Your Pregnancy June - July 2020

Your Pregnancy is the only local magazine that offers relevant, credible and accurate information on all aspects of pregnancy. Its local and international experts answer all questions quickly and respectfully. The magazine acknowledges pregnant women’s need to look and feel good. They are concerned about their baby’s health and wellness, but also care about their own. The magazine provides all the info that’s needed, as well as the latest fashion and beauty trends, health issues and exercises. It covers all aspects of pregnancy. The team loves what it does – and it shows.

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let’s keep close

Isolation, social distancing and lockdown… words that were not part of our everyday vocabulary at the beginning of the year, but now they’re nearly all we can talk about. I’m missing people. Just look at me and Elaine, our lifestyle editor, in this picture. This was taken just before lockdown was announced. We’re touching, leaning in. That week, it wasn’t strange for colleagues to touch. Hugs, whether for comfort or celebration, were anormal part of our working life. Caring is after all at the heart of what we do at this magazine. We take thousands of decisions – big and small – to put these pages together, always with the aim of getting things ‘just so’ to delight and inform you, our reader, who is going through this exciting and daunting…

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three great buys

Preggy Dental Care is a new toothpaste for pregnant women who might be struggling with the dental side-effects of pregnancy. Oral health is directly related to good overall health for moms-to-be and the unborn baby. Take extra care of your teeth and gums during this time. For sale online at or at Pick n Pay for R79,99. Keedo is making children’s masks. Keedmasks, as they are called, come in washable three-pack sets. Single layer protection costs R149 and double layer R179. And they’re cute! Another design offers triple-layer protection and additional filters, for R79. Each design comes in two sizes. Remember that the under-twos are not supposed to wear masks. Solenco air purifiers and dehumidifiers can help keep your family safe from allergens, viruses and bacteria. We keep one running in…

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because we care

This month we’ve bagged the Netcare & Your Pregnancy & Baby Emergency & Safety Guide with our magazine. We’ve been producing this free booklet in conjunction with Netcare for over a decade. Please read it through thoroughly and take the advice to heart. It has literally saved the life of a reader’s child before, because they knew what to do when their baby choked, so we really urge you to make use of the information and to keep the guide handy for future use. Photograph:Lizbé BothaPhotography; Make-upand hair: Liezl Leach…

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it’s in the numbers

75% of Saffers don’t have a valid will, according to Alex Simeonides, CEO of Capital Legacy. Getting your house in order isn’t as difficult as you might think. You don’t even need a lawyer. Electronic testament templates are available, but for more complex estates (for instance if you have investments overseas, or a blended family) things are a little trickier. If you make amistake, the will might not be valid, and your family could be left with a huge financial headache to sort out. A kind of legal default kicks in in the absence of a valid will, and possibly none of your wishes will be carried out. One phone call to a consultant is all it takes to avoid this. Google Capital Legacy for more.…

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#crib notes

SHOUT OUT! ATOPY SCHOOL The skincare brand La Roche-Posay is doing something novel. In partnership with dermatologists Dr Nomphelo Gantsho and Professor Rannakoe ”Ranks” Lehloenya of the Dermatology Treatment and Phototherapy Clinic based in Century City, Cape Town, the brand is hosting the Atopy School for parents and children dealing with eczema, or atopic dermatitis, a chronic condition that can lead to much despair. The big idea is to improve the quality of life for sufferers through better access to proper information during structured class-style sessions with the experts and their medical teams. During these highly interactive workshops or therapy classes, you can speak freely about your or your child’s condition, concerns and daily challenges. It’s an excellent platform to share knowledge and experiences, and to learn how best to maintain a…

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our winning letter receives a bio-oil skincare oil hamper worth r3 000!

Start your pregnancy journey confidently by giving your skin the nourishment it needs to be healthy and resilient. Trusted by mothers, and recommended by gynaecologists and midwives for more than 30 years, Bio-Oil Skincare Oil gives your skin exactly what it needs throughout your pregnancy journey, so that it can stretch and recover beautifully. The beautiful hamper includes a 200ml Bio-Oil Skincare Oil, a luxurious BENA gown, a hand-knitted baby beanie, MACCIE bamboo cotton swaddle blanket and dribble bibs, Shoo Shoo leather booties, a Bio-Oil toiletry bag and a beautiful set of pregnancy milestone cards. From bump to baby, love your skin. Own it.…