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Woman's Weekly 13-Apr-2021

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Published by TI Media Limited Loved and trusted in equal measure, Woman's Weekly has been the market-leading womens weekly magazine since it was launched 100 years ago.Packed full of inspiring, helpful and useful ideas and information for women who are the heart of their homes and families, it offers a unique mix of practical, compelling and up-to-the minute content.

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Nurturing nature Have you ever driven through northern France? It feels really empty — the country is twice the size of us with about the same population. Coming back across the Channel, it’s striking how much more densely populated we are. So it’s perhaps surprising we still have such a wonderful variety of wildlife. But there’s a long tradition of venerating nature on these islands – it may even go back as far as the Druids – and certainly successive generations over centuries have fought to protect it. That fight is still going on today, and doesn’t something as simple as the main photo overleaf remind us why that battle is so worthwhile?…

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good to share

Bluebell magic A hazy mist of violet bluebells carpet woodland floors in late spring. Preferring dappled shade and undisturbed ground, these pretty flowers grow in ancient woods across western Europe, although half of them are in the UK. The much-loved blooms were once known as Witches’ Thimbles (as were foxgloves), and myths warned that anyone entering a ring of bluebells would fall under fairy enchantment. Enjoy their timeless magic on a woodland walk. CHOCS AWAY! Easter may have just passed, but you can indulge in the ultimate chocolate experience with virtual tasting events from Lindt. You’ll receive six 100g Lindt Excellence bars in a variety of flavours such as Sea Salt, Orange Intense and Chilli. Enjoy them during a fun, hour-long tasting session hosted by an expert chocolatier every Thursday night at 8pm.…

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paws for thought

Firstly, I would like to say, thank you so much for the informative, creative and positive articles that have been very motivational during lockdown. WW is like having a new best friend at hand when our other friends are not accessible due to the rules. Each week, I look forward to seeing everyone’s pets. I wanted to share this photo of our sweetest, mischievous dachshund, Donny. We were lucky to have adopted him last year and he has given my family such joy. I had COVID-19 over Christmas and Donny didn’t leave my side. Sharon Fletcher, Berkshire…

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what you’re wearing

HELEN, 45 Tell us about your look I like to wear outfits I feel good in, whether they’re a current trend or something I’ve had for years. My trench coat is M&S, my dress is Zara, and by bag is by John Lewis. My boots are from Asos and so comfortable. It’s all about buying and wearing what you really love. And the best bit of your body? My thick hair. KATHY FRANKLAND, 50 Tell us about your look My outfit is all from M&S, including the gorgeous pink cashmere sweater. The chunky buckle boots are super comfy. I chopped the cords to slightly crop them. The puffer coat is like wearing a duvet! And the best bit of your body? My legs – they’re strong from all the cycling I do. ANN HENSON, 86 Tell us about your look I love…

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you wore it well

Barbara McIntosh, 1961 I made my own wedding dress from white ribbed satin ordered from Bourne & Hollingsworth, a department store in London. As you can see from the photo, it was a very windy day! ✢ We’d love to see how great you looked in any era up to and including the 1980s. Please send a good-quality photo with your name, address and daytime phone number clearly written on the back, to: Fashion Dept, Woman’s Weekly, 161 Marsh Wall, London E14 9AP. Photos will be returned. PHOTOS: INSTAGRAM @WHATKATHYDIDNEXT, HELEN: @WARDROBEFAIRYNOTTM…

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‘my girls keep telling me to go grey!’

My girls keep telling me to go completely grey and cut my hair short,’ Mel Giedroyc tells Woman’s Weekly as she opens up about life in lockdown with her daughters, Florence, 18, and Vita, 17, and her husband, Ben Morris. ‘They’re obsessed with the idea!’ ‘You get to 50 and you don’t care what people think’ While Mel, 52, assures us that she’s waiting until she’s at least 60 to take the plunge and quit dyeing her hair for good, moments like these with her daughters are what the TV presenter is going to cherish from the past year, especially as she’s becoming increasingly aware that they’re soon to fly the nest. ‘Like everybody, there have been real ups and real downs,’ Mel admits. ‘But the ups have been getting time with my…