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You South Africa 11/12/2020

You has a simple recipe for success – spoil your readers and give them exactly what they want. It’s part of everyday life for more than 2 million English-speaking South Africans, filled with excellent articles which interest, inform and touch readers. There are human dramas, medical and scientific discoveries, general interest news, consumer issues, fashion and glamour. And don’t forget the interesting fiction, sport, motoring news, craftwork, recipes, home and school projects, crosswords and exciting competitions. It’s an irresistible combination, and everything is presented in a well-finished, colourful magazine.

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TWO years ago I went to the dermatologist to have a mole on my cheek checked out. I wasn’t sure if it was something to worry about. Turns out it wasn’t. But the dermatologist did find one on my foot that bothered her and told me it had to be removed. The scary part was that I didn’t even realise it was a mole. It was on my heel and I thought it was a bruise from walking barefoot, which I did often. If she hadn’t spotted it when she was doing the full body check, I would’ve potentially had a melanoma and might’ve discovered it only when it was too late. I’m now fanatical about moderating my exposure to the sun. I lather on the sunscreen as if my life depends on…

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OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES MY 10-YEAR-OLD grandson has been devastated at the loss of his oupa almost a year ago. One night towards the end he knocked on our door, tentatively approached our bed, climbed up and settled himself between us. He took us both by the hand and closed his eyes. His eyelids quivered with earnest concentration as he prayed for his oupa’s pain to go away. This evening prayer became a ritual, even after Oupa was no longer aware of his surroundings. Last night this serious-minded child asked me what I thought heaven was like. Do they have furniture and houses or do they all float on a cloud and if so, how do they sleep? Do they have to eat food they don’t like? What do I…

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well done, shudu!

Congratulations to the newly crowned Miss South Africa, Shudufhadzo Musida (YOU, 5 November). First Zozibini Tunzi did it with her natural hair, now a bald-headed young woman from Limpopo has won. I just hope our young girls will look up to these two young women and realise that beauty lies in confidence, not in hair extensions. LETLADI WA GA-MPHAHLELE, MARALALENG Congratulations, Shudufhadzo. Diversity is what makes our world come alive. Our new Miss SA is insanely beautiful, with some of the most captivating features. We must all celebrate this gorgeous woman’s achievement and bask in the glow of being one step closer to our elusive racially equitable society. Her victory sends a powerful message about the standards of beauty in our society. There are different versions of beauty and they’re being accepted. South Africa and…

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in brief

I think race should get a new meaning in our country. To me, a race is something Caster participates in. To me, a race is something Wayde participates in. To me, a race is something Chad participates in. Sport unites us. Viva the green and gold! DELIA GERSH, EMAIL I’m glad Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, has hit her stride (YOU, 22 October) but what about Prince Harry? He looks so glum in all the photos. It almost makes you believe the stories that he regrets the choices he’s made. Hopefully this isn’t the case but please show us some happy Harry pics! MANDY CRERAR, KLOOF Meghan never lost her mojo. She wasn’t allowed to use it. The narcissist in her wouldn’t allow that so she packed her bags, husband and son and went home.…

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crosswords galore!

There’s plenty of puzzle fun in the 24th issue of YOU Blockbusters. It has all the brain games you love – crosswords, codebreakers, anagrams, sudoku and so much more – plus an added word search pull-out section of 88 games for even more entertainment. YOU Blockbusters No 24 is available in stores, online at youstore.co.za or you can contact Johan Terblanche on 021-406-4962 or johan.terblanche@media24.com and have it delivered to your door. And look out for YOU Blockbusters No 25 – it goes on sale at the end of November. Do you have ideas for us? See your writing or news tips in print! Here are the email addresses you need for submitting material for publication. News ideas news@you.co.za Personal stories web@you.co.za Original jokes chuckles@you.co.za Recipes recipes@you.co.za…

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‘lives have been wrecked’

PREGNANT women came to her from far and wide, drawn by glowing testimonials about a midwife who’d help them give birth in the comfort of their homes, away from the rigours and rigidity of a sterile hospital environment. She had 11 years’ experience and had delivered hundreds of babies, Yolande Maritz said. So for women wanting a natural birth she seemed like a great alternative to gynaes who were often quick to perform C-sections, sending carefully wrought birthing plans out the window. But for many moms who came to Yolande, things went horribly wrong. Horror stories have emerged of women nearly dying in labour, of babies left disabled – and, tragically, of death. At least six newborns died over the past five years, two in August this year, all seemingly healthy infants who…