Adventure Magazine August - September 2020

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who runs the world? girls!

As Beyonce said in her song,"Who are we? What do we run? We run the world." Her words seem to ring true in the world right now, with the countries suffering the least during this world-wide pandemic all being run by women. It must mean something! So, it seems timely that this is our women's issue; the one that celebrates the adventurous women in our world. As the female member of the Adventure team, I always love putting together this issue and being reminded of our incredible achievements. It is also a time to reflect on what it means to be a woman in the world of the outdoors. In the past, a female outdoor enthusiast seemed to fit a certain mold; however, as the world has changed, the people participating in…

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cocktail on the rock

Keeping in tune with "Dry July", Ecology + Co offer a non-alcoholic option when you feel like a cocktail without the impact of the alcohol. The company, an artisan producer of distilled alcohol-free spirits, small batch, and crafted in New Zealand created this Asian Spice. On the nose there are hints of lemon myrtle, cardamom, black pepper, cassia, basil, and cumin. It tastes slightly pungent and aromatic and although the garnishing covers too much of the pink hue, it also boasts no sugar, no artificial colours or sweeteners, and no regrets. A simple mocktail to dip your taste buds into without it swimming in sweetness. 2 jigger (60mls) Asian Spice @ecologyandco 1 jigger homemade low sugar dragonfruit syrup Half jigger lemon juice Shake with ice, sieve into #aglassfromthehospiceshop, and extravagantly garnish…

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angela madsen

“Everyone can do more than they think they can do” "You can’t sit there waiting for the world to change, you have to get out there and change it for yourself.” Angela Madsen was an Olympian, a multiple world record holder, and a paraplegic, but behind her numerous records and sporting achievement lies a woman; a daughter, a mother, a grandmother, a wife and a friend. We were very privileged to have contact with her wife, Deb and her filmmaker Soraya Simi, to give us some insight into the life of this incredible woman who will be deeply missed by so many. We are extremely thankful for their candour and willingness to share their thoughts at such a time of personal grief. Angela died in June 2020, at aged 60, whilst crossing the…

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springing into a challenge

The North Island Spring Challenge adventure race is being held in the central location of Cambridge on the 16-18th October. If you have ever thought about taking on an adventure race then this is the challenge for you. 11 years ago I was lucky enough to have two friends who were as adventurous or as crazy as me and we competed in the 2009 Autumn Challenge. This was held around the stunning Mountain Valley Lodge in the Mohaka region. With a combined age of over 120 years we were veterans, and it took us 8 hours and 39 minutes to complete the raft, bike and trek. We placed 5th in the veterans division and 18th overall and we were elated; our weeks of training and weekends of team building had…

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paige hareb gaining a new perspective

When was the last time you were in NZ longer than 2 months? I think when I was 17 years old, so 13 years ago! The next longest time was a few years ago when I broke my ribs. That didn’t really count because it was only for 4 weeks and for most of that time I just lay flat in bed healing my ribs. A few thoughts about being home... what's the best thing? Wow, this question is harder than I thought it would be! Honestly, lockdown and after lockdown has been the best time for me to sit back and look at how my life has been…super hectic, on the go surfing and competing from one country to the next, airport to airport. It’s been great but I’ve missed…

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expedition earth 7 continents - 3 years - 350,000km

On the 8th of April 2018, my partner Topher and I began a 3-year overland expedition from the northern most drivable point in the America’s, Deadhorse, Alaska. It was -30C inside the car where we had spent the last 3 nights sleeping in our survival suits and sleeping bags. Our friends and families back home knew very little about our big plan, so we launched our Instagram page, announcing ‘Expedition Earth’ and our journey around the world. It was when we turned the cars ignition to begin our 7 continent adventure that we realized our battery had frozen along with our water, food and cooking gas. It was not the start we had imagined. 6 months earlier, Topher and I were on our second date, picnicking out the back of his…