Your Pregnancy February - March 2020

Your Pregnancy is the only local magazine that offers relevant, credible and accurate information on all aspects of pregnancy. Its local and international experts answer all questions quickly and respectfully. The magazine acknowledges pregnant women’s need to look and feel good. They are concerned about their baby’s health and wellness, but also care about their own. The magazine provides all the info that’s needed, as well as the latest fashion and beauty trends, health issues and exercises. It covers all aspects of pregnancy. The team loves what it does – and it shows.

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tough love

My husband tells me that I’m much more assertive than when he met me 25 years ago. Yeah, well, I’m a mother now, I said. And it’s true. Having babies and small children to look after turns on your inner lioness. Parenting is not all about sweet cuddles and gummy kisses. I recently heard about a father who was looking after his three children on a Saturday while their mom travelled for work. Apparently, as she left early that morning, she suggested that he take them on a fun outing for the day. He nodded thoughtfully. Late afternoon when she returned there were three very unhappy little faces waiting… Dad had packed them all up and taken them to the clinic for their booster shots! Not fun at all, but it’s…

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knowledge is power

TINA OTTE A mother, grandmother, midwife, childbirth educator and author, Tina has been involved in the pregnancy and birth field for more than 30 years It’s been 23 years since I started writing for this magazine! I just love awakening mothers-to-be about the amazing changes their body is going to go through and to boost confidence in your ability to take on this job of parenthood. Be it birth, breastfeeding or bonding, we’re all hardwired to take on this task. There’s so much to know, so many decisions to make and hundreds of questions to ask. So many moms-to-be feel helpless and hopeless, and there are many obstacles for you to overcome before you can feel empowered during your pregnancy. Having a baby is a big deal – especially the first time. If you’re a…

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winning letter

OUR WONDROUS BODIES It’s a fair statement to make, that most of us fear not being able to fall pregnant, even before trying. This was a very real fear when we decided to try for a baby, but to our shock, it came sooner than expected! You get all the congratulations among the, “You’re going to get fat” and “Your body will never be the same”, and you look in the mirror wondering how all this is going to turn out for you. Our bodies mer. are so clever! I’m becoming a transfor Hips drift apart, organs move out of original position, nails grow at the speed of light, and my tummy star ts changing shape as an entire human for ms inside me. We are capable of so much. Especially…

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win 1 chicco prima baby hamper worth r2 200

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your say

STRESS-FREE MOMMY It all started with a queasy tummy. I didn’t realise it then, but I was four weeks pregnant with my second child. Some of my family and friends were initially a little worried about how I would cope with a toddler and a newborn but I was stress-free! I believe that everything happens for a reason. A friend recently bought me Your Pregnancy magazine as a gift, and I’m so happy she did, because I am learning so much. I can’t wait to welcome my baby into this world. MIYELANE NGOBENI, PRETORIA YOUNG, PREGNANT AND FULL OF MOTIVATION I’m 23 years old, and when I found out I was expecting my first child, I must say I did almost fall off the loo. Seeing those two pink lines on the pregnancy test…