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BY NOW you’ll have seen many of the wonderful special-interest magazines we publish – they’re often featured in the box on the far right of this page. Over the years we’ve created several must-haves – magazines that focus on food, advice, educational and fun content for kids, and puzzles, puzzles, puzzles. They’re always packed with information and entertainment. We have a few new offerings on shelf now, including the excellent How To Lose Weight magazine, which is packed with great recipes and tips as well as insights into the emotional side of eating too much. A new addition to the YOU stable is a special-interest publication covering all aspects of CBD. It’s a huge new trend and products are popping up in stores across SA. Yet there’s still so much consumers don’t know…

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a storm in a teacup

A good 30 years ago I was a young housewife and it was laundry day. While busy with other chores in the house, I became aware of the fact that the sun had disappeared and the sky was darkening ominously. It was obvious that we were in for a truly terrible thunderstorm and I still had the week’s bedding hanging outside. When I got to the washing line, big fat drops of rain started plopping on my head as I hastily dragged bundles of sheets off the line. The next minute an earsplitting bolt of lightning, accompanied by frightening thunder, flashed right by me and everything went dark “Oh my goodness, I’ve literally been struck by lightning,” I thought. But reason prevailed and I discovered that I’d simply pulled the whole bundle of navy…

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NO TO BREEDING ANIMALS Your article on breeding animals (YOU, 7 October) was irresponsible. Breeding dogs and cats is a massive problem. You don’t even need to be an animal lover to know this. The countless animals waiting in cages at shelters and rescues for the day they’ll go to their forever home springs to mind immediately. So does the fact that many organisations are unable to keep animals in their care indefinitely, so many animals who aren’t lucky enough to have a family pick them will be put down. Breeding dogs and cats might seem like a good idea, because who doesn’t want a cute and cuddly puppy or kitten, right? But once those babies have been brought into the world, and you realise there are already so many puppies and kittens looking…

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stigma of mental illness

The tragic story of the Dickasons (YOU, 30 September) brought me to tears for more reasons than the devastating loss of three little souls and the destruction of a family. It also made me cry as an adult woman suffering from mental illness. As a 48-year-old – bright, hard-working and kind – I relate to the stigma, disapproval and rejection that comes with mental illness. Doctors become impatient when their “magic pills’’ don’t miraculously cure you. And so many continue to suffer in silence. Even those who can afford therapy understand that this illness can’t be cured with a few weeks of medication/ rest. This illness demands so much more of your time, resources and energy. I don’t believe that taking lives can be condoned, yet I believe this was an instance of…

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Tim Edwards, father of the teenager Joshua Edwards who died in a tragic shooting incident in Centurion, lodged 12 complaints with the Press Ombud. The deputy press ombudsman, Herman Scholtz, found that YOU made four factual errors in the article published in the 29 April 2021 edition, which was also published online on 26 April this year. YOU erroneously stated that Joshua was 17 at the time of the incident. Joshua was in fact 16 when he died on 5 January this year in the parental home of a school friend. Furthermore, YOU erroneously reported that Joshua’s mother, Julie, had said that she and her husband, Tim, and their daughter had started sleeping in the same bed after the shock of their son’s death. The quote should have read that she and her…

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abc of cbd

Curious about CBD and wondering if it will work for you? In this brand new magazine, YOU Advice: ABC of CBD, we give you a rundown on this new wellness trend. We cover what it is, how it works and everything else you need to know about this supplement. There’s a guide to choosing products, how to spot fakes, how to find the best dosage for you, plus plenty of advice, celeb and real-life stories and so much more. Get your copies in stores now. You can also order online at or contact Johan Terblanche at 021-406-4962 or See your writing or news tips in print! Here are the email addresses you need for submitting material for publication. News ideas Fiction Personal stories Original jokes Recipes…