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Hunting & Fishing
African Hunting Gazette

African Hunting Gazette Jul-Aug-Sep 2017

Our Objective is simple and clear - to promote hunting in Africa. And everything we do, focuses on this central mission. We believe that for the passionate hunters they are either hunting, or spend their time wishing they were hunting. This publication helps them get through that time when they are not actually in the bush. Our reader is more committed, more passionate and has tremendous interest in just about everything to do with the African Safari. From cover to cover the AHG brings you everything you need to know about hunting the great continent of Africa. From the southern tip of Africa to the northern reaches of Ethiopia, we go about pursuing our simple and unambiguous objective.

South Africa
African Hunting Gazette Pty Ltd.
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4 Issues

In this issue

3 min.
one step forward

Soon after taking the reigns at the African Hunting Gazette I was told about a guest house right near Joburg’s OR Tambo. Hunters loved it because it was right next to the airport. Not knowing what to expect, I went to meet the owners, Louis and Annelise.Our common link was that their guests were either readers or potential readers of this magazine, and vice versa. Around that time, I was already dreaming of a themed guest house – call it a safari lodge – right here in Joburg. Sure, the city has a bad rap, and people (especially out-oftowners who don’t know it) want to avoid it at all costs. But after a long-haul flight, time to unwind is honestly one of the best things you can treat yourself to. So…

1 min.
news & letters

Dear Richard, Here in the UK there are no dedicated periodicals which cover safari hunting. Of the two principal publications, an article about Africa may appear once or twice a year, and so your beautifully produced magazine is seized upon with great enthusiasm when it arrives each quarter through the post. As a matter of interest, I first discovered your publication in the South African Police Service office at Johannesburg OR Tambo airport; what a find! I have recently returned from my third safari, each of which was taken in South Africa. Once again, keep up the super high standards of the AHG, and you will have a lifelong supporter in yours truly! Best wishes, James Field UK Dear AHG Very pleased to see my article about the harvesting of the world’s number 1 klipspringer appear…

4 min.
the sum of the parts

The objective of the “Custodians of Wilderness” video series is to document the anti-poaching operations and community work of select hunting outfitters across Africa. To date four episodes have been completed. The Tanzanian episode relates the daily trials and tribulations of four outfitters who operate in different areas of the country. Their government firmly believes in the sustainable use of natural resources and has categorized wildlife areas according to how they are utilized. If wildlife cannot be sustainably utilized in these areas, the cattle herders and farmers will move in and the game will disappear. This has already happened in areas where safari operators have had to pull out, and 60 700 sq. kilometers of wilderness has been lost in this way. The Dande Anti-Poaching Unit, DAPU, was set up by Charlton…

1 min.
ripcord rescue travel insurance

How can you benefit from a Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance policy? Recent client activity in Africa include: medically evacuating a 48-year-old man after he fell off of an elephant in Zimbabwe and broke his collarbone; reimbursing an American couple for a canceled Uganda safari after the wife became seriously ill; and medically evacuating a Texas man from South Africa after a severe intestinal illness. “Your operations team provided us with invaluable comfort in a trying time,” the Texas man’s son said. “Thank you to your entire team.” Major African professional hunters’ organizations have switched to Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance, including endorsements from APHA, NAPHA, PHASA, TPHA, and ZPHGA. Additionally, the leading hunting organizations endorse Ripcord including: Pheasants Forever, Quail Forever, Boone & Crockett, Conservation Force, and more. Powered by Redpoint Resolutions, Ripcord Rescue…

6 min.
understanding the ‘availability cascades’ around hunting

Condolences from family, friends and clients poured in for the man who was a husband, father and professional hunter. But in the other universe of the First World mainstream and social media, countless animal-rights and anti-hunting sentiments were expressed that actually celebrated his death. The story went viral around the world in an Internet frenzy that has become a phenomenon of our modern times. The other recent incident of even greater reach involved the case of Cecil the Lion, another example from Zimbabwe where local people benefit from trophy hunting and are perplexed by the peculiar emotional responses from so many people who do not actually live with elephants and lions. In trying to understand this phenomenon, I came across the notion of the so-called ‘opportunity cascade’ which seems to explain…

3 min.
bontebok / blesbok

English: Bontebok / Blesbok Latin: Damaliscus pygargus German: Buntbock / Blessbock French: Blesbok / Bontebok (Antilope bubale) Spanish: Damaliscos Sudafricanos bontebok / blesbok MEASUREMENTS: Total length: 1,7-2m (5.6’– 6.6’) Tail: 30cm- 45cm (11.8’ - 17.7’) Shoulder Height: Male: 90 cm (3.0’) Weight: Male bontebok 62 kg (137lb) Male blesbok 70 kg (154lb) DESCRIPTION Although distinct subspecies, both are similar in body form with shoulders standing higher than rump, long heads, and both sexes carry simple, lyre-shaped horns. Horns of bontebok D.p. pygargus are black; front surface of blesbok D.p. phillipsi) horns are straw-coloured to brown. Bontebok has rich, dark-brown coat with a purple gloss, particularly rams, with sides and upper limbs darker. White facial blaze usually unbroken. Buttocks, belly and lower legs are white. Blesbok is overall dull reddish-brown, white belly some white on legs, but rump patch brown and not white. White facial…