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Working Mother June/July 2018

Working Mother supports and empowers today's working moms in their pursuit of sucess - however they define it. We celebrate the complexity, humor and richness inherent in being a real working mom. And we salute the joys of getting it right (most of the time) in the greatest balancing act of all.

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special delivery

“Too often, women of color don’t get the care they need [during and after labor].”Confession time: One of the reasons it took six years of marriage to have our first child was because I was terrified of childbirth. You strong moms out there surely think I’m a wimp (you’re not wrong), but hear me out.When I was in high school, my mother reconnected with a long-lost friend. She asked about a mutual classmate. That’s when she learned that woman’s sad fate. She had died … in childbirth.That was all the birth control my naive teen self needed. Even though there were literally thousands of examples around me of moms who’d survived having children, it took years of talking myself into the fact that it probably wouldn’t happen to me to…

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mom wins & fails

Jennifer WestbrookIrvine, CAFreelance CoordinatorBroke rule No. 1 of parenting and closed my eyes. To redeem myself, I hereby declare 2018 as our year of self-expression!! Cheers to a fantastic start! “Yes, I am an artist” -F. Pizano #momfail #art #toddlerlifeMegan LoopOklahoma City, OKGraphic DesignerWhen your #5yrold falls asleep in a box on the floor during “quiet time” (while his younger brothers are sleeping), and you feel like you’ve won the lottery!! #momwin #winning #simplepleasuresGeorgia HoffelderSt. Louis, MOHuman Capital Manager… when you oversleep and find this on the counter #MomFail #HeDidnt MissTheBus #highschool #lovenotes #MamaSonMarian DoyleOrlando, FLServer, Hilton Bonnet CreekSunny day, sleeping the clouds away! On my way to where the air is sweet! I’ve been a little loopy lately from waking up 3 times a night for the last month,…

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career coach

Q I plan to take 12 weeks’ maternity leave, but my manager is pressuring me to return early to work on a big project. Is this legal? How do I get her to back off?A Managers legally can’t tell you to cut leave short if you qualify for it through the Family and Medical Leave Act (you can check workingmother.com/fmla to find out), says Carolyn Wheeler, an employment lawyer at Washington, DC, law firm Katz, Marshall & Banks LLP. FMLA laws “prohibit interference with the right to take that leave and prohibit retaliation against an eligible employee.”But if your employer is sponsoring your leave and you’re not protected by FMLA, check your employee handbook for conditions to leave—like if it’s subject to a manager’s approval or can be shortened for…

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how i got here

LOCATION Hartford, CT CHILDREN Niko, 16, and Kaden, 11Learning to problem-solve holistically and play the long game are often key to success as a working mother, and it’s something Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodriguez has perfected in her 20-year climb toward the role of superintendent to Hartford’s 20,316 students. Migrating from Puerto Rico when she was 9, Torres-Rodriguez experienced the struggles of growing up around poverty and violence in Hartford’s urban center. She dreamed of a career in education so she could help students just like herself, setting her sights on a leadership role all the way back in high school (“I always knew I wanted to be a principal—that way I could change things”), but when offered a scholarship for a master’s degree in social work—not in the field of education—something…

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in her shoes

“My co-worker is also my wife—and I worry I’m not pulling my weight at home or at work.”Serafina Palandech and Jen Johnson aren’t your usual co-workers. For starters, they’ve been married to each other for nine years, and they have a 7-year-old daughter, Rubyrose. They’re also proud co-owners of six goats, five cats, three dogs, two horses, two donkeys, two pigs, one baby cow and countless chickens—and a fast-growing business, Hip Chick Farms. Serafina serves as CEO of the line of humanely raised chicken fingers and other kid-friendly foods (now in 5,000 stores), while Jen, a chef who trained under Alice Waters, creates the brand’s products and oversees a new restaurant—a chicken-finger tasting room, of course. If it seems a little too seamless, Serafina and Jen will be the first…

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midday oopses—solved!

STAINSRight before your 2 p.m. meeting, you accidentally spill your mocha latte all over your white sheath.SOLUTION: White House Black Market Scarf Print Reversible Dress ($110, whitehouseblack market.com) Skip the stain remover and quickly slip into this comfy, wrinkle-resistant dress. It’s two office-friendly emergency outfits in one.“Somehow my lunch always ends up on my dress, so this is a perfect solution.”—Audrey Goodson Kingo, Working Mother’s Senior EditorCAKEY MAKEUPGreasy skin and clumpy foundation. ‘Nuff said.SOLUTION: Too Cool for School Dinoplatz Dear Brachiosaurus Blotting Paper ($8, sephora.com) Not only will this compact remove excess oil, but the sponge applicator, which picks up each blotting sheet, can be used to gently blend out cakey foundation, and the corners can be used for hard-to-reach areas like the sides of the nose.“I always keep this…