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letter from allrecipes

’tis The Season for Giving It’s snowing outside as I’m writing this note to you, and my holiday spirit is soaring. I’m especially enthusiastic about sharing food gifts with neighbors and friends this year as a way to connect and simply say, “I appreciate you.” I love to visit over a good meal or coffee and a pastry, and showing appreciation with a handmade card and food made from scratch makes my heart happy. We wrapped up this issue with ideas you can use for winter gatherings and holiday meals plus some bonus recipes in our Make it Merry collection of holiday faves. Just scan the code at left. There are many ways each of us can spread joy this season. Our story about children who turned to food and cooking to help them…

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sled & breakfast

The Menu 1. PUFF PASTRY WAFFLES WITH Citrus-Wild Blueberry Sauce 2. CRUSTLESS Caramelized Onion QUICHE 3. Spicy Maple BREAKFAST SAUSAGE 4. SPIKED white chocolate CHAI recipes on pages 102--103 Get the Look Cool Tunes There are a surprising number of ski- and snow-themed playlists on Spotify. Search après-ski or after-ski party or ask your smart speaker to play some snowy day or winter mood music on your preferred music streaming platform. SLOW COOKER WHITE CHOCOLATE CHAI HANDS-ON 10 MIN TOTAL 4 HR, 10 MIN SERVES 6 SUBMITTED BY BETTY SOUP NEW RECIPE GO ONLINE TO RATE & REVIEW A hot cup of white cocoa with a spiced chai twist is the perfect warm-up after hours in the snow. Start the slow cooker when everyone heads out to play, and it’ll be ready when you return. Add a splash of brandy for…

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gifts that uplift

FOR THE cook Smart, beautiful gear for those who love to cook. Jubilee: Recipes from Two Centuries of African American Cooking In this award-winning cookbook, author Toni Tipton-Martin introduces us to the Black cooks who developed much of today’s American cuisine. Exploring everything from macaroni and cheese and oven-baked ribs to mint juleps and pineapple upside-down cake, this deeply researched culinary guide shines a light on the roots, beauty, and joy of African American cuisine. $35 at MEET THE MAKER Diana Adams Diana Adams, artist and founder of SampleHAUS, started her Los Angeles company by creatively upcycling interior design waste (like marketing samples and discontinued items) into eclectic home decor. SampleHAUS Small Cache Pot Inspired by an African Zulu wooden shield, this pot is ideal for concealing those unsightly plastic pots kitchen herbs are sold in. Plus,…

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go nuts!

“Next time I’ll add a little more cayenne, since I like the kick. But if these are a gift or for a party, the spice is just right. P.S. If you have any kind of juvenile sense of humor, watch Chef John’s video for making these.”– ROWLSAROUND“I added a dash of brown sugar. I couldn’t keep my guests out of the mix.”– BRIANNA PRZYBYSZ ZAJICEK MIGHTY BITES Not only are nuts incredibly versatile for cooking, they’re nutrition powerhouses, too. They’re packed with fiber, healthy fats, and protein—all nutrients that satiate hunger. In fact, while nuts are high in calories, studies show that people who eat more nuts have lower body weight and smaller waists. How great is that? It’s a little tougher to nail down what to call them. Some nuts are fruits,…

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oat, my goodness!

SO DELICIOUS YOGURT ALTERNATIVE This oat milk–based breakfast staple has no dairy, soy, or nuts, and it contains live and active cultures. If you tried it when it first came out, give it a second try—it’s been updated to have a thicker consistency and a more intense flavor for a richer spoonful. Testers liked the Triple Berry flavor best. $2 at Whole Foods Market PICKY OATS PERFORMANCE OATMEAL These protein-packed oatmeals can be enjoyed hot or as cold overnight oats, and they come in far-from-boring flavors, like How ’Bout Dem Apples and Can’t Beet Chocolate. $3 at and REI stores LA COLOMBE DRAFT LATTE MADE WITH OATMILK Oat milk adds vegan-friendly creaminess (and fiber!) to this chillable coffee drink. It’s best served cold, but can be stored unopened at room temperature, saving on fridge…

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celebrating life & love

Shaurya About me: I’m Shaurya. I’m 9 years old and from India. I am affectionate and smart, and I love my family and all my doctors and nurses at St. Jude. I also love meditation and playing with my sister. My favorite foods: Mostly Indian home-cooked vegetarian meals like steamed basmati rice. My favorite holiday foods are kebabs and biryani. I don’t like French fries or Tater Tots. My favorite recipe: An Indian snack called Golgappa that’s crispy and puffy. You can watch a video of me making it with my twin sister, Mahira, at What I like to make: Eggs, cakes, noodles, and Indian snacks. A typical family dinner: Roti, lentils, a dry vegetable, fresh yogurt, salad, and curry. I love to cook. My favorite holiday to cook for: Diwali, the festival of lights.…