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Travel & Outdoor

AFAR July/August 2019

AFAR is a different kind of travel magazine that guides and inspires those who travel the world seeking to connect with its people, experience their cultures, and understand their perspectives. Get AFAR digital magazine subscription today for intriguing travel stories told with beautiful photos and a fresh design.

United States
Afar Media, LLC
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AFAR.COM @AFARMEDIA FOUNDERS GREG SULLIVAN & JOE DIAZ EDITORIAL VP, EDITOR IN CHIEF Julia Cosgrove @juliacosgrove EXECUTIVE EDITOR Jeremy Saum @jsaum DESIGN DIRECTOR Jason Seldon @jseldon11 DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Tara Guertin @lostluggage DIRECTOR OF DIGITAL CONTENT Laura Dannen Redman @laura_redman DEPUTY EDITOR Jennifer Flowers @jenniferleeflowers DEPUTY DIGITAL EDITOR Kate Sommers-Dawes MANAGING EDITOR Nicole Antonio @designated_wingit_time MANAGING EDITOR, GUIDES Ann Shields @aegisnyc SENIOR EDITORS Tim Chester @timchester Aislyn Greene @aislynj GUIDES EDITOR Natalie Beauregard @nataliebeauregard TRAVEL NEWS EDITOR Michelle Baran @michellehallbaran DESTINATION NEWS EDITOR Lyndsey Matthews @lyndsey_matthews VIDEO EDITOR Claudia Cardia @chlaupin DIGITAL PHOTO EDITOR Lyn Horst @laurella67 JUNIOR DESIGNER Emily Blevins @emilyroseblevins ASSOCIATE PHOTO EDITOR Rachel McCord @rachelmc_cord ASSOCIATE EDITOR Maggie Fuller @goneofftrack ASSISTANT EDITORS Sarah Buder @sarahbuder Sara Button @saramelanie14 EDITOR AT LARGE Ashlea Halpern @ashleahalpern CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Lisa Abend @lisaabend, Chris Colin @chriscolin3000, Emma John @emmajohn01, Anya von Bremzen COPY EDITOR Elizabeth Bell PROOFREADER Pat Tompkins EDITORIAL FELLOW Brooke Vaughan @_brookevaughan AFAR MEDIA LLC CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER…

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“bright minuet”

NORMALLY ALESSANDRO ZANONI doesn’t photograph people. “I use [them] in my photos to measure or emphasize the dimension of the scene,” he says, preferring to focus more on city landscapes and architecture. In fact, his first photo book, The Post-War Dream, published in November 2018, examines the urbanization of Mongolia. But he does love a good juxtaposition. So when a trio of young women wearing hanbok, traditional Korean dress, walked through his frame while he was shooting in Seoul last June, he couldn’t resist the photo. The three make their way toward the main gate of the 14th-century Gyeongbokgung Palace while modern government buildings tower in the skyline just beyond the walls. “I think their presence underlines the contrasts in this fast-changing city, where traditions and modernity are often crossing…

2 min.

Alice Feiring Writer A Super, Natural Selection p.92 Palate and place: “In Chile, the agriculture tells stories of the past. When you look at what grapes are growing and how they are grown, you learn something about the country’s politics and its culture.” A Chilean restoration: “This isn’t just a natural [wine] revolution in Chile: They’re taking back their heritage, reclaiming their connection to the land, grapes, traditions, and tastes that have been taken from them for decades. It’s exciting to see what Chile can really do.” Sip with her: on Instagram @alice.feiring Laura El-Tantawy Photographer Playing by Heart p.80 Into the flames: “With Spain, there’s that image of fire—in the body language, food, how people communicate, and in flamenco, too. It’s intense and loud, but also centered around folk stories about history and love. There’s no better dance…

2 min.
travel to try something new

IN A PAPER PUBLISHED recently in the journal Psychological Science, professors from Stanford and Yale questioned the concept of “finding your passion”—advice that has been commonly dispensed to college students and midlife-crisis sufferers during the last three decades. The results of their research? That such advice can often lead to disappointment. The authors argue that for many people, passions aren’t something we’re born with. They don’t lie in wait to be discovered. Rather, they are born of experience and need to be cultivated. As I see it, travel offers the most fertile opportunities for developing passions. The more we see of the world, the more likely we are to learn what sparks our curiosity. And once we find those things, they fuel further exploration. When I was in my twenties, I entertained…

2 min.
nature & wildlife

1. The Citizen Scientist’s Holiday At Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Canada, travelers can combine their passion for service with a love of the outdoors. Led by Earthwatch, participants pair up with scientists and volunteers from the neighboring Blackfoot tribal lands to collect data and gain insight into the relationships between fires, wolves, bison, elk, aspen trees, and native prairie. Participants hike up to 10 miles a day to measure tree growth, track wolves, and record animal sightings that help conservationists understand this complex ecosystem. From $2,495. Departures May through August 2019 and 2020. earthwatch.org—NORA WALSH 2. Cuba Is for the Birds Cuba may conjure visions of salsa dancing and cigars, but the island’s protected natural areas also make it a prime bird-watching destination. On the 11-day “Flyway Expedition” from Holbrook Travel…

3 min.
exciting places to indulge your interests

Lindblad offers unique small-ship expeditions with a global perspective. What inspires you most when traveling? Watching playful animals roam their stomping grounds? Tasting the flavors of the local cuisine? Marveling at ancient architecture? No matter your passion, it’s easy to tap into when traveling on a luxurious, smallship expedition with Lindblad. In fact, the company was founded to fulfill the passions of those who want to explore and discover natural, cultural, and historical regions. And if your passion involves giving back, Lindblad has you covered there, too: Responsible and respectful tourism has always been a part of its mission as well. While Lindblad is typically known for longer expeditions of 10+ days, the Wild Escapes collection offers 11 itineraries in 8 incredible destinations that let you pursue your interest in less time. Whichever…