dentist, so it’s crucial to brush effectively. And that means cleaning between your teeth, too. These no-fuss mini brushes make that quick and easy, and they come in a…

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good to share

Fancy a dip? An outdoor swim might not appeal in winter – but it could help fight Alzheimer’s. Cold-water swimming may help protect the brain from degenerative diseases, such as dementia, according to research by the University of Cambridge. Researchers discovered that those who swam regularly in winter at London’s Parliament Hill Lido had a protein in their blood which can slow and repair the damage done by dementia. GOING VEGAN? Be careful of your bones. A recent study by the University of Oxford found that vegans are 40% more likely to suffer a fracture. If you, or someone close, have a mainly vegan diet, be careful to consider how to get enough bone-building calcium, vitamin B12 and iron, in particular. NEW READ The Foot Fix £14.99, Watkins Publishing Years of shoe-wearing means most of us…

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beating back pain – what the experts want you to know

Surgery usually isn’t the answer Most backache gets better on its own within weeks, but even with longer-lasting or recurrent pain, an operation won’t often help. Exercise and non-surgical spinal treatments are usually more successful. ‘Surgery isn’t off the table completely,’ says back-specialist physiotherapist Neil Velleman (atkinsphysio.com). ‘If the pain isn’t responding to more conservative treatments or if nerves are being pinched, leading to neurological problems, numbness or bladder and bowel problems, then it would be a definite option. But surgery is certainly the last resort, not the first.’ Moving usually helps Doctors used to advise bed rest for a bad back, but now they recommend the opposite. ‘Exercise is crucial for relieving pain and accelerating recovery,’ says Dr Melanie Wynne-Jones. ‘It also builds the supporting muscles around the spine and core, and can…

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now i remember!

Remember rosemary The herb has for centuries been linked with memory. It’s even mentioned by Shakespeare – in Hamlet , the character Ophelia, using flower symbolism, says it’s ‘for remembrance’. It’s thought to increase blood flow to the brain, enhancing concentration. Researchers at Northumbria University found that students who studied in a room with rosemary essential oil diffused into the air did 5-7% better in memory tests. Sleep tight ‘There’s nothing more important for your memory than night-time sleep,’ says sleep expert Professor Colin Espie. Studies show that people given a new task recall it more accurately after a night’s rest. If you struggle to get the recommended 6-8 hours a night, ban caffeine, alcohol and screens before bed, have a relaxing warm bath, read or listen to some calming music. Keep your…

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‘i wish i could tell my younger self to lose weightõ

Miriam Margolyes comes across as a person confident in who she is and what she looks like – and someone who definitely doesn’t care what people think of her. But the 79-year-old Harry Potter actor has revealed that the coronavirus pandemic has forced her to reassess her lifestyle, as she would be very vulnerable if she were to contract COVID. ‘Although I’m old, I want to live a bit longer. I’m not ready to die’ She says, ‘I’m old, I’m overweight, and I have osteoporosis, spinal stenosis, aortic stenosis and asthma. I’ve got all kinds of health problems that would make me an instant corpse if I caught COVID.’ In her infamous blunt fashion, Miriam continues, ‘And although I’m old, I want to live a bit longer. I’m not ready to die.’ Miriam’s fears about…

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cheat yourself slim!

Fed up with diets that leave you feeling bored and frustrated after only a few days? ‘If a diet saps the joy out of eating, it becomes very hard to sustain,’ says Rob Hobson, registered nutritionist and co-author of Cheats & Eats (£9.99, Healthspan Ltd). ‘Diets that are too restrictive permanently make you feel deprived. They also trigger mood swings, headaches, and physical and mental fatigue. You might lose weight in the short-term, but sticking to them in the long-term is unrealistic.’ But dieting doesn’t have to be like this. ‘The Cheats & Eats diet is a clever way to get you to eat healthily, so that you never feel hungry,’ says Rob. ‘You can still enjoy bread, pasta, rice, cheese, chocolate and alcohol. No foods are banned. You can eat…