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Woman's Weekly 30-Mar-2021

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Published by TI Media Limited Loved and trusted in equal measure, Woman's Weekly has been the market-leading womens weekly magazine since it was launched 100 years ago.Packed full of inspiring, helpful and useful ideas and information for women who are the heart of their homes and families, it offers a unique mix of practical, compelling and up-to-the minute content.

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A childhood memory We probably shouldn’t have been there; it was an abandoned Victorian garden and my brother and I were just children, stumbling across what seemed like a magical time capsule of past grandeur while on holiday in the country. But the things I remember most of all were the huge rhododendrons, no doubt planted as then-fashionable saplings – perhaps brought back by plant hunters from the Far East – by 19th-century garden staff from the long-ago vanished big house. Ever since that childhood exploration I’ve loved these plants for their stunning spring colour; if you feel the same have a look at page 42.…

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from us to you

Protecting the ocean The UK’s seas are home to some amazing marine species, and now the unique and fragile ecosystems they call home will benefit from four more newly created Marine Protected Areas in Scotland, the largest of which is in the Sea of the Hebrides. It’s great news for sea creatures, such as minke whales, Risso’s dolphins and basking sharks (right), known as gentle giants. Marine Protected Areas now cover an impressive 37% of Scotland’s seas, which also have a variety of colourful coral reefs, sea fans and sponges. A WORD OF DIFFERENCE Va-va-voom a little one’s vocab with the book Little Wordsmith: An Interesting Word for Every Day of the Year (£12.99, Magic Cat), by Dr Meredith L Rowe and Monika Forsberg. Each word is beautifully illustrated to fire up the…

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from you to us

A lovely thought For three years, I have paid for my mum to have Woman’s Weekly delivered, which she loves. Before we moved to Suffolk from Kent last September, she would always pass them on to a friend. We were wondering what to do with them now, so I posted a message on our village Facebook page asking whether there was anyone who was isolating who might like a magazine popped through their letterbox. I was contacted by a local resident, who is a respiratory nurse at Colchester Hospital, and her suggested they might cheer up the patients on her ward, as they are currently not allowed visitors. It’s lovely knowing that they are benefiting from some light reading. Tracey Parr, Suffolk Great reads I just wanted to say thank you for the lovely…

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letter of the week

HAPPY FEET Reading Woman’s Weekly has been an important part of my week for over 25 years. Recently [9 February issue], the health section featured an article on foot pain – and it’s changed my life! For the past year, I’ve been experiencing debilitating foot pain, which has prevented me from walking or standing for any length of time. When the first lockdown was lifted, I immediately consulted a podiatrist and a physiotherapist for treatments to relieve the pain. Laser treatments, home exercises, deep-tissue massage and orthotics all provided some relief, but still the pain persisted. I tried the two exercises featured in your article that were taken from The Foot Fix by Yamuna Zake. The pain-relief results were so remarkable, I immediately sent for the book and, by doing all…

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what you’re wearing

SUZI, WELL OVER 60! Tell us about your look I love digging around vintage stores, markets and charity shops. It’s fun, plus it’s good for the planet – and my budget. My jacket is Adidas, my Whistles shirt is decades old, my Monsoon skirt I found in a pre-loved shop, boots are from a Kurt Geiger sale and the 50s frames were handed down by a relative. My style is all about mixing and matching, and never feeling you’re too old or invisible! And the best bit of your body? My hair. CLAIRE HALL, 47 Tell us about your look I would describe my style as ‘classic with an edge’. So while I love the longevity of my classic Jaeger coat, I also like to add a twist. My look here echoes the 70s – I’m really…

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‘i’m a simple boy from doncaster!’

Neil Dudgeon is one of our biggest television exports. As DCI John Barnaby in Midsomer Murders, he’s seen on screens in 231 territories around the world. And now he’s celebrating a decade since he made his first arrest as the countryside copper. ‘Four or five months is a really long job for an actor,’ he tells us. ‘So to have one that goes on for 10 years is extraordinary.’ Such success could have gone to his head, but that’s not the case. Down-to-earth Neil – who lives in London with his wife, radio producer/director Mary Peate, and children Joe, 17, and Greta, 15 – enjoys simple pleasures. There were no outrageous demands for his 60th birthday in January. ‘I asked Mary to cook me her lovely spag bol because I’m a…