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THIS time last year we were inching towards summer with a lightness in our step. Warmer weather was here and we were on lockdown level 1. After the hardships of the previous eight months, it felt like there might be light at the end of the tunnel. And then the second wave arrived just in time for the festive season, more ferocious and devastating than the first wave, leaving us stunned and shutting us off from many parts of the outside world. Then there was a third wave. Now here we are again, on lockdown level 1, festive season waving tantalisingly in the near-distance. This year, however, there’s a difference: vaccines are here. At the time of writing this, SA had just hit 20 million vaccinations and kids aged between 12 and…

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how i keep fit!

The doctor said I needed exercise. But I do exercise – I get hopping mad after jumping to conclusions, then I exercise my rights, making mountains out of molehills. I climb the walls, dragging my heels, and bend over backwards while holding my (breath and) head up high. I run round in circles and put my foot in my mouth. I beat about the bush, go over the edge, wander in my mind, juggle tasks at work and home, tilt at windmills, chase rainbows and shadowbox. I run up accounts and debts, wrestle with my conscience and fight for just causes, then balance the books. If this isn’t enough I beat eggs, whip cream, skip meals, pick up weight, raise the roof, spring to attention, jump out of my skin, dance to…

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WHAT HAPPENED TO COMPASSION? My mom passed away in August from Covid on top of her already having a pulmonary disease. It saddens and angers me the way she was treated at two well-known private hospitals, even though I totally understand the pressure our frontline staff are under. Why would they want to try to wean the patient off oxygen if she was reliant on it 24/7 prior to coming into hospital? Why would you wait to put the oxygen cannula back only after you’ve fully finished washing or helping the patient to change pyjamas? This resulted in my mom complaining she couldn’t breathe, getting anxious and gasping for air and panicking, only to be told to wait. I complained and have had phone calls to apologise. An apology isn’t accepted as it’s…

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the joy of books

I read your editorial about reading in the 7 October issue of YOU. I too love reading. It’s nice to escape from reality and lose yourself in a story. Except for sci-fi and westerns, I read almost everything. I keep a book in which I record what I’ve read. I started to do this when I realised I was buying books a second time! I’m presently reading Defending Britta Stein by Ronald H Balson. Simon Brett, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Charlotte Betts, Val McDermid and Nora Roberts are some of my favourites. LYN BALLEN, GAUTENG Being an avid reader I always have to have a good book on my bedside table. One of my favourite authors is our own Deon Meyer. I’m reading The Last Hunt, a follow-up to Thirteen Hours. It’s so exciting being…

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in brief

I relate to Pesky Patient (YOU Say, 14 October). Some years ago a friend in her seventies went for an op. Her surgeon had a good-looking anaesthetist who visited her about two days after her op. Surprised, she asked him why he was there. His reply? “To accept your proposal of marriage just as you went under.” MAUREEN, LAKESIDE Now that we have load-shedding again, I’m happy to have my new blockbuster puzzles on hand. It keeps this old fogey out of mischief. Many thanks for a wonderful magazine! GLENDA, EMAIL Audiobooks got me through this latest round of load-shedding. It felt like a guilty pleasure to lie back on the sofa and be read to. Reminded me of bedtime stories with my mom and dad. Sheer indulgence. STORYTIME, SMS Polluted air and water, as well…

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pocket-sized puzzle treats

Looking for your next puzzle fix? YOU Word Search Mini No 2 and YOU Quick Puzzles Mini No 2 are new and just what you need for a good dose of brain-teasing fun. Enjoy fun word search themes, including singers, actors, SA towns, world flags, James Bond and more, while Quick Puzzles has crosswords, spot the difference, codebreakers and logic puzzles, to name but a few. Plus, these pocket-sized games magazines are easy to tote so you can take your puzzles wherever you go! Get your copies in stores now. You can also order online at or contact Johan Terblanche at 021-406-4962 or johan.terblanche@ See your writing or news tips in print! Here are the email addresses you need for submitting material for publication. News ideas Fiction Personal stories Original jokes…