Adventure Magazine August - September 2021

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do epic sh*t!

I don’t really know many hardcore female trampers, a few, but not many. We know loads of other sportswomen, but not many trampers. On Facebook, the seeming hub of all things, there is a tramping group, and it is excellent, really helpful. People post images and ask questions, and it's engaging and interesting. So I put on there, quite casually, a post asking, if there were any women who would like to write about their tramping adventures, either on their own, with friends or family. Well, that opened up my eyes to a range of things; • How many female trampers there are out there! • How serious are some of those adventures are! • How keen they were to write and share their adventures! We were overwhelmed with interest, stories ranging from climbing Everest…

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behind the cover

Where? Mt Roy, Wanaka, New Zealand. Why Am I Here? While I was racing professionally as a stand up paddle athlete, each October I would make the trek back across the Pacific to the Southern Lakes of home. I would long to stand upon the tops of hills and recalibrate the inner compass after a year spent traversing the globe. It would heal my mind and recenter my soul. There was the added bonus that it would form the base of my offseason preparation and give my mind and body a break from the relentless grind of the repetition of paddling. While nurturing my soul, I was also conditioning my mind and body. I would throw myself into this time of year knowing that I was preparing myself to raise the bar of…

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happy 40th birthday

In 1981 Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer got married, ‘Raiders of the lost Ark’ made its debut, and Ronald Reagan became president. Here at home we were reeling from the ‘underarm bowling incident’, where Greg Chappell told his brother Trevor to bowl the last bowl underarm so Brian McKechnie could not attempt to hit a six. In the same year, the Springbok rugby tour ripped the country in two. But on a positive note Adventure Magazine was born. Though carrying adverts for cigarettes and orange coloured zinc the first few issues were widely focused on a range of sport from swimming to sailing. As the years progressed and the cigarette ads became less, Adventure went through a series of different vibes, it became very ‘multisport’ focused for a while, then…

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our inspirational women:

ANNABEL ANDERSON : Our cover girl is a former multiple world champion, marketing and communications professional, event manager, coach, athlete mentor, advocate for females in sport, and all around outdoor enthusiast from Wanaka. (Page 8) LAUREN MURRAY : Since moving to Queenstown last year, Lauren she really dived into the world of tramping and pairing that with her photography skills to start more adventure travel based stills that she is proud of today. (Page 14) VICTORIA BRUCE: Victoria Bruce lives in Christchurch with her daughter Emilie. She's worked in journalism and communications and loves tramping because it's "good for the soul". (Page 18) KEALA KENNELLY: Affectionally known as KK, Keala Kennelly is an actress and DJ, but is most well known for her big wave surfing. A staunch women’s and gay activist, she has led the way…

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the benefits of being a multi-trick pony

"A broad skill base and how you can draw from one platform to the next – women often pigeon hole themselves" If I told you that my teenage years spent ski racing would be one of the biggest contributing factors to my success as a stand-up paddle athlete, I’m sure I would get many a blank look. If I told you that athletics was the foundation of my preparation for skiing, I’d likely get an equally sideways glance. You see, we live in a time that loves to get stuck in the age-old conundrum of labels and pigeon holes. “You’re the paddler” “You’re the mountain biker” “You’re the skier” “You’re the climber” etc. Ladies (and gentlemen) listen up. I’m here to tell you that you are here to be all of these (possibly more)…

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what defines you?

Being the only person in a place so powerful, so beautiful, and so vast, is a humbling experience that reminds you just how insignificant you are, and just how rewarding (and sometimes necessary) it can be to be alone. Then, to be a photographer in a place so powerful, beautiful and vast, is an opportunity for magic. That’s what solo overnight hiking trips are for me. They are a way to recoup and restore my mental energy, as a vessel in the continual spiritual awakening I found I had begun in my late 20s, as well as being a space, my chosen space, for which I can create more than I consume. The hike to Earnslaw Burn Glacier, what I would pitch my tent under for the night, is a 30km return, intermediate…