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Young Parents August 2018

Young Parents is monthly parenting magazine for families with children up to age nine. It is the go-to guide for parents who value its local trend stories on everything from education to health, relevant tips from experts and comprehensive resources. Young Parents also offers two reads in one, with Young Parents Baby – the essential guide for parents with babies aged two and below – designed as a magazine within the magazine. The 25-year-old publication has won numerous awards, including Magazine of the Year (MPAS Awards 2011).

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drink the benefits

Cow’s milk is a staple in most of our refrigerators. Packed with calcium, essential fats, protein and essential vitamins, it’s touted as a nutritious drink for the whole family, particularly for growing children. But cow’s milk isn’t the only type of milk that’s out there. There are many other alternatives that you may want to consider for yourself and your child that are just as delicious and nutritious. Goat’s milk is one such example. Here are all the great reasons why you might want to stock up on it the next time you’re at the supermarket. 1 It’s easier to digest and gentler on the tummy Milk contains two kinds of proteins – casein and whey. Unlike in cow’s milk, the type of casein in goat’s milk results in a softer curd that’s…

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editor’s note

August is the month when we celebrate Singapore’s birthday, and what better topic to focus on than our national obsession for food? In our Nutrition Issue, we look at confinement meal deliveries, which have come a long way since the rich, traditional menus that used to be the mainstay of such caterers. These days, you can expect dishes like coq au vin and organic ingredients, and some companies even work with TCM or nutrition experts. Turn to page 42 for this fascinating story. We also tackle the challenges of the weaning months, when you worry about the transition to semi-solid food. While porridge is often one of Baby’s first foods here, haven’t you wondered why Grandma wants to add ikan bilis – which is incredibly salty – to it? There are thousands of…

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we’re on instagram!

Kids learnt how to whip up delicious meals all by themselves at our Kids’ Cooking Boot Camp, presented by Bosch. Forget the usual burgers; your kids will love the yummy pork chop buns at Hong Kong-style cafe Tsui Wah at Clarke Quay. We went behind the scenes at The Lion King musical and spotted these gorgeous headgears. Look what we found at the supermarket? These apples in Paw Patrol packaging simply look sweeter. The Colours of Odyssey: Exhibition X at the Art House showcased beautiful works made by the children from Odyssey the Global Preschool. You’re never too young to love shoes, especially when they’re from Melissa’s covetable F/W 2018 Open Vibes collection. Follow us and find out what the Young Parents team is up to.…

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our experts

EDUCATION Brian Caswell is the dean of Research and Program Development at Mindchamps. He has 15 grandchildren. Helen Marjan is the CEO and director of Studies at Lorna Whiston Schools. Her three children are in their teens. June Rusdon is the chief executive officer of Busy Bees Asia. She has three kids in their 20s. Fiona Walker is the group managing director of Julia Gabriel Education – Julia Gabriel Centre, Chiltern House Preschool and Chengzhu. Her son is aged 14, and her daughter is 11. Dawn Lim is the curriculum advisor at Star Learners. She has four children aged eight to 16. PSYCHIATRY Dr Cornelia Chee is a psychiatrist and director in the Women’s Emotional Health Service at the National University Hospital. Her daughters are in their teens. CHILD PSYCHOLOGY Dr Richard C. Woolfson is a child psychologist based…

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this month, we ask

How do I raise a happy child? The most important thing your child needs to be happy is self-confidence. Let her know you love her for who she is and not what she does. Praise your child frequently for both efforts and achievements, so she feels good about herself. Be specific about what she has done well, no matter how small it is, because then she knows how to do a good job the next time. Childhood is a time filled with curiosity and adventure. Provide an environment where she can be herself, and explore and experiment. Don’t rush her from one activity to another – it gives her little time to discover who she is and what she can do. What’s also crucial: How happy are you? You are your child’s top…

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busy bodies

It looks like something from a DIY store, but this busy board is actually a sensory toy created by a Singapore mother. Slot the balls into the chute, switch the light switch on and off, tie and untie the shoelace – babies and toddlers will love the repetitive actions that hone their fine motor skills, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that it’s safe for them to play with. This version can be personalised with your child’s name, too. Personalised single board, $215.99, from www.busyboardies.com PHOTOGRAPHY ANGELA GUO ART DIRECTION & STYLING LOY SZE JIN…