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Young Parents July 2018

Young Parents is monthly parenting magazine for families with children up to age nine. It is the go-to guide for parents who value its local trend stories on everything from education to health, relevant tips from experts and comprehensive resources. Young Parents also offers two reads in one, with Young Parents Baby – the essential guide for parents with babies aged two and below – designed as a magazine within the magazine. The 25-year-old publication has won numerous awards, including Magazine of the Year (MPAS Awards 2011).

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editor’s note

When was the last time you and your spouse fought about money? Studies have shown that such arguments are the most frequent sources of couples’ disagreements, says the American Pyschological Association. One study has even shown that couples’ arguments about money tend to be more intense and problematic and – worse still – more likely to remain unresolved. That’s why in this Money Issue, we asked the experts for advice on all the factors you should consider before you take on that big financial commitment, be it having another child, quitting your job to be a stay-at-home parent, or upgrading to a bigger home. Turn to page 40 for their advice. We also delve into the topic of money habits for kids. What happens when a parent’s well-meaning decisions cause her son to…

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Families enjoyed a fun afternoon at Pony Adventure at UE Square on June 2, with pony rides and feeding, and other cool activities. Your kids will love the one-of-a-kind play experience at Playeum’s Going Play-ces exhibition. Remember Baymax from Big Hero 6 the movie? Disney Channel announced the launch of the TV series with a visit by lead character Hiro. We took part in the Manatee Mania tour at River Safari and got to feed the adorable mammals. This “treehouse” loft bed at Shangri-La Hotel’s themed family suite provides some serious #roomgoals! Till Aug 22, expect roaring good times at Universal Studios Singapore where dinos from Jurassic World films have invaded. Follow us and find out what the Young Parents team is up to.…

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our experts

EDUCATION Brian Caswell is the dean of Research and Program Development at Mindchamps. He has 15 grandchildren. Helen Marjan is the CEO and director of Studies at Lorna Whiston Schools. Her three children are in their teens. June Rusdon is the chief executive officer of Busy Bees Asia. She has three kids in their 20s. Fiona Walker is the group managing director of Julia Gabriel Education – Julia Gabriel Centre, Chiltern House Preschool and Chengzhu. Her son is aged 14, and her daughter is 11. Dawn Lim is the curriculum advisor at Star Learners. She has four children aged eight to 16. PSYCHIATRY Dr Cornelia Chee is a psychiatrist and director in the Women’s Emotional Health Service at the National University Hospital. Her daughters are in their teens. CHILD PSYCHOLOGY Dr Richard C. Woolfson is a child psychologist based…

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this month, we ask

How do I help my preschooler to read and write better? Research shows that reading a little every day is the single most important thing a parent can do to support and advance a child’s education. To implement this successfully, it is important to remember that reading should be a fun experience for you and her. Books also provide an ideal opportunity to discuss themes and new ideas, which, in turn, will help develop a strong vocabulary base. To practise writing, your child can use different coloured pencils, gel pens and markers. Make it fun – write stories with pictures, a poem, or start a journal. Let her express herself in a supportive and nurturing environment. She will become more confident in conveying her thoughts and ideas, as well as develop her handwriting. Helen Marjan,…

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rex to the rescue

Not all dinosaurs are fearsome predators. The mighty Troopersaurus here is part of a rescue team of dinos and humans that helps out in Chomp City; chomping, stomping and saving the day. Watch the Youtube episodes of this series together with your preschooler, then let your imagination go wild as you play out your own version of a Jurassic world come alive. Playskool Heroes Chomp Squad Troopersaurus and Bobby Badge set, $69.90, from www.toysrus.com.sg , www.takashimaya.com.sg and www.bhgsingapore.com.sg…

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rhythm and blues