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Young Parents October 2018

Young Parents is monthly parenting magazine for families with children up to age nine. It is the go-to guide for parents who value its local trend stories on everything from education to health, relevant tips from experts and comprehensive resources. Young Parents also offers two reads in one, with Young Parents Baby – the essential guide for parents with babies aged two and below – designed as a magazine within the magazine. The 25-year-old publication has won numerous awards, including Magazine of the Year (MPAS Awards 2011).

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editor’s note

When it comes to discipline methods, new parents today have a buffet of choices, from more traditionally authoritarian ones to new-agey ones like emotion coaching. But all every exasperated mum or dad dealing with the 100th tantrum of the week wants to know is: Tell me what works! It isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, I’m afraid. Because every child is different, what works for your firstborn may not cut it for your second kid. In our Discipline Issue, we take a look at strategies for the toddler set and show you how they work for the same scenarios, so you have a better idea of the fine differences (page 40). We also tackle common mistakes parents often make when disciplining preschoolers (page 44), and show you how to change your strategy when your kids enter…

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Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with Hi-5! The Singapore leg of its concert tour takes place in December at the Sands Theatre. So much fun exploring the family-friendly Forum The Shopping Mall, including its Julia Gabriel Centre at Level 4. Congrats to Emma Chen, winner of the Baby Star contest by Plaza Singapura. Look out for her on the cover of Young Parents soon! These “pears” are actually salted egg yolk custard buns created by Crystal Jade’s new group executive chef Martin Foo Four Seasons Hotel Singapore’s refreshed semi-buffet Sunday brunch comes with a play zone for little diners. Proud to have The Little Skool-House team and celebrity dad Ben Yeo at our recent Young Parents Master Class! Thanks for the family-bonding ideas. Follow us and find out what the Young Parents team is up…

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our experts

EDUCATION Brian Caswell is the dean of Research and Program Development at Mindchamps. He has 15 grandchildren. Helen Marjan is the CEO and director of Studies at Lorna Whiston Schools. Her three children are in their teens. June Rusdon is the chief executive officer of Busy Bees Asia. She has three kids in their 20s. Fiona Walker is the group managing director of Julia Gabriel Education – Julia Gabriel Centre, Chiltern House Preschool and Chengzhu. Her son is aged 14, and her daughter is 11. Dawn Lim is the curriculum advisor at Star Learners. She has four children aged eight to 16. PSYCHIATRY Dr Cornelia Chee is a psychiatrist and director in the Women’s Emotional Health Service at the National University Hospital. Her daughters are in their teens. CHILD PSYCHOLOGY Dr Richard C. Woolfson is a child psychologist based…

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this month, we ask

My child is addicted to the smartphone and tablet. What should I do now? Addiction often happens because no boundaries were set from the start. You’d never dream of giving her free access to lollies, knowing the dangers of over-indulgence; electronic “sweets” are no different. Since it’s unrealistic to ban access, tie the privilege to a benchmark and time limit. Tell her: “You can use the iPad for an hour a day, but only if you ________ (fill blank with a task) first.” And play together. Learn what it is that she enjoys, and lead her to other more age-appropriate apps that actually build skills. Brian Caswell, Mindchamps…

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through the looking glass

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fang you very much

We’re batty over this adorable lunch bag for toddlers. The main compartment has space for sandwiches, snacks and drinks, and spills are easy to clean. It comes with an inside mesh pocket for utensils, too. shopping Curious creatures…