Adventure Magazine June-July 2021

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what's a story worth?

For my birthday one of my sons bought for me a ‘thing’ called StoryWorth. Basically each week it sends you a topic and asks you to write about it. It covers everything from “what was your mother like as a child?” to “how have you changed since leaving school?”. Once the site has gathered enough stories it then makes it into a hardbound book. This week’s question was one that had me pondering for some time, but I thought I would share it with you. “What adventure do you remember the most?" My reply: Having had such a lifetime of adventures, how do you possibly choose one. But this is one that stood out as it was an adventure I felt I was lucky to make it back from. It was an 8-day…

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behind the cover

This photo was taken in 2019, on one of the busiest days of the season on Mt. Ruapehu at Whakapapa ski field, so I decided I wouldn’t use the lifts because they were jam packed. I took the Valley T Bar up to the top and bootpacked around for some better and untouched lines near the resort boundary line. I hiked about twenty to thirty minutes above the lifts, stopped for a break with some friends and took some photos. I noticed these two skiers traversing the cornice and climbing one of the Pinnacle peaks. It seemed like they were thinking about dropping into the backcountry, with a twenty meter drop below them. I happened to have my camera out, saw the opportunity and left my friends to set up the…

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winter warmer

As the weather cools across the country it's timely to lean towards those drinks that warm us up. Hot toddy style drinks are steeped in history as before ice was readily available it was common to serve drinks not only at room temperature but hot. Originating in India and made from the sap of palm trees, hot toddies date back to the 1700s. Commonly known for their medicinal touch for poorly peeps, why not get creative and drum up a hot cocktail to batch up on those cold winter nights and preferably next to a fire. Make in a hot toddy glass 1 jigger (60mls) whiskey 1 barspoon of agave - leave out if you want a less sweeter option A couple of cloves and a cinnamon stick A quarter jigger…

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photo homestay

How would you like to improve your photography skills whilst being hosted in in one of the most beautiful parts of the world? Chris McLennan has led photography expeditions all around the world, but Glenorchy in the South Island is his home and certainly one of his favorite places to photograph. It is not hard to see why he chooses to live in this amazing location. Chris has been running photo workshops from his home in Glenorchy since last winter. These small, intimate photo workshops (Glenorchy Photo Homestays) are a great way to advance your photography skills in a one-on-one setting. You will be guided to spots in Glenorchy to photograph the landscapes that only a local will know. Not only will you learn new photography techniques but you will work on…

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future retro with warren miller

In early May Warren Miller’s 71st feature film screened across New Zealand in cinemas and will rage through winter till mid July.With the days getting shorter and snow hitting the alpine areas, it is a great reminder that sliding on snow is not too far away and a new Warren Miller film is about to launch. Warren Miller Entertainment (WME) and Adventure Entertainment (AE) are excited to announce to Warren Miller fans that the tradition continues, with the cinematic release of the brand’s 71st film, Future Retro presented by Switzerland. In Future Retro, progressive, young female skiers Lexi duPont and Amie Engerbretson journey to the heart of deep-rooted ski culture in Switzerland, and freeskiers Baker Boyd and Victor Major rip the endless peaks of Iceland, using a 1,300-year-old farm as their…

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the ultimate obstacle course

Despite the limitations 2020 imposed on us all, it didn't stop Spanish kayaker Aniol Serrasolses and a crew heading to Chile to set up the ultimate natural obstacle course featuring a 25km descent down a snowy volcano, sailing through dense forest before landing the world’s first double kickflip in a kayak over a waterfall, and finally setting down on a glassy lake, all at speeds of over 100kms. The route started at the summit of the volcano, went through the forest near the slopes of the Palguín river, over the Tomatita waterfall on the Captrén river and culminated in the Villarrica Lake – connecting water, land, wind and fire in a single journey. "These are the elements where I feel most alive. I've always felt comfortable connecting mountains, forests and rivers. I…