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it’s a numbers game!

If you always thought that mathematics only revolved around numbers, well, think again. There are a myriad concepts that make up maths that can help to prepare your toddler for school-related mathematics. They are fairly basic once you know them. Pre-arithmetic readiness includes memory and sequencing abilities, the ability to understand shape, form and volume. It requires the child’s understanding of size, position, length and quantity. STAGES OF LEARNING Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori found that learning about numbers requires three stages: 1 THE ABILITY TO SORT OBJECTS INTO SETS Before your child can identify, for example, three cars as being part of the same set, he needs to understand why they belong together. To do this, he needs to recognise the properties that cars have in common, like four wheels and a particular…

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more fun with numbers

1 Simple form boards or jigsaw puzzles give the experience of different shapes fitting together. 2 Matching socks or other objects can teach your child the notion of one-to-one correspondence. 3 Sorting is central to maths. Sort and match as you tidy toys away, return cups to saucers, pack spoons and safe cutlery in the correct places, and help sort out the washing. Your clothes, baby’s clothes, dad’s clothes, or shirts and trousers. 4 Learning to cook can provide an early introduction to both maths and science, as your child will begin to understand weights and measurements, the effects of beating ingredients, mixing solids and liquids and heating mixtures.…

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post it!

YOU NEED • 1 ice-cream container • 2 sheets of very thin wood, available from art shops • 4 paint colours • 1 piece of paper with a pattern that matches your paint colours • pencil • sharp scissors, knife or NT cutter • paintbrush • ruler • black koki pen THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT 1. Make the mailbox. Use the pencil to draw two lines on the lid of the ice-cream container, dividing it into four quarters. Draw a line for the slit in the middle of each quarter, and cut it open. Paint each of the blocks on the lid a different colour. Cover the bottom part of the container with the patterned paper. 2. Make the envelopes. Using the ruler and pencil, draw 16 evenly sized rectangles on the wood. Each envelope needs to be narrower in…

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15 ways to celebrate spring

“TODDLERS THRIVE ON MESSY PLAY. THE DIRTIER YOUR CHILD IS, THE MORE LEARNING HE HAS HAD THAT DAY.” 1 BE SUN & SHADE SAVVY The best way to avoid heat stress or heatstroke in babies and toddlers, according to Dr Peter Vincent, medical adviser to Netcare travel clinics, is to keep little bodies and especially heads covered when exposed to the sun. Dr Irshad Mohummed Essack, a dermatologist, adds that it’s best to keep out of direct sunlight and move indoors or into shade between 10am and 2pm. “Or follow the shadow rule,” he says. When your shadow is shorter than you, it is time to seek shade. Don’t be fooled into thinking that your child is fully protected in the shade. It does provide some relief, but Dr Essack explains that UV radiation…

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what if he swallows it?

Q What should I do if I suspect my 2-year-old has swallowed a coin? This happened to a friend on holiday. Should I take the child to hospital for X-rays? If the coin is spotted, would they do surgery to remove it? Or do you just monitor the child’s poo for a few days to see if it comes out? Could a coin get stuck in the system forever? A DR COMBRINK ANSWERS: The highest incidence of foreign object ingestion occurs in children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years and children with developmental or behavioural problems. The majority of ingested foreign objects are low risk items and can be managed without the need for X-rays or surgical treatment. Gastrointestinal tract obstruction by a foreign object depends on the…

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discipline disagreements

“DIFFERENCES ABOUT CERTAIN PARENTING ISSUES ARE PART AND PARCEL OF OUR DAILY EXISTENCE, AND IT’S QUITE COMMON FOR PARENTS TO DISAGREE ABOUT RAISING CHILDREN.” One day long, long ago, when your sprogs were but a twinkle in your and your partner’s eye, you had all kinds of illusions about raising children. You were convinced that you’d agree about most of the burning issues with which parents are often faced... But now that the kids are there, you’re not so sure anymore. Because you have one idea, and your partner seems to have another. And you’re at odds about almost every conceivable parenting issue. They believe in a hiding while you think it’s barbaric. You believe in a very strict routine while they think you’re limiting the kids with your clockwatching. At night you find it wonderful to…