Adventure Magazine February - March 2020

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the simple art of travel

I am sitting writing this at Auckland airport. The loudspeaker is calling for some unpronounceable names that are ‘keeping others waiting and the unload procedure is underway’. – That is such a passive aggressive statement - trying to use other 'passengers’ anger to move you along. Most of the people you see at the airport are slightly stressed. Mothers with babies, teenagers walking around in a confused state, older people in that same airport ‘Where am I supposed to be?’ fog. People are wandering around in 'comfortable clothes', actually some look like their PJs. There are people with cushions wound around their neck and others already sleeping on the floor. I have already picked up a passport and boarding pass and handed it to the barman – yep it’s 10.45 am and…

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behind the cover

This image was taken by Morgan Maassen. On his website he says, ‘Growing up in and around the ocean has provided me with my favourite subject to photograph. The majority of my work is water-related and involves the oceanic lifestyle. I’ve also frequently incorporated my passions of travelling, nature, architecture and fashion into my work. While I strive to capture what I see as beautiful, this is often not the perfect moment. Instead, light, textures, and the abstract nature of the earth are what truly fascinates me’. This particular image was a finalist in the Red Bull illume 2019 – (courtesy Red Bull content pool) The illume the largest action photography competition in the world with over 25000 entries.…

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adventure goes to nepal

Well to be fair we didn't go to Nepal but a copy of our last issue did with the @gottogetout crew that were trekking to Mt Everest BaseCamp and they took an Adventure Mag for the ride. This photo was snapped at Namche Bazar, 3440m above sea level. You can read the full feature later in this issue. If you are going on an adventure and you would like a copy of Adventure to take with you to shoot in some place special (does not have to be Everest!) let us know and we'll send you a copy to take along. Take an image and we will post it here in the magazine and on-line, plus we will send you a wee gift.…

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falling in love with charlotte

We are all so swift to jump on a plane and fly to another country boasting amazing views and stunning activities; but there are few destinations that can rival what we have right here on our doorstep. I had always wanted to visit Queen Charlotte Sounds and with an invitation from Wilderness Guides that ‘date’ was finally going to happen. This adventure would take 3days; a hike, a bike and kayak and as this title suggests it was the beginning of a real location romance. Arriving in Picton, the heart of the Marlborough Sounds the air was unseasonably cool, but you were distracted from the lack of summer warmth by the absolute beauty of Sounds. We caught up at Wilderness Guides HQ and were fully and expertly briefed about our upcoming…

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visiting the marlborough region

Getting There: To reach the Marlborough Sounds, Air New Zealand flies directly to Blenheim or you can take the Blueridge Interisland Ferry across Cook Straight from Wellington to Picton. Conveniently located in Wellington CBD, Bluebridge Cook Strait Ferries sail downtown Wellington to the Sounds 50 times a week. They are famous for their warm Kiwi hospitality and better value fares every day. Your ticket includes free movies and the best free WiFi on Cook Strait. If you’re a keen cyclist they have a Bluebridge Bike Club and you can walk your bike on and it will sail for free. They reward you Airpoints Dollars™ every time you sail with Bluebridge. Their passengers also love the great value quality local food freshly prepared by their onboard chefs and their private cabins…

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dirtbag dispatches canada, eh?

The wall steepened and I gingerly placed a foot higher, reaching for a hold. It seemed solid, but promptly broke. Luckily, I kept my footing and simply tossed the remains of the hold below with a cry of “Rock!”, sending climbers at the base scattering. A few moves higher, another loose rock was sent flying, this one the size of an onion. It scraped the leg of a friend at the base, who mistakenly thought that huddling in a corner would keep him out of harm's way. Shit. This was perhaps the worst pitch of rock climbing I've ever done. There was nowhere to place any rock protection for dozens of metres in the brittle limestone of Castle Mountain, in the Canadian Rockies, which felt steep for grade 5.4 (12). Every…