Your Pregnancy April - May 2020

Your Pregnancy is the only local magazine that offers relevant, credible and accurate information on all aspects of pregnancy. Its local and international experts answer all questions quickly and respectfully. The magazine acknowledges pregnant women’s need to look and feel good. They are concerned about their baby’s health and wellness, but also care about their own. The magazine provides all the info that’s needed, as well as the latest fashion and beauty trends, health issues and exercises. It covers all aspects of pregnancy. The team loves what it does – and it shows.

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spot the difference?

This issue is a real treat! Apart from our 40-week memento calendar and stickers, there is a generous Bio-Oil sample and Your Essential Newborn Guide 2020 in the bag. We also hope you notice that our mag is thicker! We’ve decided to combine our two sister titles to bring you pregnancy and parenting advice in one big read. We believe that you simply can’t have enough information and advice during this amazing time in your life. We’ve also done aspring clean of our design. Charné Casey, our art director (left on the picture), has been working on Media24’s parenting magazines for donkey’s years. I won’t give away her age, but she really looks like my younger sister, right? That’s what happens when you work together for 13 years. Charné is also…

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track your milestones

Thank you to Bio-Oil Skincare Oil for sponsoring this year’s pregnancy calendar. Use the stickers to create a 40-week memento of this special time in your life. You will enjoy looking back at it in the years to come, and the calendar also becomes aprecious keepsake for your baby to realise that there was already so much love, even before the birth. By tracking what is happening to you every week, we hope you will also feel inspired to take the best care of yourself. Use the Bio-Oil sample to start off right!…

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# crib notes

GOING AWAY FOR EASTER? 10 TRAVEL TIPS 1 Pack a change of clothes for you and your child. Spills often end up on Mom or Dad too.2 Dress your child in layers. Cabin temperature can be unpredictable.3 Plan your flight activities in 15-minute slots. In other words, for a two-hour flight, plan eight activities.4 Pack a tiny version of your first-aid kit to keep on you in case of emergency fevers or scrapes.5 Keep empty shopping bags in the car for rubbish.6 Stop every two hours for a short break and to stretch legs.7 Take favourite blankies and soft toys along for happy naps.8 Children should be strapped in always – no exceptions. Ever.9 Keep wet wipes in your handbag and in your car.10 Download some story apps for long journeys. SHOUT OUT…

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winning letter

NO SUCH THING AS STEPKIDS They are my kids. When I married my husband, I married him with two kids. Many people judged me, asked me how things would change when I had my own kids and how I would share the love equally. To be honest, it wasn’t easy to juggle in the beginning. I was used to caring for others’ kids. But being an overnight mom – this was hard work. We worked hard to make it work: Ineeded to provide his kids with love, care and stability and in turn manage my own emotions and cope with the change too. I was grateful that mothering came naturally, but not without its trials. We tried having our own child, but this didn’t come easily. After two miscarriages, I thought that being…

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OUR WINNING LETTER RECEIVES A BIO-OIL SKINCARE OIL HAMPER WORTH R3 000! Start your pregnancy journey confidently by giving your skin the nourishment it needs to be healthy and resilient. Trusted by mothers, and recommended by gynaecologists and midwives for more than 30 years, Bio-Oil Skincare Oil gives your skin exactly what it needs throughout your pregnancy journey, so that it can stretch and recover beautifully. The beautiful hamper includes a 200ml Bio-Oil Skincare Oil, a luxurious BENA gown, a hand-knitted baby beanie, MACCIE bamboo cotton swaddle blanket and dribble bibs, Shoo Shoo leather booties, a Bio-Oil toiletry bag and a beautiful set of pregnancy milestone cards. From bump to baby, love your skin. Own it. THANK YOU, YOUR PREGNANCY ! I very recently found out that I am pregnant. I had just gotten married…

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social media

I said Baby would never sleep in bed with us, and that she will sleep in her cot. Miané is eight months now and has been contact napping on me since birth. Tascha Brits, Meyerton, Gauteng I told myself that my baby girl, Zanokuhle (three months), will never use a dummy. She’d get cranky, and I decided to try it. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. Nokubongwa Kekezi Buthelezi, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal My child going to get dirty or wear dirty clothes. Kego Pico Thebe, Barkly West, Northen Cape Baby number 1: We are definitely doing sleep training... Ha! That was the worst hour of my life. All three girls slept in my bed from birth, and I don’t regret it. The eldest are six and three, and they now sleep together in…