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Women's Running July 2021

Marathoner, jogger or racer, Women’s Running magazine prepares you for any distance no matter your running style or ability. Looking for the most suitable trainers and apparel to make every run rewarding? Or perhaps expert tips on how to boost your stamina and improve your energy levels? Look no further than a super informative, digital subscription to Women’s Running magazine! Every issue offers a full scope into the world of running - from sections on gym training and healthy nutrition to running fashions and running events for women of all ages. Discover everything you need to take your running to the next level. Maximise every run with the ultimate monthly motivational guide - subscribe to Women’s Running today!

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Running. The routes, the shoes, the races, the friends, the PBs, the views, the snacks, the baths, the lungfuls of joy. Running is about so much more than putting one foot in front of the other: once it’s something you do, it’s part of you. My running was described recently by someone who shall remain nameless as my “hobby”. It’s not my hobby. ‘Hobby’ makes it seem like something at the very end of a CV. Something that fills a very minor part of my life, enriching a half hour here or there. Something not quite as important as my job, my family or my friends But running runs through me like a stick of rock. It’s in my DNA. My times, my pace, and the races I do may not be…

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this month we…

…got excited about the return to parkrun on P50 …took to the trails with a new pair of kicks on P58 …took a breath and prepared for our first IRL race on P82 JOIN OUR TRIBE! womensrunning.co.uk @womensrunninguk womensrunningmagazineuk @Womensrunninguk bit.ly/WRpod READ ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME! Download the Women’s Running app and buy a single issue for just £3.99. Or subscribe from just £2.99. Search Women’s Running in the app store. WITH YOU EVERY STEP Women’s Running is your community: a supportive place for all people who identify as women who love to run. Each issue is packed with advice on training, nutrition and kit, alongside inspirational real-life runners’ stories. Whether you’re considering your first ever run or you regularly take part in races, Women’s Running will help you run better. Running is about more than just putting one foot in front of the other:…

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we couldn’t have done it without…

Rachel Dench Rachel is a personal trainer, writer, cofounder of Black Trail Runners and mother of dogs. She loves to run – especially on trails – and competes in any length of race, all the way from 10K right up to ultramarathons. This issue, she collaborated with Sabrina (see right) on our important feature on running, racism and safety, speaking to women about their experiences in order to amplify this neglected and misunderstood issue. Page 30. Sophie Power Sophie is an ultrarunner (and Women’s Running cover star from June 2020) who has taken on some of the toughest races in the world – and was famously pictured breastfeeding at the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. Having just had her third baby (running until her waters broke), we couldn’t think of anyone better to…

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stigma still stops sport

HEADLINES The people, campaigns, research and updates making an impact in our running community this month Many women still adapt their workouts or completely avoid physical activity during their period, according to new research by Manchester Metropolitan University. Almost all those questioned said that stigma and embarrassment around periods caused them to feel uncomfortable or adapt their normal physical activity routine. The 2016 Health Survey for England showed that 15 per cent fewer women than men, aged 16 to 34, meet aerobic exercise guidelines. Researchers say that, while the lower levels of physical activity in women could be attributed to a number of factors, it’s impossible to discount the impact of periods. Lead researcher Dr Petra Kolić, lecturer in sports coaching at Manchester Metropolitan Institute of Sport at Manchester Metropolitan University, said: “This research…

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women around the world take part in first virtual global marathon

Runners from more than 75 countries took to the streets of their cities, towns and suburbs to take part in the inaugural AbbottWMM Global Marathon. Groups of friends, partners and grandmothers supported by grandchildren on bikes, all set their own courses, aid stations and finish lines. With the added incentive of 100 invites to the AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group World Championships 2022 on offer, the level of competition among those aged 40 and above produced some impressive performances. The first Wheelchair Global Marathon also took place with Margriet Van den Broek of the Netherlands topping the women’s podium in 2:02:11. Executive Director of the Abbott World Marathon Majors, Tim Hadzima, said of the race: “It was really amazing to see runners from all over the world make their own finish lines and…

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this month we love…

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