Adventure Magazine December 2019

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introducing adventure vanlife

"Home is where you park it" We have had our eye on this for a while but ‘van life’ has become hugely popular. In simple terms it is people enjoying adventure and outdoors while living in a van. Any sort of a van, a kombi, a panel van, a motorhome or and RV. It’s about being moveable and self-sustainable, basically ‘home is where you park it’. There is an interesting feature from ‘Stuff’ – I have pulled out some of the key facts – if you do not have time to read the whole feature – how-instagrammade-van-life-a-phenomenon Here are some of the key points: • Consumer report reveals grey nomads - the term for road-tripping retirees popularised by the 1997 documentary Grey Nomads - are the minority. Instead, a survey of more than 2500…

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behind the cover

Some waves in the world are legendary, they don’t need a title, you can tell it is that wave simply by the way it is breaking. Teahupoo, in Tahiti, is one of those waves, it is as beautiful as it is powerful, a left breaking wave that is perfection. The swell rolls in from uninterrupted water and then hits a coral reef that has been chiselled by a local freshwater river, the wave then peels like no other creating the most perfect of tubes. There are a number of surfers who have huge reputations here at Teahupoo. But possibly the most famous and without doubt the most successful is Michel Bourez; on the World Tour they call him 'The Spartan' because of his psychique and the was he charges every wave…

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aotea the white cloud

The skyline of downtown Auckland slowly disappeared into the mist, as the ferry headed further into the Hauraki Gulf towards the edge of the Pacific – Towards Aotea. The White Cloud or as Captain James Cook decided - Great Barrier Island. 4 hours of relentless swell and some 90 kilometers later a speck began to emerge on the horizon, from the clouds clinging to the wilderness in-front of us. Adventure a waits. Our plan was to head out and explore the coastline of Great Barrier Island by kayak – A group of buddies, 8 sea kayaks, a ton of food and beer heading out for a mission to try snag a fish or two but mostly chasing good times. Great Barrier Island is home to around 800 residents - most here for…

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kai lenny enters surfers hall of fame

Hawaiian star Kai Lenny received another accolade in his glittering career when he became the youngest person ever to enter the Surfers' Hall of Fame in 2019, aged just 26. He was inducted with Sam Hawk and Janice Aragon, their hand and footprints immortalised in cement out the front of Huntington Surf & Sport as the ceremony paid tribute to the stars who have made an indelible mark on the sport, industry and culture of surfing. Along with his surfing honours, Lenny has won the SUP world title several times and was runner-up at the Kite Surf Pro World Championships while he has become a leading global campaigner in fighting ocean pollution. Here is what the Maui native had to say after an impressive 2019 season riding the waves: How was your big wave…

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there be treasure, danger and death

What if I told you there is a treasure chest filled with precious gemstones, gold nuggets and priceless artifacts hidden somewhere in the Rocky Mountains? That an eccentric art collector buried an antique, metal box worth over $5 million dollars somewhere in the mountains between New Mexico and the Canadian border. And what if I told you he left clues? Nine clues in the form of a 24 line poem. And what if I also told you, that these riches are free to whoever is brave enough, crafty enough, or just plain lucky enough to find them. Will you grab your fedora, coil up your bullwhip, and book your flight for adventure? Well. If you said yes, then you better get packing Indiana; the treasure is real and it’s free to…

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the longest journey

What made them take on the challenge? “Youthful exuberance and a slight lack of understanding of what it was really going to be like. If you haven’t been on an expedition before, you don’t quite know what you don’t know.” In 2008 two young British adventurers completed the longest unsupported Arctic expedition in history. A decade later adventure writer Ash Routen caught up with one of them to find out more about their remarkable story. Even a decade ago the polar expedition market was saturated. Our most extreme latitudes were well explored, and the likelihood of finding funding for a major expedition was almost non-existent. But this hadn’t deterred Alex Hibbert, an ambitious British University student, who had his sights set on a big polar undertaking. “I wanted to ski further than anyone…