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Winter 2021

As the only women-specific running magazine, Women’s Running is the go-to source for fitness-minded females who are chasing their dreams. Women’s Running empowers the ever-growing community of women runners to live a healthy lifestyle through editorial content focused on running, fitness, nutrition and wellness.

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pressing reset

AS I SIT DOWN TO WRITE THIS, it’s mid-December and I am utterly, thoroughly, completely exhausted. Not just the kind of tired that results from a few sleepless nights (though, that has certainly contributed); it’s a kind of tired that seeps and cements into everything you do (or attempt to do). I can’t think of the right words to put on this page. I don’t have the bandwidth for a call with a friend. I can’t imagine trying to jog around the block. “Your energy levels are like a thermostat system—if one is depleted or restocked, you’ll typically get energy effects one way or another,” explains sports psychology consultant Adrienne Langelier on page 56. What’s more, research has shown that women tend to expend more mental and emotional energy than men,…

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seeing santa fe

DID YOU KNOW? Santa Fe, New Mexico, rests in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains at an elevation of 7,199 feet. This makes it the highest capital city in the United States and an ideal spot for altitude training and trail running. WHY SANTA FE? “It’s a great place to live, but it is definitely also a great place to run. I’m a person who prefers trails, and there is just an endless amount of trails not very far from town or easily accessible from town. It’s also a place where you can pretty much run outside all year long. The climate is lovely. It can get cold, but it’s sunny most of the time. The running community, prior to COVID-19, is also wonderful. There’s endless trail and endless beauty in…

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news you can use

Elite female runners report their best performance following menstruation. The takeaway: According to researchers, most of the women in the study reported that they didn’t know prior to tracking how their menstrual cycle affected their performance. Try tracking yours with your regular training log to see if you get similar results. Women are 18.33 percent better at running an even pace than men. The takeaway: Almost 92 percent of the participants analyzed (from six marathons between 2009 and 2019) ran the first half of the race faster than the second half, according to RunRepeat. Coach Greg McMillan shares this advice: “Learning to run as easily as possible at race pace will ensure you’re fresher later in the race when fatigue sets in.” Study in BMC Medicine finds less screen time and more sleep can…

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5 things we learned from alexi pappas’ memoir bravey

After surviving a gritty, jaw-clenching 2020, Bravey feels like a giant exhale. In her memoir, Alexi Pappas, the 2016 Olympic 10,000-meter runner representing Greece, explores the corners of her mind to acknowledge what and who have made her who she is. In the writing you see her background as an improvisational actor take the reins as she learns and grows, adding on a piece of herself to every bit of advice she receives in a "yes, and" fashion. “Like a buffet. I want all the shrimp, all the pasta, and all the chocolate fondue. I don’t have the one person; I have every person,” she writes. “My selections might not all make sense on a plate together, but I crafted this meal; it is mine, and I love it.” Don’t wait…

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let the sun shine

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take care

Check the fabric. Polyester, nylon, and wool are known to be fairly durable and long-lasting. “Wool is one of the most highly performing natural fiber types for athletic wear,” says Preeti Arya, assistant professor of textile development and marketing at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Wool is also sustainable and biodegradable. One fiber Arya recommends avoiding is lycra when it makes up more than 10 percent of the clothing. Its purpose is to give the garment a little bit of stretch, which makes it okay in small quantities. But it is not durable and will compromise the integrity of the piece if it makes up the bulk of the construction. Become a laundry master. Increase the longevity of your garments by taking care of then, Arya says. Her advice: Wash with…