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multiculti christmas

I wonder if I could smuggle a watermelon or a pineapple into Germany? We’re going for Christmas – lockdown levels permitting – and although I’m looking forward to it, the Christmas braai recipes on page 24 of this issue just gave me such a pang for a proper summer holiday. You can almost taste the sunshine and smoke in the photographs. Last year in Cape Town the beaches were closed a day after my first (and therefore only) ocean swim, so I feel like I was robbed of a summer Christmas holiday. Then again, I do love a German Christmas too, and it is good for my children to connect with that half of their heritage. The first time I found out what a typical German Christmas Eve meal is, I thought…

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where to see the winners?

WINNER 1 The winner (a boy) will appear on the cover of Your Pregnancy & Baby February & March 2022 issue. WINNER 2 The winner (a boy) will appear on the cover of Baba & Kleuter February-May 2022. WINNER 3 A newborn will be featured on Your Pregnancy & Baby June & July 2022 cover. WINNER 4 A newborn will be featured on Baba & Kleuter June-September 2022 cover. WINNER 5 The winner (a girl) will be featured on Your Pregnancy & Baby October & November 2022 cover. WINNER 6 The winner (a girl) will be featured on Baba & Kleuter October-January 2023 cover.…

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the search is on for 2022 ’s six cover stars

REUTERINA CAN HELP – CLINICALLY VALIDATED The Reuterina® range has been clinically validated in over 200 clinical trials and has a role to play in the prevention and treatment of a variety of disorders, associated with an imbalance of gut flora. Visit for more information on the products. REUTERINA PRIZE FOR COVER STARS 2022 Each of the six #coverstarsearch winners receives a Reuterina prize to the value of R1 000 and will appear on the cover of either Your Pregnancy & Baby magazine or Baba & Kleuter magazine. ENJOY EVERY DAY LOW PRICES WITH BABY CITY Baby City offers a wide range of quality branded items all under one roof. With every day low prices, it is no wonder Baby City is South Africa’s leading baby hyper. Visit to see their enormous range…

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an easy pregnancy, but then things changed

My husband and I were planning on having our first baby. Our first visit to the doctor was in February 2021. It was such an amazing experience getting to see the tiny little embryo growing inside me. In March it was confirmed that we were having a baby girl. I was so excited to know that a mini me was on the way. I couldn’t wait to do her hair, dress her up and make her my best friend. Our baby was due on 8 September. My six months of pregnancy was great and pleasant (no morning sickness or cravings). I thought my body was beautiful to look at because I saw it as a carrier of my little human being – like a kangaroo! “I THOUGHT MY BODY WAS BEAUTIFUL TO LOOK AT…

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WE LEARN EVERY DAY Being new parents is quite scary and overwhelming, but each new day makes us more confident and teaches us something new. Reading the stories, useful tips and information in Your Pregnancy & Baby magazine helped us through the toughest and most scary times pre- and post-birth of our baby. Most importantly, we learnt to relax and just enjoy every moment of watching him grow. These last nine months have been the most amazing of our lives, and facing challenges has become easier because we draw strength in knowing that we have a precious little one counting on us. SUHANA GOVINDASAMY DURBAN, KWAZULU-NATAL Leanne Williams & her family now! Back: Erroleen and Mike Williams. Middle: Andrew with Ava (2½) and Angus Williams (7 weeks). Front: Ellakai (5½), Quinn (4) and Leanne Williams.…

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“Do you cry more now that you are pregnant? If yes, what triggers the tears?” AMOGETSWE MPHELE (26) from Vosloorus on the East Rand of Gauteng is 37 weeks and says, “Take it from me, most of the time what triggers my tears is that I get little or no attention from the father of my baby. These insecurities trigger tears, because I feel so big. Most of the time I feel like I’m not good enough for him anymore.” THEMBI MNISI ZULU (33) from Daveyton, Gauteng, is 33 weeks and says she cries from the pure exhaustion of being pregnant, and she also gets teary when she realises how much she misses her pre-pregnancy body. MARYKE CHRISTIANI (26) from Pretoria, Gauteng, is 22 weeks, and says she cries when watching the golden…