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WHAT are you reading right now? It’s one of my favourite questions to ask my friends. I read quite widely and it always fascinates me how many wondrous worlds can be created in the pages of a book. I’ve been jumping between fiction and non-fiction in recent months. I’ve learnt about the power of habits and how to cope with the remote work revolution. I got lost in the world of witches and Norse mythology, and I’ve spent time in Regency England with some mean girls. I experienced two friends falling in love and teared up for a woman who resorted to desperate measures when she felt she’d lost everything. I got swept up in a fantasy world in which magic was important to beat evil, but friendship is what really saved…

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ZUMA’S PAROLE IS PATHETIC I still can’t believe former president Jacob Zuma has been granted medical parole. First of all, illnesses are not the reason he failed to appear at the Zondo commission and of course those illnesses were not the reason he didn’t appear before the Concourt – he was just being disrespectful to the nation. To me, this is a clear sign that we’re not in any way equal before the law. We all know that Zuma’s legal team have been trying every trick in the book to get him out of jail and they’ve won the battle. If he can be released on medical parole, then what about all the inmates who have real medical problems? Should they die in there? We are being disrespected as the citizens of this country. LETLADI WA…

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in brief

As someone who is addicted to codebreakers l say well done for YOU’s wonderful Codebreakers magazine. I’m so looking forward to the next one. ZOÉ DAULA, EMAIL I want to thank YOU so very much for your Blockbusters magazine. Without it I think I would have gone off my head! As it is, and with crosswords etc being my favourite pastime, I am OK. YOU magazine is also a favourite of mine. BERYL MANDY, EMAIL I find it interesting that the Proteas women’s cricket team and the Banyana Banyana soccer team perform better than the men but they receive very little coverage on TV. The women Sevens rugby also competed over the 18/19th September period, but only the men’s competitions were shown. Why? INQUISITIVE, EMAIL The first official day of spring was 22 September, and as…

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open up your borders, boris!

I can’t understand why Britain has failed to take South Africa off the red travel list when, by all accounts, other countries with worse rates of transmission like Turkey have been moved to amber. Don’t the powers that be realise that real families are being affected in very real ways by this enforced separation? It’s impossible for the average-earning South African to afford the exorbitant quarantine hotel fees let alone find a spare two weeks’ leave to sit in a depressing hotel to wait out the isolation period. I am missing my family so much and have no prospect of seeing them any time soon. I sincerely hope this red list is revisited on a weekly basis and not cast in stone for months at a time. ANGRY, EMAIL The Brits are hellbent…

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Been thinking of trying out YOU’s brilliant new online puzzles portal? The good news is you can give it a go without spending a cent. Go to and check out the 15 free puzzles to find out how much fun it is getting your brainteaser fix online. Be warned though: it’s easy to get hooked! Once you sign up for the affordable service you’ll have more than 250 puzzles at your fingertips. There’s a selection of arrow puzzles, video puzzles, sudoku, codebreakers and word searches to choose from. So go ahead and relax, grab a cup of coffee and stretch those thinking muscles by visiting our puzzle emporium today! See your writing or news tips in print! Here are the email addresses you need for submitting material for publication. News ideas…

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through thick & thin

THEY ’VE been by each other’s side all their lives – holding their mother’s hands in matching mini denim dresses as tiny tots and sticking close to each other at royal galas, weddings, horseraces and parties as they grew up. So when princesses Beatrice and Eugenie became mothers within seven months of each other, it was easy to imagine their delight. They’d be raising their babies together – Beatrice’s new daughter a just-younger cousin to Eugenie’s son, August. Beatrice (33) was front and centre when her younger sister married Jack Brooksbank in October 2018 and Eugenie (31) returned the favour when her big sis wed Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi in July last year. Now the “normal” royals, who were each other’s first playmate and remain each other’s greatest protector, will be looking forward to…