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You South Africa 9/24/2020

You has a simple recipe for success – spoil your readers and give them exactly what they want. It’s part of everyday life for more than 2 million English-speaking South Africans, filled with excellent articles which interest, inform and touch readers. There are human dramas, medical and scientific discoveries, general interest news, consumer issues, fashion and glamour. And don’t forget the interesting fiction, sport, motoring news, craftwork, recipes, home and school projects, crosswords and exciting competitions. It’s an irresistible combination, and everything is presented in a well-finished, colourful magazine.

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winning letter

SHARING IS CARING MY BOYFRIEND and I always celebrate our anniversary by having a small picnic in the park every year in spring. He spoils me with red roses, which provokes feelings of love and happiness in me. But last year he was working in faraway town on our anniversary. We missed each other so much on the day we video-called and exchanged romantic text messages all day long. But that wasn’t enough somehow. When I tried to figure out what was missing, I realised I missed the bouquet of red roses he always gave me. When I explained this to him he sent me the money to buy the flowers for myself. I went to the florist and bought myself some red roses. What I found odd was that they didn’t have their usual soul-soothing effect. I…

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Hiero- A writing system consisting of symbols or glyphs pictures that represent words and sounds. Cuneiform One of the earliest writing systems using writing wedge-shaped imprints. Papyrus A type of reed growing along the Nile River and used to make paper. Demotic A newer, simplified writing system that took script less time to write than hieroglyphs. Rosetta Scientists used it to decode hieroglyphs. It Stone was discovered in 1799 and contained the same piece of text written in Egyptian hieroglyphs, demotic script and Greek. Stylus A writing tool with a shaped tip used to make imprints in clay.…

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‘i’m a new woman’

EVERY appliance in the kitchen is perfectly positioned and there isn’t a cushion out of place on the couch. She’s a stickler for neatness, Denise Zimba admits as she welcomes us into the stylish apartment she shares with her husband and one-year-old daughter in Vredehoek, Cape Town. Even the toys in the baby’s play area are in what she calls an organised mess. This is her happy place – the place she spends with her loved ones, far from the public eye. Denise may have made a name for herself as the champagne-swilling party queen on The Wedding Bashers but being a mom brings her the greatest joy. Her daughter, Leah Lilli-Rose Schlichtig – or Dookie as she’s nicknamed her – clambers onto her mom’s lap for a cuddle. Denise looks as if she’s settled into…

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lessons to live by

WHEN he started writing his column many years ago, he wanted to keep writing until he “discovered the secret of human happiness”. “Obviously, I never expected to find the secret, but on some level I must’ve known there were questions I needed to confront – about anxiety, commitment-phobia in relationships, control-freakery and building a meaningful life,” says English writer Oliver Burkeman. Now, he’s decided to call it a day. “So what did I learn? What follows isn’t intended as an exhaustive summary,” he says. “But these are the principles that surfaced again and again, and that now seem to me most useful for navigating times as baffling and stress-inducing as ours.” There will always be too much to do – and this realisation is liberating Today, more than ever, there’s just no reason to assume…

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they’re not pets to me

MAD as a March hare – that’s no doubt how some people might regard him. And you can’t blame them: when it comes to unconventional, this guy is seriously fur real. From the street, his property in Cape Town’s northern suburbs looks ordinary enough – house, wall, small front yard. But the illusion hip-hops off as soon as he opens the front door. Jeremy Acton, leader of the Dagga Party, unapologetic muncher of rabbit meat. “Come in, come in,” he says jovially. “I have something in the ove ” As you walk in, you’re hit by a heavy smell of marijuana. Three hounds come to greet us: Brenda, a 12-year-old Dachshund; Timmy, a six-year-old Africanis; and eight-year-old Border collie Lady. Jeremy (56) calls her his “sheep dog”, since he’s already accumulated 2kg of her…

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the clan that called the shots

THE Kardashians. Mention them and you’re likely to get one of two reactions: ugh, I can’t stand them or ooh, I love them. Yet whether you’re in the love-them or loathe-them camp, one thing is for sure: they’re impossible to ignore. We have the Kardashian-Jenner clan to thank for the rise of influencer culture, social-media branding, body-image debates, bringing transgender conversations into the mainstream and real-time lessons in capitalising on your own scandals. And now, 14 years, 20 seasons and multiple spin-offs later, Keeping Up with the Kardashians (KUWTK) is to end next year. Love ’em or hate them, take a look at how the family dominated – and changed – many aspects of popular culture. HOW IT ALL BEGAN Way back in the early 2000s Kim Kardashian was best known as a friend of Paris…