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I REMEMBER clearly the stories we did on Ina Bonnette when she went through an ordeal most people can’t comprehend, much less survive. Her son was killed and she was brutalised in the most horrific way by her then-husband, yet she found the strength to testify against him, ensuring justice was served. Over the years we’ve followed up on how things are going with her and it was heartening to hear she’d written a book to help her find closure. We were also delighted to hear she’d found love again – if anyone deserves to find happiness, it’s Ina. Then came the sad news that she’d lost her new love to Covid-19. What I find humbling on every level is how Ina still holds steady and is remarkably strong despite life having dealt her…

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one -ectomy too many

Like many people I’ve had the usual run-of-the-mill surgical procedures: a tonsillectomy, appendectomy, haemorrhoidectomy and hysterectomy. As well as a C-section, I’ve had carpal tunnel surgery, gallstones removed, and truncal vagotomy-antrectomy (removal of an ulcer). My reaction to anaesthesia however, is where the fun begins. The irony is that my most embarrassing reaction was not after major surgery, but after the cauterisation of ingrown toenails, also known as a chemical matrixectomy. According to the recovery room nurse, I came round from this relatively simple procedure screaming hysterically. Apparently I was shouting: “I want my babies, I want my babies!” over and over again while they tried to subdue my frantic thrashing. It took two members of staff to calm me down while they helpfully and repeatedly assured me that my babies were…

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AVOID AT ALL COSTS How do you deal with people who have no filter? People who are rude, crude, obnoxious, loud, opinionated – some of them members of your own family! Foulmouthed people are not cool. Always seek out people who are measured and appropriate with their utterances. For your own sanity avoid people who make you cringe in public spaces, who make you want to disappear. I especially despise people who love to embarrass and demean waitrons in restaurants by making caustic and idiotic statements. Some people are simply not fit to be called civilised so my suggestion is avoid them at all costs, because they will deplete you. Worse still, you may morph into one of them. PETER BACHTIS, BENONI YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH A sudden realisation has dawned on me. In moments when I…

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thoughts on covid

After discovering my daughter had contracted Covid, I must say that I was very frustrated, scared and hopeless. I had many thoughts going on in my mind. I had doubts about whether she’d survive this disease because when I looked around I saw people succumbing to it. This took its toll on me and it affected almost every part of my life. Through grace, she is better now. I feel positive she will be fine in no time. The support I got from her school, neighbours, friends and family was amazing. My wife and I would like to thank everyone who supported us through this with their prayers and encouraging words every day. Without you, we’d not have made it. GODFREY MALIBE, ACORNHOEK Millions of fully vaccinated, unmasked people were able to spend…

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in brief

Why can’t shoe manufacturers make slip-ons or slippers for people with bunions? And I’m not talking about flip-flops. There are thousands of sufferers ! I am one. FOOTSORE, SMS I am disgusted by Tessa Visser’s attitude of taking her anti-vaxxer son off her medical aid when he needs it the most for his medical conditions (YOU Say, 23 September). How selfish! SHOCKED, SMS Thank you to the YOU team for coming up with the outstanding idea to do seasonal editions of YOU Blockbusters. I love them and can’t wait for the new edition to come out every time. They’re my release from everyday tension and I just break away and dive into my world of puzzles. I just love it and I so look forward to the next one. GILLIAN KREUTZNER, EMAIL…

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throw a search party!

Get your copy of issue No 8 of YOU Word Search today and relax with 132 fun puzzles. There are celebs from well-known Georges to famous stage names, animal collective nouns, movies, books, songs and more. And we haven’t forgotten about the kids. There’s a special section for the little ones with puzzles such as meerkat facts, pets, space, funfairs and more. Get your copy in stores now. It’s also available online at or contact Johan Terblanche at 021-406-4962 or johan.terblanche@ to order a copy. See your writing or news tips in print! Here are the email addresses you need for submitting material for publication. News ideas Fiction Personal stories Original jokes Recipes…