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YOU Word Search No 3

Do you love the thrill of finding hidden gems? Then YOU Word Search is the magazine for you – it’s the perfect way to relax while still exercising your brain. Don’t miss out on the third issue of YOU Word Search! It’s packed with 116 great puzzles the entire family will enjoy. With themes such as the Olympics, superheroes, famous duos, newsmakers and even something for the shopaholic in you, everyone will find something that tickles their fancy. Our kids’ section features interactive layouts that are not only fun, they will learn something too. Get hours of family fun for only R42 when you buy YOU Word Search 3!

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regal affair

BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY Find the bold part of the names in the grid. Anne, Princess Royal Charles, Prince ofWales Diana, Princess ofWales Queen Elizabeth II Prince Andrew, Duke ofYork Prince George of Cambridge Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh Prince William Duke of Cambridge Princess Beatrice ofYork Princess Charlotte of Cambridge Sophie, Countess ofWessex James,Viscount Severn ROYAL TERMS Fill in the royal terms that fit the descriptions below then find the terms in the grid. 1. A privileged class of people – A__________________ 2. A junior member of the nobility – B__________________ 3. The act or ceremony of crowning a monarch – C__________________ 4. Ornamental headdress – C__________________ 5. A nobleman of high rank – D__________________ 6. A title used to address or refer to a royal person – His or Her H__________________ 7. A territory ruled over by a king or queen – K__________________ 8. A man of noble birth, who served his…

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AGATHA CHRISTIE BOOKTITLES Find the bold part of the titles in the grid. A Murder is Announced A Pocket Full of Rye AndThen There were None Crooked House Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case Death on the Nile Endless Night Five Little Pigs Hercule Poirot’s Christmas Murder on the Orient Express One,Two, Buckle My Shoe Peril at End House The ABC Murders The Body in the Library The Man in the Brown Suit The Murder at the Vicarage The Murder of Roger Ackroyd The Mysterious Affair at Styles The Mystery of the Blue Train The Secret Adversary DR SEUSS CHARACTERS Cat in the Hat Cindy LouWho Gerald McBoing-Boing Grinch Horton JoJo Lorax Sally Sam-I-Am Thidwick Thing One ThingTwo VladVladikoff Wocket…

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1. Aristocracy 2. Baron 3. Coronation 4. Crown 5. Duke 6. Highness 7. Kingdom 8. Knight 9. Lady-in-waiting 10. Palace 11. Princess 12. Sceptre 13. Throne 14. Viscount 2. Alaska 3. Arizona 5. California 8. Delaware 10. Georgia 11. Hawaii 14. Indiana 16. Kansas 18. Louisiana 21. Massachusetts 23. Minnesota 28. Nevada 32. New York 34. North Dakota 36. Oklahoma 38. Pennsylvania 40. SouthCarolina 42. Tennessee 43. Texas 46. Virginia 49. Wisconsin 1. Lincoln 2. Obama 3. Harrison 4. Clinton 5. Coolidge 6. Dwight 7. Roosevelt 8. George 9. Washington 10. Ford 11. Grover 12. Truman 13. Henry 14. Carter 15. Kennedy 16. Quincy 17. Johnson 18. Millard 19. Nixon 20. Ronald 21. Theodore 22. Jefferson 23. Ulysses 24. William 25. Woodrow 1. Leona 2. Elton 3. Beyoncé 4. Marvin 5. Wonder 6. Foreigner 7. Houston 8. Dion 9. Sinead 10. Midler 11. Twain 12. Groban 1. Silver 2. Red 3. Golden 4. Green 5. Blue 6. Yellow 7. Pink 8. Colours 9. White 10. Black 11. Grey 12. Rose 1. Ebony 2. Azure 3. Indigo 4. Bronze 5. Chestnut 6. Lime 7. Jade 8. Tangerine 9. Cerise 10. Salmon 11. Violet 12. Crimson 13. Scarlet 14. Teal 15. Gold 16. Amber 1. Busisiwe Mkhwebane 2. Mandoza 3. Angelina Jolie 4. Wayde van Niekerk 5. PearlThusi 6. DJ Black Coffee 7. Pieter-Steph duToit 8. DonaldTrump 9. Theresa May 10. Bob Dylan 11. Elon Musk 12. George Michael 13. Kim Kardashian 14. Rolene Strauss 15.…

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travelling across america

Name the numbered American states on the map and find those names in the word search grid.We’ve given you the postal abbreviations below as clues. 1._______Alabama AL 2._______AK 3._______Z 4. Arkansas AR 5._______CA 6._______Colorado CO 7._______Connecticut CT 8.________DE 9.________Florida FL 10.________GA 11.________HI 12.________Idaho ID 13.________Illinois IL 14.________IN 15.________Iowa IA 16.________KS 17.________Kentucky KY 18.________LA 19.________Maine ME 20.________Maryland MD 21.________MA 22.________Michigan MI 23.________MN 24.________Mississippi MS 25.________Missouri MO 26.________Montana MT 27.________Nebraska NE 28.________NV 29.________New Hampshire NH 30.________New Jersey NJ 31.________New Mexico NM 32.________NY 33.________North Carolina NC 34.________ND 35.________Ohio OH 36.________OK 37.________Oregon OR 38.________PA 39.________Rhode Island RI 40.________SC 41.________South Dakota SD 42.________TN 43.________TX 44.________Utah UT 45.VermontVT 46.________VA 47.WashingtonWA 48.WestVirginiaWV 49.________I 50.WyomingWY…

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paint a picture

FAMOUS PAINTERS Find the part of the names marked in bold. Claude Monet Frida Kahlo Gerard Sekoto Henri Matisse Irma Stern Jackson Pollock Leonardo Da Vinci Marlene Dumas Pablo Picasso Paul Cézanne Paul Gauguin Pierre-Auguste Renoir Rembrandt van Rijn Vincent van Gogh WORLD ART MUSEUMS/GALLERIES Find the part of the names marked in bold. Acropolis Museum, Athens, Greece British Museum, London, England The Louvre, Paris, France Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, USA The Prado, Madrid, Spain Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands Smithsonian Institution,Washington, D.C State Hermitage, St Petersburg, Russia Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy Vatican Museums,Vatican City, Italy PAINTING TECHNIQUES Abstract Chiaroscuro Encaustic Fresco Grisaille Impasto Sandpainting Sfumato Tachisme Tempera Tenebrism Watercolour…

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Name the newsmakers below then find the names in the grid. 1. This advocate was elected South Africa’s new public protector in October 2016 ___________________ 2. Name the kwaito legend who had a hit with the song Nkalakatha and sadly lost his fight against cancer in 2016 ___________________ 3. Which Hollywood actress and mom of six made headlines in September 2016 when she filed for divorce from her actor husband? ___________________ 4. Who won gold and broke the 400 m record at the 2016 Olympic Games? ___________________ 5. This South African actress got a starring role in the AmericanTVdrama series Quantico in 2016 ___________________ 6. Who became the first South African to win a BET award? ___________________ 7. Which sportsman was named 2016’s South African rugby player of the year by SA Rugby? ___________________ 8. Who is the…