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Woodsmith Dec/Jan 2019

Every project featured in Woodsmith contains detailed, step-by-step illustrations and clearly written instructions to guide you through each stage of construction — whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned woodworker. Plus, you’ll get practical, hands-on information covering woodworking techniques, tools, and tips.

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I think a lot of us are drawn to woodworking because of the nature of wood itself. There’s a certain warmth and character to it that you just don’t find in other materials. And if you’ve been woodworking for a while, you’ve probably developed a sense of how wood reacts to cutting and milling, and the best ways to work with it. So the idea of adding a different material to a project may seem foreign, or even intimidating, to some woodworkers.But in this issue, we have a couple of projects that use some non-wood materials. One is an occasional table with a marble top, and the other is a chair with a leather seat. In the case of the table, it’s simply a matter of…

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win this forrest blade

Simply send us your favorite shop tips. If your tip or technique is selected as the featured reader’s tip, you’ll win a Forrest Woodworker II blade. To submit your tip or technique, go to SubmitWoodsmithTips.com. There you can upload your tips and photos for consideration. ■…

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tips & techniques

Air Filter Remote Holder NOTE: Front and back are 1/8 hardboard. Spacer is 3/4 plywood NOTE: All parts are glued together NOTE: Finger notch routed after assembly I recently installed a new air filter in my shop. The new system includes a remote to control the fan. However, I knew that something small like that could easily get lost in my workshop while I worked, so I came up with the remote holder you see here. THREE-PIECE CONSTRUCTION. The holder consists of three parts — a plywood spacer that’s sandwiched between two layers of hardboard. The plywood spacer has a cutout to cradle the remote, and the front hardboard…

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quick tips

Sanding Strips. Henry Wittmer of Runnels, IA, likes to cut strips of sandpaper for sanding turned workpieces and curves. To help strengthen the sandpaper and keep it from breaking or ripping, he backs the sandpaper with heavy-duty tape before cutting it into strips. Dust Shield. Leslie Nason of Waterford, WI, was recently installing hardware overhead and the dust from the drilling was falling into his face. To fix this, Leslie drilled through a plastic bottle cap and left it on the drill bit. The cap catches the sawdust and keeps the debris off his face. Standard to Metric. Tom Moss of Bradenton, FL, found that trying to eyeball a conversion between metric and standard on his steel rule was tricky. To…

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digital woodsmith

SUBMIT TIPS ONLINEIf you have an original shop tip, we would like to hear from you and consider publishing your tip in one or more of our publications. Jump online and go to: SubmitWoodsmithTips.com You’ll be able to tell us all about your tip and upload your photos and drawings. You can also mail your tips to “Woodsmith Tips” at the editorial address shown on page 2. We will pay up to $200 if we publish your tip. RECEIVE FREE ETIPS BY EMAILNow you can have the best time-saving secrets, solutions, and techniques sent directly to your email inbox. Just go to: Woodsmith.com and click on, “Woodsmith eTips” You’ll receive one of our favorite tips by email each and every week. ■…

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how-to: set the angle

Adjust Angle. Set the position of the platen by turning the two adjustment bolts on the backside of the sled. Lock it Down. After verifying the angle of the platen with a digital angle guide, lock it in place by tightening the jam bolts. ■…