Women's Running December 2021

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As I write this, it’s still October, and I’ve already read a dozen pieces online that set out to explain how I should “manage Christmas”. And believe me, they aren’t talking about how they can help me with festive admin. These features have something far more sinister under the surface: ‘This is how you can manage Christmas’ is bumbling shorthand for: ‘this is how you can be thin’. Eat this breakfast, they say. Do this strength training, avoid those canapés, turn down that champagne. So, what message are women being told here? We’re being told that thinness is our goal, and that these other things – food, drink, enjoying ourselves – are bad, to be reduced or avoided. This isn’t just wrong, it’s dangerous. It makes us regard Christmas as an…

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this month we…

…ran better No matter how good we were to start with on page 30 …got confident And took on the mighty plate-loaded Glute Drive at the gym on page 70 …gifted ourselves With a race to train for in 2022 on page 96 READ ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME! Download the Women’s Running app and buy a single issue for just £3.99. Or subscribe from just £2.99. Search Women’s Running in the app store. WITH YOU EVERY STEP Women’s Running is your community: a supportive place for all people who identify as women who love to run. Each issue is packed with advice on training, nutrition and kit, alongside inspirational real-life runners’ stories. Whether you’re considering your first ever run or you regularly take part in races, Women’s Running will help you run better. Running is about more than just…

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we couldn’t have done it without…

Tina Chantrey Tina has been a health and fitness writer for over 20 years, and is our Women’s Running Fitness Editor. She has written several books, is a UKA qualified running and athletics coach and mental health champion, and is happiest of all running long in the hills or coaching her team of incredible women on the south coast. This issue, Tina tells us all – and we mean all – how to run, and how to run better on page 32. Laura Fountain Laura is a journalist, author and running coach. Her books, The Lazy Runner and Tricurious, describe her journey from reluctant runner and non-swimmer to finishing 20 marathons and an iron-distance triathlon. She coaches women-only running groups and is a tutor on England Athletics’ coaching courses. And this issue she…

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a real runners’ welcome for refugees

A group of refugees who have recently arrived in Wales from Afghanistan were introduced to the world of mass-participation running at the ABP Newport Wales Marathon and 10K, just two months after escaping the country from Kabul Airport. Associated British Ports (ABP), the event’s title partner uses the liaison as a vehicle to promote healthier lifestyles in the community and donated a total of 40 free spaces to a group of refugees who have recently settled in South Wales. The group ran in the 10K and Family Mile races which both took place alongside the ABP Newport Wales Marathon on Sunday 24 October. Of those who took on the 10K, some were keen runners back in Kabul while others were taking their first steps into the sport. And for some, it was the…

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new gear

Bundle me up! Oh, this looks like a must-have toasty layer for the winter. The Columbia Bundle Up Sherpa Hooded Pullover has a high-pile fleece to trap heat. We give it 10 out of 10 for features due to its hood, half-zip, adjustable waist and pockets, and we love this bright coral colourway too. A late entry on the Christmas list for us! £65, columbiasportswear.co.uk Look after your lugs The Proviz Reflect360 Explorer fleece-lined headband is as reflective as you’d expect from the fab Proviz brand and it’s also warm due to its breathable micro-fleece lining. It’ll keep your ears toasty right from the first ice on the windscreen to the eager buds poking through the frosty ground come spring. £16.99, provizsports.com We’re cloudbustin’ daddy With a double layer of CloudTec, the Cloudstratus from ON running are…

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improve my bone health so i can keep running as i get older?

Dietitian Dr Carrie Ruxton says: “Bones keep us upright, but we rarely think about our bones unless they get broken. In actual fact, the health and flexibility of our bones really matters when we run because they’re our natural shock absorbers. Neglect them and the consequences could be a painful stress fracture of the foot or lower leg which will need several weeks of rest to repair.” A recent study in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy found that a quarter of female runners had experienced a stress fracture and the main risk factors were bone thinning, shin splints and running more than 20 miles a week. “Bones are constantly remodelling – which means the tissues break down and re-form in response to how much calcium we have in the blood.…